MasterController CAS

What is CAS ?

The term "CAS" is used as a catch-all for the user-interface system that EA provides to change how sims look in-game.

It includes :
  1. The "Plan Outfit" interaction on the Dresser object.
  2. The "Change Appearance" interaction on the Mirror object.
  3. The "Plastic Surgery" interactions on the Hospital rabbithole.
  4. The "Edit Sim in CAS" cheat interaction available via the Shift-Click sim menu
  5. The various interactions added for pets for changing collars and pelts
  6. The "Get Tattoo" interaction on the Tattoo Chair objects.
  7. The "Get Makeover" interaction on the Stylist Station object.

Since the introduction of Pets, these interfaces have been renamed to "Create-A-Household", though internally they are still called CAS, which is why I continue to use that term.

How does MasterController change CAS ?

CAS is quite extensible regarding the use of hooks and repeating processes, making it very easy to alter how it operates using non-core scripting mods.

One of MasterController's primary functions is to unlock various capabilities within the EA system, and make them available to the user. However to do so, you must ensure that the CAS you are running is invoked through the mod, rather than going directly to the Core system.

The base-mod provides this ability via a series of in-game interactions added by the mod itself :
  1. "Sim \ Advanced \ Edit in CAS" starts the full CAS mode, allowing for changes to genetics
  2. "Sim \ Stylist" starts the CAS mode added in the Ambtions Patch, a combination of Hair, Makeup and Clothing in one interface
  3. "Sim \ Mirror" and "Sim \ Dresser" are also available, if you do not have Ambitions installed, calling the "Change Appearance" and "Plan Outfit" CAS modes.

MasterController is smart enough to initiate the correct CAS mode depending on the species of sim you have chosen, allowing you to use the "Stylist" interaction on any sim.

Since the base-mod is not an injection mod, in order to override the existing in-game interactions and call the modified version of CAS, you must have the Integration module installed.
  • Integration will replace all the various in-game interactions, such as those on the Dresser, Mirror, Tattoo Chair, etc. with a custom interaction that calls the base-mod's version of CAS.
  • Integration will also replace the CAS buttons in "Edit Town", allowing you to access the expanded functionality while creating new library families.

What does MasterController change in CAS ?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ CAS#Changes]]

Most of the changes are self-explanatory, and are detailed in the documentation under the various options that control the new functionality.
  • You can find said options under "Settings \ CAS" .

There are a couple of less obvious changes though :
  • The mod increases the maximum allowable facial sliders displayed in each panel to 100. In the past, doing such required a Core-Mod. Ensure that you have Integration installed if you decide to exceed the EA maximum or you will have troubles in "Edit Town".
  • If you Right-Click on a CAS part the mod will display you a log of the information regarding that part. The information will be displayed in a notice, and logged to a "ScriptError" file.
  • Ctrl-Right-Click will add the selected CAS part to the Blacklist and remove it from the listing (see What is the Blacklist above)
  • The "Add" button for new outfits is now permanently unlocked, meaning you can add any number of outfits over the EA Standard third index.
  • Right-Clicking on an Outfit index will bring up a list containing all the available outfits for the current category, allowing you to choose an outfit above the third index.

Integration adds the following changes :
  1. Unlocks the ability to have up to ten humans, or ten pets in a Library family.
  2. Unlocks the "Play with Genetics" window, and allows you to create children for same-sex couples
  3. Unlocks the ability to create Library families that do not have an Adult present.
  4. Right-Clicking on the category button at the top of the Clothing or Hair panel will randomly select an outfit from that category and apply it to your sim
  5. Right-Clicking on one of the four Material positions when styling an outfit, will randomly select a new texture from the currently displayed Material category
  6. Ctrl-Right-Clicking on a material position will randomly select a new Material category and then apply a new texture from the selected category
  7. Ctrl-Left-Clicking on a material position will randomly choose a new color for the texture
  8. Right-Clicking on any of the circular color buttons will alter the color's shade, but not the hue.
  9. Ctrl-Right-Clicking on any of the circular color buttons will randomly choose a new color for that location.
  10. Right-Clicking on the "..." menu button in the bottom left corner brings up the "Settings \ CAS" options for the mod.

What is the Blacklist and how do I use it ?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ CAS#Blacklist]]

The black list is a means of hiding CAS parts that you have installed from view while in CAS.
  • The list can be loaded via tuning as an "InvalidParts" package. Further details regarding such is available here : Dresser Tuning Invalid Parts
  • Or by Ctrl-Right Clicking on any clothing part listed in CAS.

