How Do I Export My Mod Settings To Another World?

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If you use a lot of NRaas mods, it can be exhausting to have to set them up from scratch every time you play a new world. Therefore, mod settings can be brought into a new world in a couple of ways. Here's how:

By Individual Mod

Most of the mods in this suite have an interface called "Export Settings" within their pie menu (check the specific mod interaction pages), when you use this option, it will export your settings as a Library file in your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library folder (you will see a blank window in Edit Town Mode). When you start a new world (game) go back to the mod's pie menu and choose "Import Settings".

By Multi-Selection

Overwatch has an interface where you can select all your NRaas Settings from all installed NRaas mods and save them in a Library File. For details on how to do this, click HERE. As stated on that page, Story Progression options do not transfer in this manner and need to be handled separately with its own interface.

Making A Backup

It is a good idea to backup the Library File containing your settings to somewhere safe outside of the Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library folder. A recommended place would be an external Hard Disk Drive or USB Flash Drive. When you search for the file in the Library folder, it can be hard to find it within the strangely named (0x0000[set of numbers].package) files. If you know that you have just created a Settings File, it will be the most recent file in that folder. So, the best thing to do is to rename the package file in your Library folder, right after the export file is created.

Switch to your Desktop using the keyboard sequence, Alt+Tab or Windows Key and navigate to your Library folder. Sort the view by date of file creation by clicking on the title header bar where it says "Date Modified". Pick the most current file and rename it to something like "NRaasModsSettings" (or whatever mod it's exported from).

CAUTION: You must leave the file extension (.package) part of the file name intact.

This method can also be applied to sims and lots that have been saved to the Library folder from Edit Town mode. In the case of these, you can obviously create your own descriptions when renaming the .package files.

I made changes to a tuning package for a mod but the changes did not appear in my game, why?

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