News Of The Day

News Of The Day

This page is used by Organizers to inform the community of any general news that may be relevant.

2017 - 3 Years Later - It's been a while, I shouldn't have kept you waiting

Well, this thing sure got forgotten about didn't it? We had a lot of news to share in the first year of Twallan's retirement with the huge undertaking and role shift. Since then things have quieted down as we've settled into our roles.

I figured it has been a while since you've officially heard from me on the status of things around here so it's time for a News Of The Every 2 Years. It's officially been nearly 4 years since Twallan retired and I have been at the helm here. Time flies when you're having fun for sure. Since then I've had a challenging but rewarding time trying to fill big shoes. I have such tremendous respect for Twallan who wrote nearly 1.5 million lines of code for this game and had to have dedicated a good deal of his every day life to this project for 5 years. In the years since his retirement I've done my best to keep his original visions while fixing bugs and adding in requested features while creating entire new mods to the project.

For the first year I was very involved as I enjoy new challenges which saw most of my activity. In 2015 many of you know I undertook a big move which saw me absent most of the year but somehow I managed to release quite a bit. I was pretty quiet last year just working on settling into the new house and recharging a seriously depleted energy level after ending up in the emergency room for exhaustion. This year I have been largely quiet but working hard behind the scenes. We just saw our biggest testing release yet of some of this work. I've also been dedicating a lot of time to a new mod, NRaasChemistry, that I've been working on and off for the past nearly 2 years now. In addition, many are not aware that I have been working on and off for the past year on a new website for NRaas. With my original background and career in web design, it's been fun to use those skills for the project. We recently joined Facebook as I modernize the brand and better connect with our users and amassed over 30 likes in less than 2 weeks (If you haven't liked us, hit the button in the top right). So although I'm not as visible, things are happening. :)

Something else to discuss is the recent 8 year birthday of Sims 3. Why am I still here developing all this stuff for such an old game that has a "sequel"? Because the demand has not dropped much.

external image qna7a9.png

As you can see, we're doing very well nearly 4 years after the last release for Sims 3 and 8 years after the launch. Although our visitors have dropped 40%, we've only saw a 20% drop in page views. This mean the nearly 6,500 people who still visit NRaas a day are even more dedicated to consuming the wealth of information and resources we have here than the larger number of people were in 2014. On average still nearly 200,000 people visit a month and download our mods over 500,000 times. So, as long as you guys are here and my time permits, you're stuck with me.

With all that said I wanted to extend a huge thank you to - brappl brappl for all she does organizing tips into pages and keeping the wiki clean. Another huge thank you to - igazor igazor for providing technical support and being brave enough to be our mascot on the official forums. - Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims for her godly Ani mod knowledge, English skills and generosity. - J4Ks J4Ks, who although has stepped aside due to personal reasons, was a huge factor in the successful transition. And last but not least thanks to the modders who I've had the pleasure to work with and the users who download anything I throw at you. You do know I had no idea what I was doing when I started this right? Your insurance underwriters would frown upon you for subjecting your homes to such explosive possibilities. :)

So, I talk too much. I'll leave you by telling you although my activity may vary greatly and things may take longer than they should, as I approach nearly 100,000 lines of code and hundreds of hours debugging, I'm still having fun. I'm looking forward to you guys trying my biggest project yet and taking over the helm of running our website. Stay tuned. :)

2015 - Happy Birthday News Of The Day - One Year Later

It's been one year since Twallan, aka "The ModFather" retired, leaving - SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas to do almost the unthinkable; get everyone organized to maintain the NRaas Wiki and keep Twallan's wonderful suite of mods up and running. Rather than creating a lengthy recap of all the goings-on in 2014 and for those of you who appreciate a bit of nostalgia, go back to his very first News Of The Day entry, 2014-Jan-05 "Stradegy and Other Messterpieces" at the bottom of the page and work your way up. What a great "read" and what a great ride this past year has been!

Not only did we survive a couple of patches but the Wiki quickly took on a new direction. - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction whose background was actually web design, not only learned coding but was able to translate Twallan's mods as well as the tangled up spaghetti code that EA gave us. Absolutely amazing! And there were others, - JunJayMdM JunJayMdM, - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts, - NonaMena NonaMena and - Tuckwit Tuckwit who immediately jumped on board to help out with development.

