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How And Where To Post
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Enhancement request for an existing mod: post on that mod's page discussion topics.
Issues with existing functionality in a mod (bug reports and threads referencing uploaded script logs): post on that mod's Issues page discussion topics.
Posts related to HOW one might use or how others are using those mods or "Where Can I Find", may be posted in the Chatterbox.
Posts not directly related to any of the mods, or is a request for a new mod may also be posted in the Chatterbox.


Script errors must be zipped together before uploading. Please refer to our How To Upload page.
You are allowed to post in your native language on this forum however, it should be noted that support will be limited to how well Google translate can translate your text.

To Recieve E-Mail Notifications when Threads of interest are updated: click the drop-down icon in the upper right-hand corner of the post and click "Start Monitoring".
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Receiving answers to questions in a timely manner is important to everyone. Below are a few suggestions to help keep threads organized and promote timely responses.
  • Before responding to a post review previous posts, including "Hidden" posts identified at the top of the page. This will allow you to have a complete understanding of the status of the question and preclude duplicating suggestions already posted and tried.
  • Post a descriptive topic name! Avoid using just "Help" or "I have a question" in the thread title.
  • Since you cannot edit posts, don’t worry about spelling errors and such. Double posts are allowed for purposes of clarification.
  • Commenting on your own gameplay or making unrelated comments while others are working on an issue can cause confusion and information to be lost.
  • Posting links to lengthy forum discussions or Mod descriptions for someone to read through to determine what your problem is can cause delays or few responses. It's best if relevant information is documented with your question.
  • Sometimes posts get "lost". If you have not received a response to your post within 24 hours bumping is okay.
  • You stand a better chance of having ALL your questions answered if they are posted individually.
  • Before asking if another Modders Mod is Compatible with NRaas Mods - ask the mod's creator about possible conflicts or check within the Mods description on the site where the creator posted
  • Stay Informed: Check News of the Day, Updates and Updates Update Testing regularly to see what's new.

THREAD RETENTION - There is no set schedule for cleaning out old threads. Threads are cleaned out about every 2 months. If there is information you wish to retain for later reference it's a good idea to save it in a document on your computer.

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NRaas Mods
Provides cleaner, more user-friendly versions of the animation control interactions.
Recipes and Compositions are automatically replaced after use.
Custom career, opportunities, books loader
Expands the list of items that can be sold at the Consignment store.
This mod allows for automatic restock of the chiller and rack display's from the Sims 3 store's Deliciously Indulgent Bakery. Users have the choice of picking a menu of recipes to restock with or allow the random system to restock the displays.
Unlocks the EA debugging interactions and console commands.
Programmatically removes the censor grid, allowing users to choose which type of interactions to disable.
Unlocks the ability to satisfy unpromised dreams, and grants inactives sims the ability to complete them.
Adds automated outfit control for inactive sims, adding accessories, and restricting CAS parts.
Core-Mod that performs save-game corruption cleanup, while catching and reporting unhandled script errors.
Changes the routing interactions, stopping sims from autonomously leaving lots, and corrects certain errors.
Automatically opens all homes in town, allowing the user to see the interiors.
Fixes interface issues associated with hybrid occult sims.
Alters the move interactions on the phone and "Edit Town" to remove age and maximum size restrictions.
Provides various manual interactions for querying and altering the population in your town. See each modules description for more detail.
Disables the disc authentication from the Scripting Core side of the game.
Alters the book reading interactions to stop autonomous rereading.
Contains error correction and periodic game maintenance/clean up to reduce issues and improve game longevity.
Deals with EA bungles where certain objects are not protected against deletion during use by inactive sims.
Expands the EA Import/Export system, making transferring entire families in multiple households simpler.
Replaces the Portrait Panel with one that can display 24 portraits at a time, and display anyone in any order.
Replaces the Role Manager, which governs cashiers, tourists, etc. with a less buggy version.
Alters the flow of time within the game, giving the sims more time to perform actions within the sim-day.
Replaces the menu displayed when clicking on the Relationship Panel, with a full sim interaction listing.
Periodically prompts the user to save the game, providing in-game options as to when to save.
Provides control over which interactions are available in game for either autonomous and user-directed usage.
Fixes an issue where the secondary image in the notification window is not clickable.
Changes how the menu system works when clicking on objects, adding error handling, and increased flexibility.
Provides the ability to turn off privacy requirements regarding bathrooms.
Object mod that replaces standard double beds with ones that do not have bed sharing restrictions.
Replaces the system that progresses the inactive population of your town with one with greater flexibility.
This mod overhauls the map tag system allowing you to tag Sims and lots automatically or manually and color the tags based on several forms of criteria. It also allows for the support of custom map tags.
Control mod for specifying weather on a town-by-town basic. As well as various season related settings.
Controls autonomous vehicular traffic such as the Food/Ice Cream Trucks, and provides some minor vehicle routing settings.
Replaces the coding that controls town transitioning, adding better error catching, and altering travel restrictions.
Core-Mod that unlocks the ability to see the keys for untranslated strings in-game.
Adds the ability to load and simulate custom diseases into the game.
Alters the romance and woohoo interactions, provides greater flexibility and attraction scoring.
Adds all sim-written books to the in-game bookstore.

