Mod Updater For NRaas Mods

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Cautionary Note for Origin Patch 1.69 (- J4Ks J4Ks):
Added support on NRaas Mods for users who are on gameversion 1.69, unfortunately we aren't able to fully test this out as we decided to stay on 1.67.
The Mod Updater may download the wrong mods for your gameversion, we appreciate if you inform us by making a thread in this Discussion Areawith details on which mods the updater wrongfully installed. Do mention that you are on gameversion 1.69.

Mod Updater - A new home.

What is it?

The Mod Updater for NRaas Mods is a tool to assist in downloading and installing the latest mods from the NRaas Industries Wiki (where you are now) for The Sims 3. It's main goals are to help in checking the latest versions available against the ones you have installed, and to quickly and easily download and extract selected mods to your packages folder with just a couple of mouse clicks (and without the need to use Winzip,7zip,Winrar etc.)

Many people like myself, tend to visit the site on a regular basis and check the Update History page to see what mods have been updated. We will always want to do this, but the process of downloading and saving the zip file, and then extracting to your packages folder when there are a number of updates is something I wanted to simplify (especially when there are a flurry of updates released after a recent patch update (not that there will be any more patches hopefully), and it can also help in making sure all your mods are up to date.

Mod Updater Screen Main.png
Main Screen


Download the latest stable version (1.14.2) here.

Previous version (uses .NET3.5 not .NET4)

If you have problems downloading because its reported as possibly malicious (i.e. by Google Chrome Browser), then try with IE/Edge or Firefox. There is nothing malicious in the file, its just Chrome being a Net Nanny.

Revision History

Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows - XP, Vista, 7 or 8. 32 or 64 bit.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (If you don't have this installed you will get a warning during installation, Windows 7+ users should already have it.)


Click the Download link above and save the file to a folder on your PC (or the Desktop). Double click on the downloaded file to open it with your preferred unzipping method and extract the 2 setup files to a temporary folder. Then run the Setup.exe program by double clicking on it to start the installation. Follow the instructions in the dialog, and once it is complete you should then have a shortcut on your desktop as well as in your Start Menu.
The first time you run the program it will start at the settings form with most of the information already pre-filled for you.


Instructions on how to use the program are here. These are also available from within the program using the F1 key, or from the authors personal web pages here

Important Points

  • I am only the author of this utility and a simple user of the NRaas Wiki. I have nothing to do with the development of any Mods provided by this site (All credits to Twallan for the original mods, and a number of other mod authors since), and any queries regarding anything other than this update utility should be directed to the Wiki via the Chatterbox.

  • Patch Level
    This is shown by the first #.## on the top of the program window where it says 'Sims 3 Base Game Version'. This application will attempt to prevent you from installing a mod which is not compatible with your Patch Level/Base Game version by checking the highest version allowed for your patch level. If you have any mods installed that are of a version that is not compatible with your patch level they will be highlighted in red. However care must be taken when installing any mods that are currently in a testing phase as these will always be for the very latest Patch Level only.

  • The application has only been tested on a 64 bit Windows 7 system but I have made every effort to ensure that it will also work on 32 or 64 bit, including XP & Vista.

  • Mod Version
    It determines the versions of mods you have by first checking the package file against its own database of files from the Mod Index. If it does not find a match it will then examine the highest version of the downloaded ZIP files you have. Therefore , if it finds the files and for example, then it will 'guess' that you last installed version 92.

  • Steam
    As of version 1.10.3, it should now detect properly if using a Steam version of base game. It will still show the tick box under settings however if you need to override the automatic setting.

  • To extract ZIP files the application makes use of the SharpZipLib library available under the terms of the GNU public license. If you have any concerns over the reliability of this compared to using either Windows built in unzipping or any of the popular WinZip/WinRar/7zip etc applications all I can say is that it is a tried and tested stable library and I have not encountered any issues with the integrity of the all the packages I have unzipped on my system.

  • I have made efforts to ensure that any newer version of a mod which is 'Tunable' is not automatically ticked for update, so that you do not accidentally overwrite a tuned mod.

  • Backups are a good thing.

  • This is not a Mod, it is an Application.


  • Q - What does a ? in the Current version column mean?
    A - This means that the program can see that you have a .package installed for that mod, but cannot find a downloaded ZIP file for it. Therefore because it can only get the version from the ZIP file it does not know what version you have. Please see the Important points above for further explanation.

  • Q - What does the + sign on the start of Mod names mean?
    A - This means that this is not a base mod but an expansion mod. i.e. Mastercontroller has a number of expansion modules like Integration, Progression etc.

  • Q - Why does it attempt to access the Internet on startup.
    A - This is simply to download the latest version of the ModIndex (See 'What is the ModIndex' below) from this site once a day, and is absolutely safe and no different than opening a web page with your browser. It will also need to access this site for the Help documentation.

  • Q - Is there a version for the Mac.
    A - Sorry I'm afraid not. I very much doubt it would run under Mono either.

  • Q - I have accidentally overwritten a mod that I have Modified the tuning on, and I don't have a backup.
    A - Well, I have tried to make sure that the program will not automatically tick a mod to be updated if it is a tunable one, so this may be your error. You may be in luck however, if you are using Windows 7 or 8, you can make use of the Shadow copy service to restore a previous version of the file from a Restore point. If you right click on the file in explorer, and then select Previous Versions you may be able to restore an older file.

  • Q - What is the ModIndex ?
    A - Its a small XML file that the tool downloads from the authors personal site containing a list of all the mods and information specifying if they are base or expansion mods, filenames, properties, versioning, and all sorts of other stuff to help the program get what it needs. Having all this in a separate little file means that it is easy for me to update it with details of any new mods or changes without having to keep releasing a whole new program.

Known Issues

It's possible that if you have previously installed the very early versions (1.0.* - 1.2.*) that it may not upgrade correctly if you try to install without first uninstalling the old version. In this case uninstall the old version first.

Feedback / Issues / Discussion

To leave any feedback or issues regarding this program, please go here, or the Discussion button link at the top right of this page. I'll try to keep an eye out for any new posts, but please be patient as I may not always be available to respond the same day.