- Nirar22 Nirar22 and - C.Dark C.Dark accepted SimAd's invitation and rolled up their sleeves to begin organizing the Discussion Topics and other resources to begin identifying issues with mods and where Twallan left off. And I'm still trying to figure out if - J4ks J4ks (and I'm sure others) ever got more than two hours sleep a night in those first few days. Remember, we were all in different time zones on both sides of the "pond". It was a huge undertaking but many members jumped on board and the review, clean up and internal/background organizing began. For the first few months the focus was on getting our sea legs. Chain focused on patches, testing, learning code to address unresolved coding issues while the rest of us were digging through an ungodly number of threads and posts to see what needed to be done. So many considerations: Where did Twallan leave off on this one? Does something need to be fixed? Do we need this tested? Does the FAQ need updating? Is this an EA bug? What would we have done without - Crinrict Crinrict? And everyone pitched in answering questions and sharing their knowledge in Chatterbox to keep things moving.

With still much to do by March, our direction took another turn as evidenced in - SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas's 2014-April 11 "Getting Noticed In The Sea Of Fans". Just one month later - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction presented us with Cupcake built on the NRaas framework and he did it again in July with Tagger. Two brand new mods all while fixing, updating and enhancing existing mods, providing us better than ever game play as well as responding to questions and requests. I think we have a sequel here: ModFather II.

Reported in last month's NOTD but which merits another mention is that Ani's wonderful mods were moved over from Mod The Sims to the NRaas Wiki. Documentation was edited/created for each of them and thanks to Chain's web design background, Ani's mods pages have a new format AND the Wiki column on the left on this page that contains the links to all mods, has a new feature. If you haven't noticed it yet, hover your mouse over one of the mods.

Finally, let's not forget all the on-going work that has been done in the background to edit, create new and update the existing FAQ', Guides and other resources and translations on the Localization Page which have been added over the past eight or nine months. There are so many people who contributed to these efforts I'm hesitant to try to name them as I'm afraid of leaving someone out.

As an aside, I had to chuckle the other day while reading a PM the Organizers received from - SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas who, by the way, although very busy with RL, is well and still very much a part of this effort: "Now what about "Twallan's gone so is the site dead?!" Does that even require an answer?

Before going on to a few of the December NOTD items, the Organizers all want to say Happy New Year and extend a heartfelt thank you to ALL OF YOU who have contributed in so many ways to keep the NRaas Wiki alive and bustling.

More Good Stuff Released In December

Overwatch Phase Eleven Version 119 - JunJayMdM JunJayMdM
Tempest Phase Four Version 15 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
Woohooer Phase Thirteen Version 128 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
Master Controller Phase Twelve Version 132 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction

And again, many, many thanks to: - Makkxa Makkxa for the Swedish, - kuriXarya kuriXaryafor the Russian and - C.Dark C.Dark for the German translations to several of the mods found on the Update History Page.

A Few Brief Stats For December

Even with the holidays, we've been busy AND this month's activity has consistently remained at a good pace, informative and a lot of FUN.
A big welcome to 191 new members.
1,050,256 Visitors between January 2014 and Jan 2, 2015.

That's it folks ... Again, Happy New Year and remember: "When In Doubt, Contact NRaas" - Happy Simming!
- brappl brappl

2014 - November - Special Snowflake

.........meanwhile in the NRaas Household ~ ~ ~
external image mvl1nc.png

Who is who from left to right:
Standing behind:- Crinrict Crinrict,- Echoweaver Echoweaver,- Pippichan Pippichan,- Brappl Brappl,- JunJayMdM JunJayMdM,- Simwahine Simwahine,- Veiledstar Veiledstar
Counter:- Littlelambsy Littlelambsy
Sofa's:- Nirar22 Nirar22,- Igazor Igazor,- J4Ks J4Ks,- PlayfulAlice PlayfulAlice
Ground, standing upfront:- Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims,- Twallan Twallan,- Gcgrad Gcgrad,- Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction,- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas jr.

No major breaking news to report this month but we do have some new releases and updates for November to share with all of you.
But first... A BIG THANK YOU to - J4Ks J4Ks for creating the beautiful Happy Holidays Banner wishing all of you from all of us a wonderful holiday.

Following last month's news that Ani's mods would become part of the NRaas family, we are happy to announce that we have successfully completed the integration of all of Ani's mods into the wiki. It is important to stress, once again, that we are only hosting these for the time being. Support will be given on a limited basis but one shouldn't expect updates to these to be forthcoming in the near future. We do encourage you to report issues with them however so a list can be compiled to be looked into.