Ani_'s Mods
Apartment Mod
This mod will let you simulate having multiple families on one lot but without having to have all of the sims active at all time.
Business As Unusual Bistro
This mod modifies EA's store content bistro oven splitting the chef and waiter roles in two and allows you to set shifts for them.
Buyable Moneybag
This is a clone of money bags that allow you to store money for the sake of individual Sims worth without the issue of the game depreciating their value.
Dexter The Bear
Dexter is a clone of the Sims 3 teddy bear that allows you to kill your sims in a variety of ways.
Have Coffee With Me
This mod adds a new interaction to all served trays of coffee allowing you to have coffee with another Sim.
No Free Work Performance
This mod stops inactive Sims from gaining money from their jobs and active Sims from gaining job performance if they don't meet the skills required for their current job level.
No Fridge Shopping
This mod replaces the meal-making interactions on the fridge with custom one's that check that the Sim has the required ingredient to make the meal or snack.
Open Cinema
This mod charges Sims to watch TV's on community lots with rabbit hole theaters.
Produce Stand
This mod adds a portable produce stand to your game that you can stock with and sell anything.
Shop For Clothes
This mod adds interactions to the clothing rack object allowing your Sims to shop for clothes.
Shop For Clothes Pedestal
This mod adds interactions to the mannequin that came with Into The Future allowing you to run your own clothing store.
Shop From Inventory
This mod allows you to sell items you have assigned as the stores inventory by placing them in World Adventure's treasure chests.
Sims Drinks
This mod adds custom moodlets to the game when your Sims have drinks to simulate them being drunk.
Tax Collector
This mod provides a way to manually collect Tax Money from your sims. The money can then be used in various situations like improving the school or library within the town or financing a children's home. It can also be used in a variety of other ways. For example, to keep a record of the city's debt or to set up simple personal bank accounts for your sims.
The Savvier Seller
This mod is an improved version of The Savvy Seller Collection from The Sims 3 Store.
Working Sims Bed
This is a clone of the cheap bed with added interactions for the "working" populace of your town.
Workout Costs Money
This mod charges Sims to work out on community lots.

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The New NRaas Organization 2014
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- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas - Administrator
- Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction - Head of Development
Organizers: - Nirar22 Nirar22 - brappl brappl - J4Ks J4Ks - igazor igazor - NonaMena NonaMena - C.Dark C.Dark - Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims

And of course, Twallan will remain on these pages forever as Organizer/Creator.

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If you wish to contribute you can do so in several ways. Any changes will be reviewed by the management for correctness and altered at the earliest opportunity to ensure that all information provided is accurate and up-to-date.
There are several ways to contribute to this Wiki.
You can contribute by:
  • Improving the quality of documentation available by either correcting mistakes or expanding the information available.
  • Testing issues listed in this thread and providing your results for a developer to review.
  • Further developing the mods by fixing bugs or adding features. Please see Creating an NRaas Project for information.
  • Providing support by answering threads.
  • Correcting or adding translations to the mods. See How To Translate.
  • Expanding an existing FAQ or creating a new one.

If you intend to contribute, please ensure that all information is applicable to the mods in this suite, or it will be reverted or deleted.
  • Do not upload files to the site, except when explicitly requested to do so. To keep storage usage at a minimum we will need to delete these uploads.
  • Please attempt to retain the existing format of pages whenever possible, to ensure consistency through the site.
  • It is recommended that you sign any changes you make to the official pages, see Signature Tags
  • Tips and tricks regarding editing wiki pages are available here : How To Edit
  • Suggestions regarding how to moderate this wiki are available here Wiki Format

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