Is There A Way To Put More Tattoos On My Sim?

Install Master Controller and The Expanded Tattoo Module

Is There A Way To Have Toddlers Stand Up In CAS?

Install the New CAS and CAP Animation Options mod at MTS by spagtscully.
There are several versions available. (They are all great but I recommend using Version 7)

How Can I Copy The Facial Features From One Sim To Another?

anchor: [[Managing CAS#Copy Genetics]]

So you have a sim in-game that you want to make look like another sim?
You have a couple of choices to perform that ability, however, they all require either MasterController or MasterController Cheats, so install those first.

If the other sim is already in-game as well, then it's really easy:
  1. Click on the source sim and navigate the menu: "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Advanced \ Copy Genetics"
  2. Filter for and locate your destination sim, select them, and press the "Accept"

If the sim is in the Edit Town Library:
  1. Import the sim into your game.
  2. Then perform the process from Step (1) above.
If the sim is stored in your CAS Library:
  1. Click on your sim and navigate the menu: "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Advanced \ Edit in CAS"
  2. Once in CAS, click on the pre-made sims button in the bottom left
  3. Find the sim containing the genetics you want, and apply them to your sim

TIP: Play With Genetics (PWG)

- igazor igazor
NRaas MasterController (MC base mod and MC Cheats add-on module required) includes a Play with Genetics function. It can be used on newborn babies or sims of any age already in game.
Alone, the re-rolls used by PWG will utilize EA's built in genetics system, so expect a fair amount of clones of one parent or the other and not much in the way of blending. If you also have NRaas StoryProgression with its SP Extra and SP Population modules, then SP's Advanced Genetics if switched on (it's on by default with this combo of mods/add-ons) will be used by PwG instead. Sometimes even with that, players find that they have to re-roll a few times within the same PwG session before the clones stop and proper blending begins taking place. I usually (try to) wait until a sim is a child before doing this so I can get a fair sense of what's happening, and then peek ahead in PWG to see what they will look like as a teen and YA.

TIP: Change Outfit Without Going Into CAS or Stylist

Master Controller and the MC Cheats Module is required.
Click on Sim>NRaas>Master Controller>Basic>Outfit
Even quicker - Use Master Controller's Hot Key for immediate access to the the Outfit Option

Patterns - Errors
The Materializing Materials (MM) Error
sweetdevil at MTS has provided the following information and more detail can be found in this thread.
The "Materializing Materials" error is caused by patterns, indeed - specifically, by a pesky extra space somewhere in the coding. This is a risk with converting patterns from .sims3pack to .package, and why many creators advise people not to do it. The good news is that it's very easy to fix and you don't need to go through all the patterns, and you can keep your patterns in .package format and avoid the cluttered Launcher. s See the MM Fix Process and details for 3 ways to fix the pattern.

Easy Tuning Tip: For Changing Into Outerwear

Install Retuner
Follow instructions on the Members' Retuner Settings page. There are also instructions on that page here to make sure gloves are included with the outerwear.

Force Change Out Of Work Clothes

Install Story Progression and the SP Careers module

From City Hall or any computer > NRaas > Story Progression > General Options > Options:Careers > Force Change Work Clothes
(Note: The force change has been reported not to work for sims having the workaholic and slob traits).

If you are using Zerbu's careers, these settings need to be assigned in both mods:
  • City Hall > Zerbu > Setting: Push Active Sim To Career Outfits > Enabled
  • City Hall > Zerbu > Setting: Push Inactive Sim To Career Outfits > Enabled

Tips and Links For Managing CAS

Use the Links below for more information on how to use CAS. Links are located on the MasterController FAQ & Packer FAQ pages.

MasterController CAS
What is CAS ?
How does MasterController change CAS ?
What does MasterController change in CAS ?
What is the Blacklist and how do I use it ?
When I use an Adult outfit on a Teenager, the neck lines do not line up, how do I fix it ?
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How do I change a sim's Career outfit ?
I have a number of custom sliders installed, but when I go into CAS I do not see all the sliders, why ?
When I go into CAS, I do not see the numeric values for the various facial sliders, why ?
I want to be able to use any of the clothing in any category, how do I do that ?
I am using the Expanded Tattoo module, but I don't see the Nipple or Pubic locations, why ?

Dresscode Mod

The Dresscode Mod by Consort at MTS
When placed and activated, it monitors the room where it's located and forces any Sim entering the room to change their outfit category to whatever you have selected.

Useful Guides For Managing CAS Items

There are a couple of ways to edit CAS items so you do not have to see clothing, hair or accessories that you do not wish to use and to be able to select various assignment categories. Please refer to these Guides by - J4Ks J4Ks: Blacklisting Guide for more instructions and a tutorial OR for an even easier way: Blacklisting Using EasyCASP

If you have an item of CAS custom content in your game that you'd like to get rid of but cannot find it in your Mods/Packages folder, please read this guide: Finding CC by Instance Number added by - Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims.

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