With the integration comes a new mod page layout created by - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction. This new layout streamlines the pages to get rid of unnecessary excess (like Phases) and makes the most important part, the downloads, more apparent and clear. These new pages are also completely scripted so they are less work to maintain than the old manual pages. Sometime in the New Year the NRaas mods will be converted on a gradual basis. We are still accepting feedback on these and will continue to fine tune them.

In addition, our sidebar received updates - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction has also upgraded the mods listed on the side bar. Hovering over a mod now gives you a quick access popup with a brief description and critical links to documentation and the change log.

Mod Updates - November
- Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction continues to keep our worlds alive and very busy :

Story Progression Phase Seventeen Version 266
Story Progression Career Phase Seventeen Version 266
Story Progression Extra Phase Seventeen Version 266
Story Progression Money Phase Seventeen Version 266
Story Progression Population Phase Seventeen Version 266
Story Progression Relationship Phase Seventeen Version 266
Story Progression Skill Phase Seventeen Version 266

In Testing
Tempest Testing Version 15 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
Overwatch Testing Version 119 - JunJayMdM JunJayMdM
Tagger Testing Version 3 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction

A BIG THANK YOU to: - egureh egureh - - C.Dark C.Dark - - Ciaan Ciaan - and - SimBuscus SimBuscus for Taiwanese, German, Dutch, and Polish Translations on many of the Mods. Check them out on the Update History Page

No stats charts available folks. Wikispaces has been having problems with the reporting for the past few months and we've decided to discontinue adding them. Where statistics show that 50% of people are bored by statistics we extend our apologies to the 50% of you who are not bored with them :) We do have some straight forward numbers for you though:
  • As of November 30th: 996,802 people have visited the Wiki. And if I may jump ahead here...we are now over the 1,000,000 visitor mark for 2014.
  • There were 187 new memberships activated this month

- brappl brappl December 14th, 2014

2014 - October - True Symphonic Synergy

Good News - Bad News
The bad news: For those who have not yet heard, Ani, who created the wonderful Savvier Seller mod, Business As Unusual Bistro mod, the Produce Stand mod and many other great mods, is stepping back from modding. Her announcement and future plans can be found on Ani's Tumblr. On behalf of all of us, we extend our heartfelt thanks to you Ani, for all your hard work and dedication over the years and wish you the very best for moving forward in the future. We hope to see you stop by when time permits.

Now for the good news: Ani has graciously released her code to us and we are thrilled to have her wonderful mods here. Earlier this month they were all moved to the NRaas Wiki, formatted and are now available in the left side of the page, directly under the NRaas Mod Suite. - chain_Reaction chain_Reaction, always full of surprises, has added some bells and whistles to the mod links which provide a quick view of the mods description and other information links.

So, what's next? Initially we will only be hosting/providing the downloads for Ani's mods. As time permits, the mods will be reviewed further to possibly enhance and fix any bugs or inconsistencies and offer more support for questions and issues. But that won't happen quickly folks, the NRaas Suite in itself keeps Chain very busy and from the mysterious sounds echoing from his coding cave, he's working on another special "Top Secret" project. - J4Ks J4Ks has rolled up his sleeves and is also digging in to learn some code. Anyone looking for a project? Jump right in. We could use some help. If you are interested in getting into some code see Creating An NRaas Project.

More Good News

- Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims has joined our merry little band and is now an Organizer in the Wiki. Over time, Sarah has provided much help and support, especially this past year in Chatterbox as well as working in the background editing pages, writing FAQ's & guides and following behind some of us with her broom "cleaning up". Much appreciated Sarah and a big Welcome Aboard!

Mod Updates
Released In October
Register Phase Twelve - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
Woohooer Phase Thirteen- Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
Woohooer KamaSimtra Phase Thirteen - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
Woohooer Toilet Stall Phase Thirteen - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts

October Statistics

Wikispaces wasn't without a few hiccups in October, one of them being our stats page. Wikispaces recently reported a major disk crash also affecting maps in November. But statistics are just that...statistics, so I'll just apologize for the gaps noting we do not have a reading for the 1st and the 9th.

We saw some dips in October but considering the release of S4, folks settled back in school and no new EP's or patches this is much to be expected and nothing to worry about. Keep in mind IntoThe Future and the ensuing patch were released in October 2013.

Additionally, we welcomed in 187 new members in October bringing the membership total to 12,536 members. Also well worth noting: we're getting close to the 1 million visitors mark. There have been 939,736 visitors since January 2014.

