Mod Updater Usage Instructions

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Running for the first time

The first time you start the application you will be asked to specify some of the folders used for The Sims 3, Mod downloads and packages.

Mod Updater Screen Settings.PNG

Sims 3 Data Folder

This is where the game saves everything, your game saves, downloaded worlds, content, etc. If your regional settings for your operating system are English (US/UK etc) then this should automatically fill this in, pointing to the default location that the game creates when it was first installed. If you are using a Non-English version then you may have to manually point to the correct folder (but this should still be whatever 'The Sims 3' is in your language under the Electronic Arts folder).

Mod Zip File Download Folder

When this program downloads updated mods it will need to place them somewhere before it extracts the .package files into your Mods folder. It will also look at the files in this folder to determine what the latest version is of each mod that you have downloaded. Select the folder that you currently use (if you have one) by clicking the Browse... button (you can create a new folder from here also).

Remove old versions

If you select this option then when a new mod is downloaded it will remove any older versions of the ZIP files from the folder, so that you just have the latest ones.

Mod .packages folder

This is the location of your Mods folder used to extract the .package files into. This should be under a folder called Mods beneath the Sims 3 Data Folder. If you have never used any mods before now, you probably don't have the correct Mods folder structure created. This program can automatically create the correct starting structure for your mods by clicking the Create for me button. This will create a Mods folder and also the required Resource.cfg file that goes into it.

You can use any folder beneath the Mods folder for your NRaas mods. If you're like me you may prefer to have a separate sub folder purely for NRaas mods (for example - ...\The Sims 3\Mods\NRaas).

Each Mod in base named sub folder (Advanced option)

With this option you can have every mod put into a sub folder using the Base name of the mod. For example - The StoryProgression mod and all its sub modules such as Extra,Expanded etc. are put into a sub folder called 'StoryProgression'. This may help those who wish to keep things a little more organised.

NOTE - If you already have packages extracted to the selected folder or sub folders when you enable this option be aware that the names for the mods that this program uses may be slightly different to the names you used before. Therefore it may not detect that you have certain packages, or you may end up with 2 sets of the same packages in different folders. For this reason I would recommend that you clear out the folder completely and re-tick and update all of the mods that you use so that it automatically creates the correct folder names.

Steam Version

If you downloaded The Sims 3 through Steam you should tick this option. Certain mods have two versions, one for the normal CD or Origin download version and one for the Steam version. This option ensures that it will download and use the correct version for you.

If you download a mod in testing phase and would later like to go back to the last stable version then remove the mod by using the Remove Mods button , turn of this option, refresh to get a list of standard versions and then re-install the mod.

NOTE - If you go back and change any of these options later, it might be best to click Refresh afterwards so that the program picks up the correct files.

Main Screen

Mod Updater Screen Main.png

When the application is started it will first download a list of mod versions from the NRaas Wiki. This will normally just take as long as it would take to open the Recent Updates page with your browser. Once this is downloaded it will display in the list all your current versions and the latest versions found on the Wiki. A green tick in the Latest Version column means you have the latest version.

Any mods found with a newer version will be highlighted in Yellow. If a mod has a newer version it will also have the 'Install Update' column ticked, unless it is a Tuning mod (because you wouldn't want to automatically overwrite your tuning changes).

Mod names shown with a + at the start are expansion modules for the 'Base' mod above them, i.e. MasterController has 3 expansion modules.

If you wish to see what the latest updates are for a mod, click on the View... link. This will open the Updates page in your default browser.
When you wish to update all the selected (ticked) mods, simply click the Update! button and the program will do the rest.

Other Options

  • Only Show Installed - Tick this to only show the mods you currently have installed in the list.
  • Tick All - Click this to tick all currently shown mods (so if only showing installed mods then only these will be selected).
  • Clear all - Click this to Untick all updates.
  • Refresh - Click this to reload the version history from the Wiki and re-display the list.
  • Remove Mods - If you wish to remove any mods then first tick the checkbox in the right hand column of the mod(s) to remove, and then click this. Both the mod packages and downloaded zip files will be deleted. If you wish to keep the downloaded .zip file then copy it somewhere else first.

Menu Options

  • File - Clear Cache Files

    - It is sometimes recommended after updating Mods or if you have problems with the game, to clear the cache.package files from your Sims 3 data folder. These are the following files:-
    - CASPartCache.package
    - compositorCache.package
    - scriptCache.package
    - simCompositorCache.package

    These will be re-created the next time a world is loaded.
    There may also be a socialCache.package file which can normally be left alone, although I personally have had no problems deleting it also, but it is not included in the Clear Cache Files operation.

  • Options - Settings

    - Select this option to change any folders or other settings. See the Running for the first time section above

  • Help - Display this page.

  • Help - About - Display the program version as well as the version of the ModIndex file.

Feedback / Problems / Questions

Please use the discussion area available from the button (speech bubbles) at the top of the main page or go here


Please see the FAQ section in the main page

These instructions are also available from within the program using the F1 key, or from the Authors personal web pages here