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Tutorials for creating Invalid Parts Files (for Blacklisting in CAS) see Design Discussions / TUTORIALS


What is MasterController?

The mod contains interactions for managing the entire population of your town.

However, unlike other mods in my suite, there is no automated component to this mod. All changes must be performed manually by selecting the appropriate interaction. This ensures that the mod does not interfere with any aspect of the game without your explicit direction.

It is also a character from the Disney movie "Tron", from which this mod derives its name.

How do I use the mod?

Interactions will appear in the object menus as "NRaas \ Master Controller". Certain interactions appear only on certain types of objects. "Demographics" for instance only appear when you click on the City Hall or Computer menu.

For sim related interactions, there are two distinct methods to use this mod:

  1. From the City Hall or Computer menu. This approach will allow you select any sim in town to run the interaction on.
    • You will be prompted to specify a filter to narrow the number of sims listed. Such will be discussed later.
  2. By clicking on the Sim itself. This approach automatically runs the interaction on that sim.
    • Note that certain interactions are only available under certain circumstances. For instance "Baby Gender" is only available if the sim is pregnant.

Settings for the mod are listed under "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Settings". Further information regarding them is available here: MasterController Interactions.

How do I filter the list of sims returned by the mod?

First thing: If you want a full list of all the live sims in your town, and avoid the filtering entirely, simply click the "X" (Cancel) on the filter window.

You are allowed to select multiple filters to narrow the selection of sims returned.
  • For instance, if you want a list of all the teenaged females in town, use a filter of "Age" and "Gender: Female" together. After you press the Accept button, you will be prompted to choose the age-group to use.

Note: If you want a list containing the buried dead sims in your town, you must include "Type of Sim" - "Dead" in your filter selection.

I would like to have certain interactions appear under the "NRaas" menu directly, how do I do that?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#HotKeys]]

MasterController has a deep menu, with many interactions requiring several levels of clicking to reach.

To simplify access to interactions that you may use on a regular basis, there is a "Hot Keys" setting available.

To set up this functionality:
  1. "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Settings \ Hot Keys"
  2. You will be prompted with a list of all the interactions available in the mod.
    • The entries with a "True" next to them are already set as hot keys
  3. Click on the interactions you wish and press the Accept to toggle their hotkey status
    • Note you can travel into the deeper menus by selecting the entry and pressing the Accept. The listing window will switch to displaying that level of interactions instead.

After this, any interactions you selected will appear directly under the "NRaas" menu.

The choices you make are specific to the town-file you are currently playing. However "Export Settings" and "import Settings" will retain any hotkeys you specify.

I want to change the family tree relationship between two sims, how do I do that?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#Family]]

You will want to use MasterController Cheats' "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Advanced \ Family" series of interactions.
  • In that menu, you will find interactions for adding or removing parents, children, and siblings.
  • Note: You cannot explicitly define extended relationships, such as grandparent or aunt/uncle. You will need to create a sim between the two relations in order to link them together.

There are multiple interactions available:
  • "Add Parent" and "Remove Parent"
    • When used on a sim, you can alter the natural parent for the sim
  • "Add Child" and "Remove Child"
    • Similar to altering the natural parents, except the sim you initially click on is the parent itself, and you choose the child.
  • "Add Sibling" and "Remove Sibling"
    • Connects two sims as siblings, if there is no parent sim available to use as a mutual parent
    • Note: If one of the sims has a parent, the sibling will automatically be attached to the parent
    • If both sims have different parents, it may not be possible to attach them using this interaction

What determines whether an Opportunity appears in the listing provided by "Opportunity" interaction?

Each opportunity in the game has a specific set of requirements for which a sim must satisfy.
  • This ensures that you cannot choose higher opportunities until you have achieved the lower ones first.
  • Skill opportunities, for instance, require that your sim has a certain level in that skill before they can spawn.

This mod will only list opportunities whose requirements are satisfied by your sim.
  • This may result in the list of opportunities being different sizes based on the sim you have selected.

Note that some opportunities also require that certain prerequisites be available in the town you are currently playing.
  • Some opportunities will only spawn in World Adventure vacation worlds.
  • Some opportunities, such as Late Night band gigs are only available if you have certain lot venues in your town.

Be aware that the EA "Opportunity" interactions provided through DebugEnabler will display all opportunities.
  • However, those interactions will attempt to force your sim to match the requirements of the opportunity.
  • This may lead to your sim inadvertently receiving unwanted skills

What does the "Type" column mean in the "Opportunity" interaction?

The following choices are available when viewing a list of opportunities:
  • True
    • This means you have already successfully completed the opportunity once.
    • Note that if you do choose to redo the opportunity, the completion status is cleared. This means that you must successfully complete the opportunity or you will not be able to perform the next opportunity in the chain.
  • Repeatable
    • These opportunities can be performed multiple times.
  • <blank>
    • You have not yet completed the opportunity for the family you have chosen.

Opportunity History is stored for the household, not the individual sim. Meaning normally you can only ever complete any particular non-repeatable opportunity once per family.
  • If you wish to redo opportunities without the use of mods, you can do so by splitting your family into two households and then play the new household instead.
  • Note that this approach only works if you have more than one sim in the family, since moving the entire family simply transfers the opportunity history as well.

How do I get rid of all the Vampires in my town?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#Vampires]]

To remove the "Vampire" occult status from all sims in town, follow these steps:
  1. Install MasterController Cheats
  2. Click on the City Hall rabbithole (you can do so from Map View by clicking on the map tag)
  3. Navigate the menu: "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Sim \ Intermediate \ Occult"
  4. Choose whatever criteria you wish to use for filtering the sims in town (pressing the Cancel will choose everyone in town)
  5. Select "None" from the listing of occult choices
  6. When prompted to apply the change to all sims, press Accept

Note that if you are using EA Story Progression, that process will add new vampires to your town. You must either:
  1. Disable that system
  2. Use a tuning mod that disables EA Story Progression vampire immigration. Modders that host such mods can be located via the External Links
  3. Install StoryProgression. It's handling of vampires can be reviewed here: StoryProgression FAQ Vampires

What do the numbers in Gender Preference mean?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#GenderPreference]]

The "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Sim \ Intermediate \ Gender Preference" option in MasterController Cheats gives you the ability to directly manipulate the raw values used for determining autonomous gender preference for a sim.

