Version 10 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Humans should be able to get a tan again. Please note occults are blocked from doing so due to their special outfits.
  • Occults can now skate (you can revert to EA behavior in the mods settings).
  • Werewolves now use the special outfit system which should ensure that the EA issue of customization's being lost to werewolf form is gone and their genetics should transfer over.
  • Genies now have magic bars and consume magic power.
  • Added Taiwanese translation.

Version 9
  • Updated to Patch 1.63 Compatibility
  • Mermaid and Robot interactions are now properly gated to sims with their appropriate occult

Version 8
  • Updated to Patch 1.55 Compatibility

Version 7
  • Fixed a problem where werewolves wearing full-body outfits would not change into the special outfit correctly
  • Sims with transform buffs are no longer allowed to skate (since they cannot put on the skates)
  • Updated coding to handle plant sims in the Motive Panel
  • "Summon Weather" and "Summon Weather With" are now properly unlocked for hybrids

Version 6
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to alter the motives of a sim with no occult manager
  • Sims no longer autonomously cast the Sunlight Charm on themselves if they are also a Vampire
  • Magic Power for Genies and Unicorns now appear in the Magic Bar
    • Not sure if they actually change mind you, but they do appear
  • The Clone voucher now works for occult sims
  • Added a block against Ensorcelling the last sim in a household
  • Removed the "Greater then Eight" block in Ensorcel

Version 5
  • Added code to correct motive disablement based on occult states, in case they are re-enabled somehow
    • Namely Mummy, Simbot, and Vampire motives, each of which have different frozen needs
  • Fixed the "Motive Charm" and "Motive Curse" interactions
  • Fixed the gate on the "Scratch Object" interaction to properly check for occult status on toddlers
  • If the sim has both Fairy and Witch magic, the bar now shrinks from both ends (Fairy on the left, Witch on the right)

Version 4
  • Fixed another problem where the mod would stop updating the interface properly if you changed town-files
    • The interface is darn finicky I say
  • Replaced the "Cast Spell" interactions with ones that protect a script error involving checking the Hunger motive
    • EA apparently originally intended for sims to potentially starve to death while casting spells, but decided against it later on.
    • This conflicts with Vampire/Witch combos
  • Added expanded error trapping to "Cheat the System" to look for a Fairy issue

Version 3
  • Fixed a copy/paste error that busted the Harvest Plant menu
  • Removed some debugging code that was producing a load-log
  • Fixed a problem with the Werewolf "Transform" interactions if the sim was always a Vampire

Version 2
  • Fixed an error where the mod stopped updating properly if the user returned to the main menu during a play-session
  • Adjusted the method of unlocking the occult interactions so that pure-blood occult are unaffected
  • Fixed a problem where Magic Fatigue was displayed in reverse
  • Fixed a script error in "MotivesPanelControl:OnUpdateMotives"