Version 28
  • Replaced the "Purchase" on the ServoBotPedestal with a "Greater Than Eight" version

Version 27
  • Updated to Patch 1.63 Compatibility
  • Custom replacement of "Make Simbot" interaction moved here from Woohooer
  • The "Rub Lamp" interaction now allows for the overstuffing of freed genies
  • Fixed an error with switching into a household containing no humans

Version 26
  • Workaround added for an EA change that blocked against moving into StoryProgression rental lots

Version 25
  • Added some coding that was missed during the University update that stopped autonomous use of the wedding arch from displaying a Move window
  • Potential fix for a script error when dealing with corrupt "Free Vacation" situations

Version 24
  • Fixed a script error when importing a family from the library

Version 23
  • Fixed a problem where the "Move" interaction on the phone and computer were not being replaced with the appropriate custom versions

Version 22
  • Updated to Patch 1.55 Compatibility
  • Custom careers are now imported properly from Library files

Version 21
  • Altered the system to better retain academic careers during splits and merges

Version 20
  • The mod now removes the restriction regarding adding library files containing pets and children to vacation worlds
  • Fixed an error where buying a furnished lot enacted the FreeRealEstate system
  • Sims in Boarding School that remain in the active household are no longer recalled home
  • Pets are no longer included in the home inspection bed check
  • Potential fix for an issue while using "Retain Dreams and Opportunities"

Version 19
  • Fixed an error when using the "Kick Out" to render a sim homeless
  • The mod no longer throws an error if everyone in the family is at work or in a party situation when a move occurs

Version 18
  • Updated to Patch 1.50 Compatibility

Version 17
  • Fixed an error in the mod when using "Ask To Move In" while on vacation, where all the family sims not on vacation would vanish

Version 16
  • Fix for an issue in the skill cleanup performed during the move
  • Added hook to StoryProgression for rental property costs
  • Code updated to match the EA approach to correcting the EA "OnMarried" error
  • Added hook to StoryProgression to handle marriage names for active sims
  • Potential fix for an error in "BuildForeignHouseholdEx" when importing a foreign sim with no aging manager assigned
  • Potential fix for an error when attempting to move while an unique World Adventures object is not in inventory
  • Fixed an error where the wedding gift alarm was not initiated properly on marriage
  • The mod no longer forces a "Go Home" push on sims at work, or currently in a party situation

Version 15
  • Corrected another "don't have Seasons installed" error regarding marriage

Version 14
  • Expanded injection changes to include "Exchange Rings", the interaction run during the Wedding Arch interaction

Version 13
  • Added some missing code regarding Wedding Anniversaries to the mod
  • Fixed an EA error regarding wedding anniversaries and not having Seasons installed

Version 12
  • Updated for Patch 1.42 Compatibility

Version 10
  • Added corrections for a script error if an object on the lot was referenced in multiple inventories
  • Potential fix for a script error in "TransferSims"
  • Fix for import error regarding occult sims
  • Added protections regarding importing foreign sims during the "Ask To Move In" interaction

Version 9
  • Moved the "Offer To Turn Real" to this mod from Woohooer
  • Fixed an error where the game would stop updating the interface properly, if the active sim was split from the household, and the active household was changed at the same time
  • Fixed a EA bungle regarding the funds calculation when an inactive sim asks an active to move in with them

Version 8
  • Adjusted error catching to catch EditTownModel:PayForLot and allow the process to continue
  • Changed the error catching to better handle errors when rendering active firefighters inactive

Version 7
  • The calculation used for "Maximum Money Transferred: Rich" now includes family funds, not simply the cost of the home lot
  • Marriage moves no longer check home inspection by default

Version 6
  • Removed the requirement that a married couple need to be part of the same household
  • Added "Retain Dreams and Opportunities" default: False
  • Replaced the "Switch to this Household" operation with a dream catcher operation
  • Updated German Translation
  • Updated Spanish Translation

Version 5
  • Removed some debugging left over in one of the moving operations
  • Fixed the "Free Real Estate" option in regards to the Phone "Move" interaction
  • Fixed a problem where the Source Family Funds would become a massively large negative number if the moving household had no family funds at all
  • Fixed an error where the active family was rendered homeless when moved to a new lot, and produced a script error in the process
  • The inactive interaction that asks active sims to move in is now handled by this mod
  • Updated Russian Translation
  • Updated Dutch Translation

Version 4
  • Added "Perform Home Inspection" default: True
  • Unlocked overstuffing when placing families from the library
  • Added error trapping around the move coding to catch possible errors during moving
    • The "Accept" progress window will now be forced to close if an error occurs
  • Added "Enable Free Real Estate" default: False
  • It is now possible to transfer active sims to the inactive household during "Ask To Move In"
  • It is now possible to change active household during "Ask To Move In"
  • Added "Prompt To Transfer Real Estate" default: True
  • Merging households via the "Move" window will now merge family information as well, such as Ancient Coin Count, and Real Estate
  • Using "Kick Out" will now warn the user when the family is rendered homeless
  • Inspection bed count is no longer checked when splitting a family that was already overstuffed

Version 3
  • Updated for Pets Patch Compatibility
  • 2011-NOV-05 Added Polish Translation

Version 2
  • Fixed an accounting issue when selling an old lot and buying a new one
  • 2011-SEP-05 Added German Translation
  • 2011-SEP-10 Added Russian Translation
  • 2011-SEP-13 Added Italian Translation