  • A Positive number means that the sim is able to autonomously engage in romantic standing social interactions with a member of that gender.
  • A Negative number means the sim is disallowed from autonomously engaging in romantic standing social interactions with that gender.

  • You can enter a positive value into both gender preferences, and make the sim autonomous towards both genders.
  • You can also enter a negative value into both preferences, making the sim averse to romantic interactions altogether.

Whenever a sim engages in a user-directed romantic interaction, their preference is altered accordingly:
  • The preference towards the target sim's gender is increased by "2"
  • The preference towards the opposite gender is decreased by "1"

The size of the number itself is irrelevant in calculations:
  • For instance: Having a value of "-1" is the same as "-1000" when determining autonomous action.
  • Entering a large value into the preference simply ensures that any future user-directed interactions do not sway the sim's preference off of what you set manually.
    • Note that large numbers are especially important when dealing with Bisexual sims. You should set both preferences to large five or six figure positive numbers to ensure that both values remain positive for the life of the sim.
    • Large negative numbers are equally as important when dealing with Asexual sims. You should set both preferences to large five or six figure negative numbers to ensure that both values remain negative for the life of the sim.

By default, newly created sims do not have a gender preference. They are set to "0" for both entries.
  • StoryProgression will automatically alter the gender preference of any "undecided" sim, as per the "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Flirt \ Chance of Gay Sim" option.
  • Note that under EA Standard, gender preference is only set:
    1. By the story progression system, when two undecided sims are chosen to be coupled
    2. When the user performs a user-directed romantic interaction
    • Because of this, sims can remain undecided for the entirety of their lifespan.

EA does not export the gender preference of sims when they travel or are saved to the Library.
  • Traveler will retain gender preferences of travelling sims during town transitions
  • You will need to manually set the preferences of sims imported from the Library.

What does "Export Genealogy" do?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#Genealogy]]

"Export Genealogy" reads the family tree information contained within your town, and creates a GEDCOM formatted file that can be loaded into a third-party family tree application.

The operation does *not* change the family tree contained in your game.

The GEDCOM file will appear in your "My Documents \ EA \ The Sims 3" folder as a "ScriptError" file. Simply rename the extension of the file from "XML" to "GEDCOM" (or "ged"), and open the file using you favourite family tree program.

A free web-based GEDCOM reader is available here:

Where is the interaction I am looking for?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#Where Interaction]]

MasterController is composed of multiple components. The base-mod contains the modified CAS and various basic commands for filtering and viewing information on your sims, while the optional expansion modules provided more advanced functionality.

If you are looking for an "Intermediate" or "Advanced" interaction and are unable to locate it in the listing, most likely you do not have the Cheats module installed.

I used one of the Export interactions, what did it do?

The "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Demographics: Export" and "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Sim \ Export" interactions create script log files in your "My Documents \ EA \ Sims 3" folder by the name of "ScriptError". This is the only means EA has provided to export data out of the game, so do not be overly concerned about the name of the file itself.

If you wish to view the contents, change the extension on the file from XML to TXT, and load the file in NotePad, or equivalent text file editing application.

Where did the option (Instant Baby / Add Trait / etc.) disappear to?

Starting with Phase Six, the MasterController has been split into the main mod and an extra Cheats module.
  • All interactions designated by the Module: Cheats notation in the base-mod MasterController Interactions now require you to have this module installed as well.

When using "Objects Stats" what do the various filters mean?

  • Family
    • Objects in Family Inventory assigned to a Household
    • This filter includes objects stored in the Shared Fridge inventory used by all fridges on a lot
  • Global
    • Objects that are not actually in-game at the moment. These objects have no physical location on the map but are still being simulated by the system.
    • This includes objects in inventory or objects that were removed from the game environment but not deleted properly
  • Inventory
    • Objects in an inventory container
  • Not In Inventory
    • Objects not in an inventory container
  • Local
    • Objects that exist in the game environment somewhere.
    • This includes objects in inventories assigned to containers that are in-game
  • Sim
    • Objects assigned to sims, normally in their inventory
    • This filter also includes the physical representation of the sim itself

I want to change a sim's Celebrity Level or remove their Celebrity status entirely. How do I do that?

You will need MasterController Cheats installed to access that interaction.

Once installed the setting can be accessed under "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Intermediate \ Celebrity Level" from the Sim Menu.
  • This can be set to "0" to remove celebrity status.

If you wish to remove the Celebrity Status from any number of sims simultaneously
  • Click on the City Hall, and navigate the menu "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Sim \ Intermediate \ Celebrity Level"
  • Filter by the type of sims you wish to change (or press Cancel to select all live sims in town)
  • When prompted, enter "0", and then apply the change to all sims.

I want to reset a sim's Age to the beginning of their current Age-stage. How do I do that?

You will need MasterController Cheats installed to access that interaction.

Once installed the setting can be accessed under "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Intermediate \ Age" from the Sim Menu.
  • Set this to the number of days that passed since beginning the current age-stage.

I want to change my sim's Lifetime Want, how do I do that?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#LifetimeWant]]

Install MasterController Cheats and use the "Intermediate \ Lifetime Wish" interaction.

You can use this interaction even if your sim has already completed their current lifetime wish, allowing you to start a new one.
  • Changing the wish automatically resets the "I am completed" flag, so if you want to redo your current wish you can.
  • If your sim satisfies the requirements of the wish you select, they will automatically complete it and receive the points.

