What are tuning files ?

EA provided a simple means of exposing variables used by the Scripting Core, making it easier for modders to change the values used while playing.

Tuning is a term used by The Sims 3 to describe a type of mod package containing an XML override that replaces those variables with new values.

Scripting mods such as the ones in this suite also have the capability to utilize this functionality, allowing users to globally alter the variables.

So, I have a "package" file, how do I change these values ?

You require a Package Editor application to alter ".package" files, since they have a special internal structure, and cannot be safely loaded using a text editor.

S3PE is a widely used editor written by Peter L. Jones, and hosted here : Simlogical
  1. Open the package file in S3PE
  2. Select the _XML row you wish to edit
  3. Right click and edit the file. S3PE will open Notepad and display the contents so you can change it.
  4. Once complete, close Notepad, and save the package.

- springacres springacres notes:
Alternatively, if the mod has an "Export XML" function and you're not 100% comfortable with writing Sims 3 XML tuning by hand, you can follow this procedure:
  1. Load the savegame whose settings you want to export
  2. Find the mod's menu in-game. For NRaas mods, I use the NRaas menu on the City Hall rabbithole.
  3. Within the mod's menu, find the command to export them to an XML file. Click that.
  4. Quit the game and find the ScriptError file to which the settings were exported - it should be fairly obvious, as the first couple of lines after the XML header will say something like <Settings> or <ITUN> as opposed to information about errors. Rename this file to something you can easily remember.
  5. Open the package file of the mod whose settings you exported in S3PE, unless the mod has a separate tuning package, in which case open that instead.
  6. Select the _XML row you want to edit.
  7. Click the Resources menu, then click Replace. In the pop-up window that opens, set the file type to _XML by type, and find the XML file you renamed in Step 4. Click Open.
  8. Save the package. Voila, new global settings for your script mod!

- MickDanger MickDanger notes :
  • Notepad++ works perfectly with S3PE
    • This free application displays XML functions in color so you don't go bonkers trying to find them.
    • Makes it much easier on the eye, and makes for much quicker editing.
    • The application is available here : http://notepad-plus-plus.org/
  • The HxD Hex Editor also works with S3PE

You could also use Packer, a simplified package editor that this developer uses when working with package files
  1. Open the package in Packer
  2. Select the _XML row you wish to edit
  3. Right click and use Edit. Packer will display the XML contents in a lower window, where you can change them.
  4. Once complete, save the package.

I want to create an EA tuning mod, how do I do that ?

anchor : [[How to Edit XML Tuning#EA Tuning]]

If you were directed here by the developer, then it is possible to satisfy your request using an EA tuning mod, rather than a scripting mod.

Example : Say you asked for the ability to allow deer and raccoon in Downtown worlds
  • The developers answer would be something like this : Create an EA "PetPool" tuning mod and change the <AllowedWorldType> field to include the "Downtown" type

What the above means is the following :
  1. Read the instructions on how to create an EA tuning package from scratch, available from ModTheSims here : Sims 3 XML Tuning Modding
  2. Locate the "PetPool" file in the GameplayData.package and create a new tuning package from it
  3. Open the tuning and change the <AllowedWorldType> to include Downtown for whatever table set you wish
  4. Install the mod and play your game

If you find these instructions too onerous, then your only recourse is to locate a friendly tuning modder and request the mod from them. You may locate one via the sites in External Links.