2013 Oct Stats.PNG 2014 Oct Stats.png

Around The Wiki

There is still a lot of work being done behind the scenes so you might want to check out the Update History and Update History Testing pages regularly. Don't forget, if you see something on any of the pages in here that could be better communicated don't be afraid to speak up OR edit a page. You don't have to be an expert either. New members can help by offering suggestions on how we could make information easier read and to find. So even if you are new, you can help!

That's it for now. Happy Simming.
- brappl brappl

2014 September - "How To Run Recess"

September came and went pretty much "business as usual" with no major events, trials or tribulations. Well, that is, for the Sims 3 and this wiki.
That's not to say NRaas has been quiet. As you will see a little further down our stats look great and we are still moving onward and upward.
To all our new members WELCOME and don't be shy...ask those questions and if you have any tips or suggestions for how to improve the Wiki jump right in. Everyone's participation is appreciated.

So, without further ado, here is a brief recap for September:

- Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction has some new releases for us to have even more fun with and there are more mod enhancements are in testing. You might also want to check out Update History for Octobers new releases!! It just keeps getting better.

September Releases:
Tagger Phase One Version 2
Traveler Phase Seven Version 86
Overwatch Phase Eleven Version 118
Tempest Phase Four Version 14

In Testing:
Register Version 80a
Story Progression Testing Version - 266b
Story Progression- Skill Version 266a
Wooohooer Testing Version 127c
Woohooer Testing - KamaSimtra - Version 127b

And there's another "goodie" in the works. - J4Ks J4Ks has been busy creating pre set Castes for SP266 and from what I have tested so far it's a prayer answered for those of us who find the concept and creation a bit daunting. Stay tuned for more on that soon.

How Are We Doing?

Statistics should always be taken with a grain of salt but overall, all things considered we've been busy in here and the statistics show it. Compared with those for 2013, and considering the release of S4 the first week of September, we are still looking good....very good indeed as we sure didn't take the hit we expected the first week in September and looking more closely, with the exception of the last week in September the Wiki has seen 10K or more unique visitors a day. We now have over 12,000 members with 304 new members this month and over 900,000 visitors since January 2014.

Unique Visitors 2013.png-- Unique Visitors 2014.png--

New Guides Are Available
Finding CC I The Packages Folder Using Instance Numbers by - Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims
How To Get A Downloaded World Into CAW by - Mellye Mellye

Other Updates Of Interest
  • The FAQ's In General page has been renamed and reorganized. Check out Where Can I Find It? More Wiki Information And Help
  • A Spice Up Your Game Section has been added. It is still under construction but offers up ideas for Challenges, links to download playable tombs, Custom Careers, More Map Tags and Worlds.
  • For those of you not familiar with Gameplay FAQ's & Tips check it out...there might be an answer waiting for you in there. There are several new topics added but we still need more input so if you have a tip or a full blown gameplay FAQ, please feel free to add it to the page or post it in THIS THREAD and I will add it for you.

- brappl brappl

2014 July-August "Protect Serve And Look Good Doing It"

I'll open with "SimAd Made Me Do This" and his past NOTD articles are a tough act to follow so please, don't shoot the messenger.
It's been a little while since our last NOTD so for those who have not been keeping up, on summer holiday or for those just browsing the Wiki to see what's going on in here, I've put together some of the "goings on" to provide a brief recap.

But First: A Few Comments On The Upcoming Arrival of S4
  • NRaas remains dedicated to S3 mods and gameplay but there are members and visitors in here looking forward to S4. With that said we are asking everyone to keep those conversations light and informative avoiding those ugly EA/Origin business practices discussions and unflattering comments directed towards those playing S4. Keep in mind, for actual S4 gameplay help, other issues and player reviews there are forums dedicated to offering assistance and conversation for S4 players.
  • Help us to keep our Wiki focused on more positive aspects of the Sims3 and the NRaas mission. As SimAd put it back in July "...we're a Sims 3 site and we'll stay that way. Sims 4 will have its own share of fans and I bet there are a lot of people who buy it and will be perfectly happy with it. Fortunately nobody is forcing anyone to ditch their Sims 3 game and/or buy Sims 4." Thanks Folks...and now on to the News Of The Day!