Once you have marked a part as black-listed, the part will not appear for that combination of age/gender/category again.
  • Those parts will be stored with the mod's settings, and be hidden for as long as you play that save-game.

If you wish to use your in-game blacklist in another save-game, you can export the values to file using "Settings \ CAS \ Blacklist \ Export Blacklist".
  • A script log will be created in the format required for an "InvalidParts" tuning package, after which you can simply load it into the appropriate package.
    • To load the XML tuning using Packer, ensure that you use the "Import" menu operation and load it directly from file since copy/pasting the text into the editor is known to be problematic.
  • You can use these results for both Dresser (to stop inactives from rolling the part) and MasterControlleritself (to stop the part from appearing in CAS)
    • Note though that the "InvalidParts" tuning for the two mods are separate, so you must add the entries to both packages.

You can clear your blacklist using the "Settings \ CAS \ Blacklist \ Clear Blacklist" or by individually removing items using "Settings \ CAS \ Remove Blacklist Part". Invalid parts loaded by tuning can only be removed from the blacklist by changing the tuning file itself.

When I use an Adult outfit on a Teenager, the neck lines do not line up, how do I fix it ?

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this issue, short of recreating the outfit using the proper mesh for that age/gender.

Because body shapes are different between teenagers and adult age-stages, the shape of the clothes that fit those bodies must also be different.
  • This is most noticeable when a toddler or child accidentally receives an adult-age outfit. They become stretched out of proportion, or become hideously disfigured monsters prone to crashing the game-engine.

Because teenagers and adults have *reasonably* similar body shapes, it is possible to use the outfits interchangeably, with the caveat that you do not look too closely at the seams at the neck, wrist, and ankle points.
  • To enable this functionality in MasterController turn on "Settings \ CAS \ Allow Adult Clothes For Teenagers", and the adult CAS Parts will be displayed in the mod's custom version of CAS.

How do I change a sim's Naked outfit ?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ CAS#Naked]]

To change the outfit a sim uses while in the shower, do the following :
  1. Switch the sim into their naked outfit using "Basic \ Outfit"
    • If the naked category is not listed there, send the sim to the shower, and the game will create a naked outfit at that point.
  2. Enter CAS using the "Stylist" interaction.
    • Once in CAS, the Naked outfit will appear in place of the Everyday outfit for the duration of the CAS session.

How do I change a sim's Career outfit ?

EA officially provided the ability to change a sim's career outfit in the ShowTime Patch.
  • Simpy load the sim into CAS, and select the "Career" category to alter the outfit

I have a number of custom sliders installed, but when I go into CAS I do not see all the sliders, why ?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ CAS#Sliders]]

To unlock the ability to have more than the EA Standard number of sliders, you must be running the custom version of CAS provided by MasterController.
  • By default, custom CAS is only called when you use the "NRaas \ Master Controller" interactions directly.

If you attempt to run CAS from "Edit Town", you are running the EA version of CAS, which does not handle more sliders properly.
  • You will need to install the Integration module, an optional component of MasterController, to unlock that capability.
  • Integration will also replace the Shift-Click "Edit Sim in Create A Sim" interaction with custom CAS, allowing you to use that interaction as well.

When I go into CAS, I do not see the numeric values for the various facial sliders, why ?

anchor: [[MasterController FAQ CAS#NumericValue]]

Two possibilities:
  1. If you are using the CAS available via "Edit Town", you must have Integration installed.
    • Otherwise you are simply using the EA Standard CAS, and will not see any of the custom functionality.
  2. If you have a Core-Mod installed that increases the maximum number of allowable sliders, this mod turns off some of its functionality to avoid conflicts.
    • You can force the use of this mod by setting "Settings \ Override Custom Core Sliders" to "True"

I want to be able to use any of the clothing in any category, how do I do that ?

In the mod's settings there is a "CAS \ Disable Clothing Filter". When you enable this option, CAS will start displaying all CAS parts in every outfit category.

Doing so will allow you use Underwear for Everyday wear, or even unlock the Naked CAS parts that come with the game.

Note: This option does not affect the outfits randomly generated for inactive sims, so you do not need to worry about sims appearing with improper outfits around town.

I am using the Expanded Tattoo module, but I don't see the Nipple or Pubic locations, why ?

It is EA Standard to use a modesty outfit when viewing the Tattoo panel, and as such the pubic and nipple regions are normally hidden from view.

To unlock those tattoo areas, you must first toggle the "Settings \ CAS \ Naked Tattoo" option to "True".
  • With the option enabled, the naked outfit for your sim is used instead of the black swimsuit outfit
  • The three additional tattoo locations will appear on the panel under the "Body" section