This mod is intended to be run on Patch 1.66-1.69, see Patch Level Compatibility.


This mod adds a menu called "NRaas \ Master Controller" to the following items in town:

  1. Every Sim
  2. Every Computer
  3. Every Lot
  4. City Hall

In addition, the "Sort Inventory" has been added to all containers in town.


Details regarding the interactions for MasterController are available here : Interactions

A FAQ is available here : FAQ

A list of enhancements under consideration is available here : The List

A list of known issues is available here : Issues


MasterController has the ability to increase the maximum allowable sliders possible in "Edit in CAS", and will allow for 100 sliders in each facial panel.

There is also a setting available to increase the maximum range of the sliders themselves. Search for "Slider" in the documentation.

Advanced interactions, previously available in older phases of the base-mod, have been moved to their own optional module, called Cheats. You can find a link to that thread further down in this post.

There is an optional component called Integration that replaces the "Create-A-Sim" button in "Edit Town" with one that uses the new and improved "Edit in CAS" provided by the base-mod.

Using a "Master Controller" interaction off the Sim menu automatically chooses that sim as the recipient of any action. If you wish to select a different sim, use the Computer or City Hall menu.


This mod can be translated. Translation pages are available here : Localization


As always, ensure that you backup your save files prior to installation of this mod. This mod has the capability to really mess up your town if used improperly, so keep in mind that if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.


Revision Notes can be found here : Revision Notes


Instructions on how to install these files are available here : How to Install

Developer note: Ensure that you are running the latest posted versions of all optional modules whenever you update the base-mod.

This mod is XML tunable. Optional tuning packages are available here : Tuning

Optional modules are available here : Cheats, Expanded Tattoo, Integration, Progression