What does "Reset Everything" on the Town menu do?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#ResetEverything]]

This command rebuilds all sims, objects, and lots from the ground up based on the information that the game has on them at the time. It is somewhat intrusive to gameplay and can take more than a few minutes to run depending on how large (how many sims and objects) a world has in it. This command is intended to clear recurring error conditions, help solve gameplay issues, and can help prevent ongoing game save corruption if run every few sim weeks or so.

It does not start anything over or change anything about where sims are in their lives or their progression.

What does Total Annihilation do?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#Total Annihilation]]

Total Annihilation does exactly what it sounds like: It is a permanent elimination of a sim and all the data associated with it. It does not kill them, thus leaving a dead sim behind, its intent is to arrange things so it's as if the sim never existed in the first place.
  • Note: Even though this method is much better than simply deleting a sim's urnstone, or sending them "clipboard diving" in Edit Town, "Total Annihilation" is not a perfect system.
  • You will require the use of ErrorTrap to ensure that all reference to the annihilated sim have been purged from your save-file

There are two "Total Annihilation" interactions in MasterController
  1. "Town \ Total Annihilation"
    • This interaction prompts you to choose a "Type of Sim" filter and will eliminate all sims that match that criteria
    • Note that members of the active family are never deleted by this process
  2. "Sim \ Advanced \ Total Annihilation"
    • This interaction works in the same way as other Sim interactions, allowing you filter by any number of criteria

Both interactions actually perform the same process in the end:
  1. The sim's genealogy is expunged, and all relatives are detached
  2. All mini-sim (foreign sim) relationships are deleted
  3. If the sim is part of a service, they are removed from that system
  4. The sim is detached from the NPC Driver manager
  5. The sim is removed from their household
  6. Any memories for that sim are purged
  7. All regular sim long-term relationships are eliminated
  8. The sim is removed from any Service Pet pool they may be assigned to.
  9. The sim's career is ended
  10. The sim's steady/married partner link is dropped
  11. If the sim is not yet dead, the sim is killed via the EA death process (which may produce a story notice), and an urnstone is created
  12. The sim's urnstone is deleted from the game
  13. The sim is expunged from the EA service cleanup system.
  14. The sim itself is deleted, which compresses it into a mini-sim.
  15. Finally, any remaining mini-sim is removed from the game.

This process should eliminate all trace of the sim from the game.
  • So don't use it if you want some part of the sim to be retained.
  • If you want to retain the sim in the family tree or have the possibility of returning them to the game at some point, use "Sim \ Advanced \ Force Kill" instead.

How do I change to another household without going to the Edit Town menu?

You can use the MasterController to make another household active by clicking anywhere on the household's home and use the "Make Active" or "Make Active (Dream Catcher)" interaction.
  • You can also directly switch to another Sim by clicking that Sim and use the "Make Active" or "Make Active (Dream Catcher)" interaction.

"Dream Catcher" appears depends on the global setting "Retain Dreams and Opportunities": If set to True, the dreams (wishes) and opportunities for the newly inactive households are not dropped when you switch.
  • More information regarding dream retention is available here: Dreamer FAQ
  • Other mods in the suite that allow fast switching are listed in the above link as well.

What does the "Autonomous Same Sex" entry mean in "Kinsey Scale"?

A little background first:
  • By default, EA Standard has all sims created as having no gender preference
    • This means that the game can choose to push them into either a straight or gay relationship
  • By default, autonomous gay relationships are turned off in the EA Standard game.
  • This stops gay sims from randomly appearing around town without the user's knowledge

Under EA Standard, to enable autonomous same-sex relationships, the user must manually push a certain number of gay romantic interactions using the active sim.
  • After doing so, the ability for inactive sims to autonomously engage in same-sex romantic interactions is unlocked.
  • Tuning default : "SimDescription" <kNumUserDirectedSameSexGenderPreferencesBeforeSameSexAllowedAutonomously> is set to "6"

The flag displays whether the autonomous ability has been enabled in your game.

Certain mods such as StoryProgression will automatically unlock that capability if you have the "Chance of Gay Sim" or "Chance of Bisexual Sim" set greater than "0"
  • This ensures that if the mod creates a gay sim that they are able to act on their gender preference.

What does "Open" and "Close" do ?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#OpenSesame]]

The "Open" interaction available via the Lot Menu allows you to view the interior contents of a lot. It does this by doing the following:
  1. If the lot is a residence, the interaction sets your sim as "greeted" for that lot.
    • This process is the same as if you had knocked on the front door and been invited in by one of the residents of the lot
    • Note that because your sim is now greeted on the lot, any "Visit Lot" interactions will now be disabled. GoHere can be used to redisplay the "Visit" interactions on open lots, or you can simply "Close" the lot manually.
  2. If the lot is a commercial lot, the interaction uses an EA debugging command to display the interior
    • To ensure that you turn off this debugging command once you are complete, the mod tethers the camera to the lot, so you cannot move off of it
    • You must use "Close" to untether the camera and allow you continue playing

The process of opening lots is the same process used by HomeOpener, so you can actually use the "Close" in this mod to close households opened by HomeOpener. The effect is temporary though, as the mod will proceed to reopen the lots when you switch active sims.

What does "Selectability" do ?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#Selectability]]

The "Advanced \ Selectability" interaction available in MasterController Cheats gives you the ability to set sims in the active household as being selectable or not.

A "selectable" sim is one which you can provide the plumbbob, and then actively queue interactions.
  • Where-as "unselectable" sims operate under their own autonomy and queue up interactions as they see fit.
  • Note that if you have the "free will" turned down on your setup, or have motives set to "static", this may result in the unselectable sim not doing anything at all.

