When I click on something, either a sim or object, I cannot get the menu to appear.

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Do the following:
  1. Install Selector
  2. Click on the object you are having difficulties with
  3. You should receive an error log explaining the reason for the menu failure
    • Note that Selector may then allow the menu to display, regardless of the error.
    • You should still report the error, just in case it is due to a larger problem.

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I don't like having the "NRaas" menu popping up everywhere, how do I hide it?

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Most of the mods that add menu interactions have an option to disable most (but not all) of their menus :
  1. DebugEnabler
    • From the Active Sim Menu : "NRaas \ Debug Enabler \ Toggle"

  1. MasterController
    • "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Settings \ Menu Visibility"

  1. StoryProgression
    • "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Sims \ Show Menu Interactions"
    • "NRaas \ Story Progression \ General Options \ Options: Lots \ Show Menu Interactions"

  1. The other mods which add invasive menus also have similar options.

However, all the mods will leave at least one menu interaction in the game, so you can turn the visibility back on if you wish.
  • This menu is usually attached to the City Hall, Base Camp, or Computer objects
  • To disable this menu there is a tuning mod available, which hides the menus while "testingcheatsenabled" is turned off.
  • The file is available here : ErrorTrap Tuning