Kuree's Save Cleaner s an awesome application and highly recommended for cleaning out those SNAP files easily to reduce Saved Game files however, there are instances where precious family photos, art work and such have been removed as a result of using the application. There isn't really a bug in the application - there just isn't a way to differentiate between memory photos or prom photos and such, especially if the sim family travels.

Not all players have experienced losing their photos etc. but caution is advised when using Save Cleaner. It should also be noted that travelling is definitely a factor why pictures get deleted. In most cases, since V2.2, if there is no travelling, the pictures remain intact; but again CAUTION is advised.

Kuree is currently looking at the issue to see what can be done to protect the artwork and photos. In the meantime, there are a couple of steps that can be taken to protect your paintings and photos etc.

Before using Save Cleaner:
  • BACKUP YOUR SAVED GAMES FOLDER FIRST - Put a copy of it on your desktop or some place safe in case something goes wrong.
  • Option 1: Save a copy of the house (without any Sims in it), Art Gallery or Museum where your "stuff" is housed, to the bin/Library Folder. Save Cleaner will not clean out the Library Folder.
  • Option 2: Put anything you do not want Save Cleaner to touch, into your Sims Personal Inventory. This works fine for just a few items but if your sim is a real collector or has a gallery, saving the lot to the library is the best option.

Save As ... and quit game then use Save Cleaner on your Saved Game to reduce the size of those files within it. After its done, restart your Sims 3 game and load your save. If you check your household, you'll notice that some of the frames of photo's and painting displayed on wall, will be empty.DO NOT delete these.
  • Go into Edit Town
  • Find or create an empty lot with the same measurements as your own lot or the lot you wish to restore those pictures / paintings.
  • Go to the tab "Show Empty Houses" or "Show Community Lots" and place a copy of the exact building (which you had previously saved) into your world.
  • Exit Edit Town and Save the game, this will restore the deleted pics in your game that were used on those lots (might need a restart for those frames to be filled, if they aren't showing, with the right photo's or paintings).
  • After it's confirmed those lost pictures are back, you can demolish/delete the placed duplicate lot from your world and Saved Bin.

Make sure you save empty houses (evict residents first) when you save a copy into the Bin, otherwise there is a possibility you will encounter duplicate Sims errors, which can corrupt your saved game.

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