As an added bonus, StoryProgression is capable of progressing unselectable sims, just like it does for inactive households.
  • You can turn off this functionality using the "Sims \ Progress NPCs in Active Household" option.
  • Note that the mod can and will move sims out of the active household if they get married, or build a sufficiently negative relationship with other members of the family.
    • You should turn off the "Sim Options \ Allow Move" option for that sim, if you do not want this to occur.

What does "Advanced \ Skill Level" do?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#SkillLevel]]

When used, it is capable of increasing or decreasing the level for any skill.
  • If the sim does not have the skill, it will be added to them.

You can add any skill, regardless of age restrictions to any sim.
  • Note that species restrictions are still enforced by the mod.

The listing window displays all skills, including those marked as hidden by EA.
  • Hidden skills are denoted by an "H"

Note: If you enter "-1" the mod will delete the skill from your sim, including any skill challenge statistics.
  • Setting the skill to "0" simply resets the skill progression, but retains any stats for the skill.

Note: If you force the game to increase "Charisma" skill, EA Standard will automatically grant your sim sufficient friends to satisfy the level requirements.
  • The new "friends" are randomly chosen from the existing town population.
  • You may need to try setting the "Skill Level" multiple times as EA Standard may stop the process arbitrarily.

Why does Inherit Voices make some of my toddlers mute?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#InheritVoices]]

EA Standard provides the following number of voices:
  • Three voices for Teen and above: A, B, and C
  • Two voices for Child: A and B
  • One voice for Toddler: A

When you use the "Inherit Voices" interaction:
  1. If the sim has no parents, the mod will randomly choose between A, B, and C voice choices.
  2. If the sim has parents, the mod will randomly choose the voice used by one of the parents.

Since Toddlers only have audio for Voice A, if the sim inherits voice B or C, they will be mute.
  • The sim will eventually grow into their voice.
  • Toddlers that receive Voice B, for instance, will start talking when they age into children.
  • Children that receive Voice C will start talking once they age to Teenagers

Note that only a mod that rerolls a sim's voice on age-up can correct this particular side-effect.

How do I change the outfit for an invisible sim?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#InvisibleOutfits]]

- szielins szielins provides this solution:
  1. Click on the ground of the lot where the invisible sim is currently standing
  2. Navigate the menu: "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Sim \ Basic \ Outfit"
  3. You'll be presented with a list of Sims.
    • Select the one you're pretty sure is the invisible one. (This may require doing a process of elimination.)
  4. Select some reasonable outfit, such as "Everyday".

Why are the CAS interactions missing for my sim?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ#MissingCAS]]

There are a number of conditions that disable the CAS interactions in the mod:
  1. The sim does not have an Everyday outfit
    • This is usually the result of an error.
    • Use "Advanced \ Reset Sim" to rebuild the outfit
  2. The sim has no household
    • These are normally buried dead sims who are currently not haunting.
  3. The sim is a tourist/explorer
    • The mod does not allow changes to such, as the changes are not retained once the sim leaves town
  4. The sim cannot be instantiated
    • Is a toddler currently in hibernation awaiting a guardian to return home
    • Is a child currently at boarding school
    • Is a parent currently on "Free Vacation"
    • Is a sim engaging in SimPort
  5. Having a Transformation moodlet
    • Note: To remove the moodlet from an inactive sim, simply reset the sim
    • Feeling Blue
    • Feeling Bluish
    • Feeling Green
    • Feeling Pink
    • Feeling Purple
    • Feeling Red
    • Feeling Yellow
    • Glowy On the Inside
    • Zombie
    • Toad
    • Tragic Clown
    • Werewolf
    • Flight of Felicity
    • Inner Beauty

How can I remove the limit for party invites?

anchor [[MasterController FAQ#PartyInvites]]

In Master Controller's Base mod, there is an interaction under the Basic menu for throwing either a Home or Destination Party. This interaction automatically lifts restrictions on whom and the number of guests you can invite. Note that while you can invite sims who are total strangers to your parties this way, that doesn't mean they will choose to attend. To extend that interface to the phone interaction, you will need to have Master Controller's Integration module installed as well.

MasterController CAS

What is CAS ?

The term "CAS" is used as a catch-all for the user-interface system that EA provides to change how sims look in-game.

It includes :
  1. The "Plan Outfit" interaction on the Dresser object.
  2. The "Change Appearance" interaction on the Mirror object.
  3. The "Plastic Surgery" interactions on the Hospital rabbithole.
  4. The "Edit Sim in CAS" cheat interaction available via the Shift-Click sim menu
  5. The various interactions added for pets for changing collars and pelts
  6. The "Get Tattoo" interaction on the Tattoo Chair objects.
  7. The "Get Makeover" interaction on the Stylist Station object.

Since the introduction of Pets, these interfaces have been renamed to "Create-A-Household", though internally they are still called CAS, which is why I continue to use that term.

How does MasterController change CAS ?

CAS is quite extensible regarding the use of hooks and repeating processes, making it very easy to alter how it operates using non-core scripting mods.

One of MasterController's primary functions is to unlock various capabilities within the EA system, and make them available to the user. However to do so, you must ensure that the CAS you are running is invoked through the mod, rather than going directly to the Core system.

The base-mod provides this ability via a series of in-game interactions added by the mod itself :
  1. "Sim \ Advanced \ Edit in CAS" starts the full CAS mode, allowing for changes to genetics
  2. "Sim \ Stylist" starts the CAS mode added in the Ambtions Patch, a combination of Hair, Makeup and Clothing in one interface
  3. "Sim \ Mirror" and "Sim \ Dresser" are also available, if you do not have Ambitions installed, calling the "Change Appearance" and "Plan Outfit" CAS modes.

MasterController is smart enough to initiate the correct CAS mode depending on the species of sim you have chosen, allowing you to use the "Stylist" interaction on any sim.

Since the base-mod is not an injection mod, in order to override the existing in-game interactions and call the modified version of CAS, you must have the Integration module installed.
  • Integration will replace all the various in-game interactions, such as those on the Dresser, Mirror, Tattoo Chair, etc. with a custom interaction that calls the base-mod's version of CAS.
  • Integration will also replace the CAS buttons in "Edit Town", allowing you to access the expanded functionality while creating new library families.

What does MasterController change in CAS ?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ CAS#Changes]]

Most of the changes are self-explanatory, and are detailed in the documentation under the various options that control the new functionality.
  • You can find said options under "Settings \ CAS" .

There are a couple of less obvious changes though :
  • The mod increases the maximum allowable facial sliders displayed in each panel to 100. In the past, doing such required a Core-Mod. Ensure that you have Integration installed if you decide to exceed the EA maximum or you will have troubles in "Edit Town".
  • If you Right-Click on a CAS part the mod will display you a log of the information regarding that part. The information will be displayed in a notice, and logged to a "ScriptError" file.
  • Ctrl-Right-Click will add the selected CAS part to the Blacklist and remove it from the listing (see What is the Blacklist above)
  • The "Add" button for new outfits is now permanently unlocked, meaning you can add any number of outfits over the EA Standard third index.
  • Right-Clicking on an Outfit index will bring up a list containing all the available outfits for the current category, allowing you to choose an outfit above the third index.

Integration adds the following changes :
  1. Unlocks the ability to have up to ten humans, or ten pets in a Library family.
  2. Unlocks the "Play with Genetics" window, and allows you to create children for same-sex couples
  3. Unlocks the ability to create Library families that do not have an Adult present.
  4. Right-Clicking on the category button at the top of the Clothing or Hair panel will randomly select an outfit from that category and apply it to your sim
  5. Right-Clicking on one of the four Material positions when styling an outfit, will randomly select a new texture from the currently displayed Material category
  6. Ctrl-Right-Clicking on a material position will randomly select a new Material category and then apply a new texture from the selected category
  7. Ctrl-Left-Clicking on a material position will randomly choose a new color for the texture
  8. Right-Clicking on any of the circular color buttons will alter the color's shade, but not the hue.
  9. Ctrl-Right-Clicking on any of the circular color buttons will randomly choose a new color for that location.
  10. Right-Clicking on the "..." menu button in the bottom left corner brings up the "Settings \ CAS" options for the mod.

What is the Blacklist and how do I use it ?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ CAS#Blacklist]]

The black list is a means of hiding CAS parts that you have installed from view while in CAS.
  • The list can be loaded via tuning as an "InvalidParts" package. Further details regarding such is available here : Dresser Tuning Invalid Parts
  • Or by Ctrl-Right Clicking on any clothing part listed in CAS.

Once you have marked a part as black-listed, the part will not appear for that combination of age/gender/category again.
  • Those parts will be stored with the mod's settings, and be hidden for as long as you play that save-game.

If you wish to use your in-game blacklist in another save-game, you can export the values to file using "Settings \ CAS \ Blacklist \ Export Blacklist".
  • A script log will be created in the format required for an "InvalidParts" tuning package, after which you can simply load it into the appropriate package.
    • To load the XML tuning using Packer, ensure that you use the "Import" menu operation and load it directly from file since copy/pasting the text into the editor is known to be problematic.
  • You can use these results for both Dresser (to stop inactives from rolling the part) and MasterControlleritself (to stop the part from appearing in CAS)
    • Note though that the "InvalidParts" tuning for the two mods are separate, so you must add the entries to both packages.

You can clear your blacklist using the "Settings \ CAS \ Blacklist \ Clear Blacklist" or by individually removing items using "Settings \ CAS \ Remove Blacklist Part". Invalid parts loaded by tuning can only be removed from the blacklist by changing the tuning file itself.

When I use an Adult outfit on a Teenager, the neck lines do not line up, how do I fix it ?

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this issue, short of recreating the outfit using the proper mesh for that age/gender.

Because body shapes are different between teenagers and adult age-stages, the shape of the clothes that fit those bodies must also be different.
  • This is most noticeable when a toddler or child accidentally receives an adult-age outfit. They become stretched out of proportion, or become hideously disfigured monsters prone to crashing the game-engine.

Because teenagers and adults have *reasonably* similar body shapes, it is possible to use the outfits interchangeably, with the caveat that you do not look too closely at the seams at the neck, wrist, and ankle points.
  • To enable this functionality in MasterController turn on "Settings \ CAS \ Allow Adult Clothes For Teenagers", and the adult CAS Parts will be displayed in the mod's custom version of CAS.

How do I change a sim's Naked outfit ?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ CAS#Naked]]

To change the outfit a sim uses while in the shower, do the following :
  1. Switch the sim into their naked outfit using "Basic \ Outfit"
    • If the naked category is not listed there, send the sim to the shower, and the game will create a naked outfit at that point.
  2. Enter CAS using the "Stylist" interaction.
    • Once in CAS, the Naked outfit will appear in place of the Everyday outfit for the duration of the CAS session.

How do I change a sim's Career outfit ?

EA officially provided the ability to change a sim's career outfit in the ShowTime Patch.
  • Simpy load the sim into CAS, and select the "Career" category to alter the outfit

I have a number of custom sliders installed, but when I go into CAS I do not see all the sliders, why ?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ CAS#Sliders]]

To unlock the ability to have more than the EA Standard number of sliders, you must be running the custom version of CAS provided by MasterController.
  • By default, custom CAS is only called when you use the "NRaas \ Master Controller" interactions directly.

If you attempt to run CAS from "Edit Town", you are running the EA version of CAS, which does not handle more sliders properly.
  • You will need to install the Integration module, an optional component of MasterController, to unlock that capability.
  • Integration will also replace the Shift-Click "Edit Sim in Create A Sim" interaction with custom CAS, allowing you to use that interaction as well.

When I go into CAS, I do not see the numeric values for the various facial sliders, why ?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ CAS#NumericValue]]

Two possibilities:
  1. If you are using the CAS available via "Edit Town", you must have Integration installed.
    • Otherwise you are simply using the EA Standard CAS, and will not see any of the custom functionality.
  2. If you have a Core-Mod installed that increases the maximum number of allowable sliders, this mod turns off some of its functionality to avoid conflicts.
    • You can force the use of this mod by setting "Settings \ Override Custom Core Sliders" to "True"

I want to be able to use any of the clothing in any category, how do I do that ?

In the mod's settings there is a "CAS \ Disable Clothing Filter". When you enable this option, CAS will start displaying all CAS parts in every outfit category.

Doing so will allow you use Underwear for Everyday wear, or even unlock the Naked CAS parts that come with the game.

Note: This option does not affect the outfits randomly generated for inactive sims, so you do not need to worry about sims appearing with improper outfits around town.

I am using the Expanded Tattoo module, but I don't see the Nipple or Pubic locations, why ?

It is EA Standard to use a modesty outfit when viewing the Tattoo panel, and as such the pubic and nipple regions are normally hidden from view.

To unlock those tattoo areas, you must first toggle the "Settings \ CAS \ Naked Tattoo" option to "True".
  • With the option enabled, the naked outfit for your sim is used instead of the black swimsuit outfit
  • The three additional tattoo locations will appear on the panel under the "Body" section


Are you tired of seeing sims walking around with silly outfits and hats or wearing boots with their swimwear? Then you might want to consider blacklisting these items, so the game can select a CAS-part (hair, hair with accessory, make up, top, bottom, outfit, shoes, accessory) from the selection you do want a sim to wear. Of course, this doesn't help mismatching outfits but it can give you some relief from seeing sims with a bucket on their head as an everyday hair-CAS-part. This will also hide the CAS-part in your games CAS-engine.

This tutorial for blacklisting is written with Dresser in mind but all instructions can be applied to the MasterController InvalidParts tuning. Dresser tuning files can be found at Dresser Phase Five Tuning, MasterController tuning files at MasterController Phase Six Tuning.


anchor: [[Blacklisting#Maximum Amount]]

Due to the vast amount of CAS-parts (EA-packs, Store Content, Custom Content) within the game, players are unable to blacklist (hide) a large amount of these CAS-parts with an Invalid_Tuning mod or Valid_Tuning mod (CAS-parts you would like to use).
The maximum amount of lines you can insert in this mod is approximately 30,000 (you'll need a text editor to view the amount of lines used, preferably NotePad++). Going over this amount will prevent the mod from loading properly and it will be unable to hide any previously selected CAS-parts in the games CAS engine.

Easy CASP Editor

To divide the load within the game, you may also want to consider using this tool, Easy CASP Editor by Kuree which used to be hosted at Simlogical. It can hide most CAS-parts that came with EA packs and also Custom Content that you've installed as Sims3Packs. This tool has several options, which are:
  1. CAS-parts are shown as thumbnails and are organized by EA packs and Installed Custom Content (Sims3Packs).
  2. Re-categorize any CAS-part that a Sim may use in a certain category or multiple categories (everyday, formal, swimwear, sleepwear, athletic, career or outerwear).
  3. Which CAS-parts may be used on a Sim when they age up to their next Agegroup.
  4. Hide certain CAS-parts within the games CAS-engine.

Information on how to use this tool properly for blacklisting CAS-parts (3 & 4) is available here.

  • If you wish to divide the load, start hiding items with the Easy CASP Editor first. These items are usually CAS-parts from EA-packs and Installed Custom Content (Sims3Packs). When you are done, you're now able to see the StoreContent (sims3packs) which you could not hide using the Easy CASP Editor. Use the InvalidParts method to block these items.
  • If you are using both methods of blacklisting through Easy CASP and InvalidParts (Dresser / MasterController), make sure that a CAS-part (instance) isn't used in both. If it is, those packages will conflict and cancel each other out, making all CAS-parts available again within the games CAS-engine.

Blacklisting Manual

The following guide requires some knowledge in text editing, namely, how to select (copy) a piece of text from one document and add (paste) it into another. If you feel uncomfortable with this procedure, I would advise that you follow another guide on this wiki which has been created specifically not to edit the blacklist document. It can be found here.

The negative side of this, is that it is easy to go over the maximum number of 30,000 lines. If you have under 800 CAS-parts, in MC>Settings>CAS>Blacklist, then you are safe to use this method. To be sure, open your blacklist export document in NotePad++ and see how many lines have been used, before importing it into the InvalidParts Tuning mod.

1. What do I NEED to create a Dresser (or MasterController) blacklist?
anchor: [[Blacklisting#What Do I Need]]

To edit the NRaas_Dresser_InvalidParts.package or NRaas_MasterController_InvalidParts.package you will need a Package Editor (S3PE) and a Text Editor (NotePad++) which you can set S3PE to use (Nraas Packer doesn't have this function).

Note: Notepad++ is not the same as windows-based Notepad, it will give you more options than its predecessor!

1.1. Download and install the following and set them up:

  1. S3PE (on installment, link the tool to all *.package files, when asked).
  2. NotePad++ (on installment, NOT required to link the tool to all *.txt files, when asked).
  3. Dresser_InvalidParts.package (place this on your desktop temporarily).

1.2. To enable NotePad++ within S3PE:

  1. Open S3PE.
  2. Select from the menu> Settings> External Program..
  3. Tick-in the check "Use an external text editor".
  4. Use browse to find the executable file NotePad++.exe on your system (i.e. on Win 8 its C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe).
  5. Click OK.
  6. Select from the menu> Settings> Save Settings.
  7. Exit S3PE.

1.3 Test NotePad++ availability in S3PE:

  • Double click on Dresser_InvalidParts.package it should open with S3PE.
    • If it doesn't open with S3PE you will need to set this up manually so S3PE is used to open *.package files as standard (if you haven't already when you installed this tool). Right click on any *.package file> open with... tick in the check box "Use this program as standard" and find S3PE in your install directory.
  • On the left side you'll see 2 lines (1 without a Name), click where it says Nraas.Dresser.InvalidParts so it's highlighted and on the right side you'll see the content.
  • Select from the menu> Resource> Text Editor.
  • This will import the content for that line from S3PE into NotePad++ and will make the content editable. You'll also be able to see directly how many lines are used (15). At this point it's too early to do anything with it, so just close NotePad++ and close S3PE. If any program ask to submit changes, click on "No".

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2. Collecting CAS-parts to block.

anchor: [[Blacklisting#Collecting CAS-parts]]

The easiest way to collect the CAS-parts is by running your game in Window-mode and having your Sims 3 user-directory open in a Windows Explorer window so you are able to instantly switch from your game to Windows Explorer.

2.1 Find the item to block

First step is to find out WHAT to block.

  • Go into CAS, and RIGHT-CLICK the item you don't want a Sim to wear (Example 1.1). It will show the CAS details for the item and also create a ScriptError file in your Sims 3 user-directory (Example 1.2).

Example 1:

1 CAS R-Click on Part (2).jpg


Now that you have a scripterror file for that Sim or CAS-part, you can open this in Notepad (or Notepad++), see example 1.2.
Copy these lines into a SEPARATE Notepad document.

  • Example 2:
    • Instance: 0xA52EE3BCC14AF29E
    • Group: 0x00000000
    • Categories: Everyday,Career

Note: Under categories you'll see in which CAS-category the CAS-part is available, if you just want to block one category of that instance, delete the other categories from the list. In section 6 we will expand on this in more detail.

2.3: Converting into readable code

Instance, group and categories are known as XML nodes. For the game to be able to read the codes after these XML nodes, it requires to be wrapped with these XML Nodes.

From 2.2 we will continue with example 2. Wrapping the code with XML Nodes looks like this:
  • Example 3.
    • Instance 0xA52EE3BCC14AF29E Instance
    • Group 0x00000000 Group
    • Categories Everyday,Career Categories

The game can't read such notation and will require some operators over the XML Nodes to make it readable by the game. For conveniences purposes it looks like this:
  • < ...> = start reading code
  • </...>= code ends here

  • Note with "..." the XML nodes as mentioned in above Example 3.

To make these XML nodes readable by the game it, should look like this:
  • Example 4.
    • <Instance>0xA52EE3BCC14AF29E</Instance>
    • <Group>0x00000000</Group>
    • <Categories>Everyday,Career</Categories>

  • Note: No spaces between the XML nodes and the code.

2.4: Adding References!

With just some codes to go by there is no way to identify what you're trying to block. You can add above the readable code some references to what they are by placing these commands on top of it.

  • To make sure this reference will not interfere with the game you will need to add these operators in between the reference "...":
    • <!-- ... -->

Basing it on 2.3, example 4:
  • Example 5:
    • <!-- long hair covers eyes -->
    • <Instance>0xA52EE3BCC14AF29E</Instance>
    • <Group>0x00000000</Group>
    • <Categories>Everyday,Career</Categories>

  • Note: Useful if you ever want to unblock it, but isn't highly necessary to add and this subsection can be skipped.

2.5: Finalizing the readable code.

To be able to let the game know what to do with these XML Nodes, it will need a Parser. "Parsers" are added as a wrapped container above and under the XML nodes that are used to block a CAS-part. In this case the Parser command is "InvalidParts" (without the quotes).

To make it readable for the game, the same operators as in 2.3. are needed. Further altering of example 5 within subsection 2.4, will have this as a result
  • Example 6:
    • <InvalidParts>
    • <!-- long hair covers eyes -->
    • <Instance>0xA52EE3BCC14AF29E</Instance>
    • <Group>0x00000000</Group>
    • <Categories>All</Categories>
    • </InvalidParts>

  • Thus ends here this section on collecting a CAS-part.

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3. Editing the Nraas_Dresser_InvalidParts.package

anchor: [[Blacklisting#Editing in S3PE]]

In 1.3 we showed you how to open a package and make a line editable in NotePad++. Lets start repeating this process and do some updating on a package. The reason we say updating is that the actual editing is done in a _XML tag (left line in S3PE) with the help of a text editor, in this case NotePad++.

3.1: A Repetitive Action of 1.3:

  • 1) Double click on Dresser_InvalidParts.package - it should open with S3PE.
  • 2) Click where it says Nraas.Dresser.InvalidParts with tag _XML so it's highlighted and on the right side you'll see the content.
  • 3) Select from the menu> Resource> Text Editor.

Once opened, you'll see in NotePad++:
  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  2. <base>
  3. <InvalidParts>
  4. <!-- This is the default set, do not alter or remove it -->
  5. <BodyType></BodyType>
  6. <Instance></Instance>
  7. <Group></Group>
  8. <Age>AgeMask</Age>
  9. <Gender>GenderMask</Gender>
  10. <Species>SpeciesMask</Species>
  11. <Categories>All</Categories>
  12. <Extended></Extended>
  13. <WorldTypes></WorldTypes>
  14. </InvalidParts>
  15. </base>

This is the default template of the InvalidParts Tuning mod which is required to run the mod properly. DO NOT DELETE!!

3.2: Editing in NotePad++:

Go to your document where you've collected the CAS-parts as in subsection 2.5 example 6 and copy (CTRL+C) the entire content. Go back to NotePad++ and set your cursor on line 15 in front of </base> and paste (CTRL+V) your items in NotePad++. The end result should look like this:

  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  2. <base>
  3. <InvalidParts>
  4. <!-- This is the default set, do not alter or remove it -->
  5. <BodyType></BodyType>
  6. <Instance></Instance>
  7. <Group></Group>
  8. <Age>AgeMask</Age>
  9. <Gender>GenderMask</Gender>
  10. <Species>SpeciesMask</Species>
  11. <Categories>All</Categories>
  12. <Extended></Extended>
  13. <WorldTypes></WorldTypes>
  14. </InvalidParts>
  15. <InvalidParts>
  16. <!-- long hair covers eyes -->
  17. <Instance>0xA52EE3BCC14AF29E</Instance>
  18. <Group>0x00000000</Group>
  19. <Categories>All</Categories>
  20. </InvalidParts>
  21. </base>

Always make sure </base> is on the end of these commands.

When done, save NotePad++ and Exit. S3PE will then inform you that the "Resource has been updated. Commit Changes?", press "YES". S3PE will make a new updated line of Nraas.Dresser.InvalidParts with tag _XML and strike through the old one. Save S3PE, you'll see that the strike through line will be erased and then exit S3PE.

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4. Enabling the Nraas_Dresser_InvalidParts.package in your game.

anchor: [[Blacklisting#Enabling Blacklist]]

Once you've saved your Nraas_Dresser_InvalidParts.package (as explained at the end of section 3 above), move this file from your Desktop to your Sims 3 userdirectory "Mods\Packages" folder, clear your caches and start the game.

After you've loaded your game, click on the CityHall or a Computer then: NRaas> Dresser> Check Outfits> "Run Invalid and Accessories Check Now" and/or "Run Invalid and Accessories Check Service Now". This will remove all items you've listed from the all Residents and/or Service Sims.

If you've made a Nraas_MasterController_InvalidParts.package, you'll need to enable Dresser to use this package by clicking on CityHall/Computer> Nraas> Dresser> Check Outfit> Use MasterController Blacklist> set to True.

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5. Updating the Nraas_Dresser_InvalidParts.package.

anchor: [[Blacklisting#Updating Blacklist]]

Whenever you find some CAS-parts that you do not wish to be used by any Sim. Start again with 2. Collecting Items and when your list is complete:
  • Open NRaas_Dresser_InvalidParts.package with S3PE located in your Sims 3 user directory within "Mods\Packages" folder.
  • Select the line Nraas.Dresser.InvalidParts with TAG "_XML".
  • Once highlighted, select from the menu> Resource> Text Editor.
  • Set your cursor on the last line of command in front of </base>.
  • Copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) the new items you want to block.
  • Always make sure the file ends with </base> on the end.

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6. Additonal Blacklist Options.

This section requires a little more knowledge with text editing and requires you learned the basic that been handled in previous section 2, 3, and 4.

6.1: Having multiple CAS-parts to block:

If you have multiple CAS-parts to block, handle both cases separately as instructed within 2.2 through 2.5.

For example:
1. CAS-Part, hair
2. CAS-Part, accessory small earings
<!-- long hair covers eyes -->
<!-- small ugly earrings -->

Once done, combine both separate logs into one.

This is how it looks when its merged:
  1. <InvalidParts>
  2. <!-- long hair covers eyes -->
  3. <Instance>0xA52EE3BCC14AF29E</Instance>
  4. <Group>0x00000000</Group>
  5. <Categories>All</Categories>
  6. </InvalidParts>
  7. <InvalidParts>
  8. <!-- small ugly earrings -->
  9. <Instance>0xDF870AAA1C92BBCC</Instance>
  10. <Group>0x00000000</Group>
  11. <Categories>All</Categories>
  12. </InvalidParts>

Proceed with section 3. to add this log within your InvalidParts tuning mod.

6.2: Shorten up the Categories:

If you are sure that you don't want the CAS-part at all and within categories there are multiple items chosen, replace all individual categories with one word "ALL". This is how it should look like, examples taken from 6.1:
1. CAS-Part, hair
2. CAS-Part, accessory small earings
<!-- long hair covers eyes -->
<!-- small ugly earrings -->

6.3: I do want to use these items for certain categories:

If it's only for a certain category you wish to block these CAS-parts, remove the categories you want the CAS-part for. Say, you only want them blocked for Sleepwear and Career usage. Then those examples should look like this, examples taken from 6.1:
1. CAS-Part, hair
2. CAS-Part, accessory small earings
<!-- long hair covers eyes -->
<!-- small ugly earrings -->

6.4: Adding more, Age-groups:

If you just want to block a CAS-part for a certain Age-Group that is allowed for multiple Ages, you can add "<Age>whatever age</Age>" to block. This will mean that the CAS-part will be available for those Ages not mentioned here. This is how it should look, based on Example 1 (want only Adult blocked) and Example 2 (want to block YoungAdult, Adult and Elder), examples taken from 6.1:

1. CAS-Part, hair
2. CAS-Part, accessory small earings
<!-- long hair covers eyes -->
<!-- small ugly earrings -->
<Age>YoungAdult, Adult, Elder</Age>
  • Example 1.
    • What this says is that the item is blocked for Adults in the category Career, but can be picked by any YoungAdults.

  • Example 2.
    • What this says is that the item is blocked for YoungAdults, Adults and Elders in the category Sleepwear, but can be picked by any Teens in category Sleepwear.

6.5: Just want Males to be able to wear a CAS-part:

Some CAS-parts are coded to be used by both genders (unisex), which sometimes doesn't look well on one of the genders. This one isn't included in these examples but imagine Example 2 has UNISEX gender allowed, to block either of these genders you'll need to add <Gender>Male / Female / GenderMask (for both)</Gender>. Within them, say those earrings don't look good on females, so let's block the gender Female:
Example 2.
<!-- small ugly earrings -->
<Age>YoungAdult, Adult, Elder</Age>

What this says is that the item is blocked for Female within the ages YoungAdults, Adults and Elders in the category Sleepwear, but can be picked by any Teens in category Sleepwear and Males in any categories.

Using more and more XML nodes will increase the lines usage, which is the reason why we started off with compact mode, which guarantees the usage of as few lines as possible within this mod.