On both sides of the Atlantic. - J4Ks J4Ks and - igazor igazor have accepted invitations to join the Wiki as Organizers. Yea!! Over the past nine months they both have gone above and beyond sharing so much of their time and expertise helping out in Discussion Topics and Chatterbox, reviewing script errors, working in the background assisting with testing as well as working on documentation. Sooo, we decided to really put them to work. Do they have any specific plans or inovative ideas for the wiki? I'll leave that thought open as I'm sure they will want to say a few words to everyone and introduce themselves on this page for those viewing who are not familiar with our Wiki "Personalities". Never knew either J4Ks or igazor to be lost for words :)

Another Brand New NRaas Mod
- Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction has done it again! He escaped from the Bakery and created another brand spanking new NRaas Mod. If you have not already, meet TAGGER .
Tagger overhauls the map tag system allowing users to tag Sims and lots automatically or manually and color the tags based on several forms of criteria. It also allows for the support of custom map tags and community lot types. Tagger pulls map tag handling out of StoryProgression to relieve some of the load in that mod and is part of the gradual optimization which is expected in the time to come! Chain has also added custom map tags he created with the new mod and threw in a guide on how to make your own HERE. - J4Ks J4Ks jumped in and created some more awesome tags available for individual download. See Custom Tags By The NRaas Community. Version 2 is already in testing. Be sure to check it out.

MOD RECAP - Chain, where do you find the time!
Newly Released Mods - Check Out The New Features!

Mods Updated and Enhanced In Testing July-August:
  • Woohooer Version 127 and 127a (Critical for those who want to order, ah hem, "Services" for your lonely sims but be prepared to pay up if you want the best!)
  • Woohooer 127/127b : A new module for Woohooer by - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts
  • Story Progression Version 266 and modules: Careers, Extra, Money, Relationships, Population and Skills and in addition to Chain's many updates: an attempt at stopping chisels/chainsaws stuck in Sims hands by- icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts
  • Overwatch Version 118a
  • Tempest Version 14
  • Traveler Version 86
  • Tagger Version 2

The NRaas Mod Updater:
Tuckwit has a new version (1.11.00) of the NRaas Mod Updater - No more issues for those of us who forget to update the Mod Index as it now automatically updates upon start up, Yea!

New Guides written for:

The Statistics: We're Still Going Strong

July, and August (as of the 15th) so far, are revealing consistently solid numbers which is very encouraging especially seeing it is summer. July hung right in there with awesome numbers compared to 2013 even though there was a new EP released during that time last year. The overall stats continue to display an improvement over 2013. It's anticipated that the numbers may take a dip in September/October with the release of S4 but there are many dedicated S3 fans out there and even though many Simmers will be giving S4 a whirl, some will return, some will play both versions and there's always new S3 players coming on board.

It is also notable that Wiki Membership has been more than encouraging averaging 10-20 new memberships daily the past several months with 427 new members registered in July alone and over 700,000 visitors in 2014! We're in good shape folks!
2013NOTDBRuevisitors.png-- visJuly2014-.pngNOTDAug2014.png

Elsewhere Around The Wiki - A Few Quick Notes
  • The FAQs and Tips in the Gameplay FAQs and Tips section has many new FAQ's and Tips to assist both new and seasoned users. I'd be remiss if I didn't do my "recruiting" bit asking Wiki members to consider adding game tips and tricks to the page or edit existing pages. If you prefer not to add/edit yourself post in the Discussion Topics on the page or in Chatterbox and someone will add it for you.
  • We've added some pages to hopefully help keep the game interesting for those of you looking for something new. So far there is a nice offering of player suggested worlds in Worlds Recommended.
  • - veiledstar veiledstar is compiling a listing of new Careers for your Sims
  • Also information and links for User Created Challenges and new Adventure Tombs is underway. Anyone wanting to work on any of these little projects, or ANYTHING within the Wiki is welcome to join in!!
  • For a Complete Listing of FAQ's - Tips and Other Wiki Information see FAQs In General Listings

I guess it's a not exactly the "brief" recap but then, this has been a very busy place over the last two months :)

- brappl brappl

2014-JUN-08 "Designing The Perfect Syllabus"

Today is the first day etc.

Oy Vey! The Sims 4 is coming! Apparently it's announced to be released on Sept. 2nd (SimsVip). What does that mean for us?

Well, nothing really. We have a course and speed set, and I don't see any reason for changing that. As far as there is some outlines in the distance, it doesn't look viable to me to integrate Sims 4 into this wiki (apart from some casual stuff of course) because:
  1. We already have an awful lot of information and such here about the Sims 3, doing the same for the Sims 4 would make it more difficult to avoid confusion. In fact it's a challenge already making Sims 3 information accessible (more on that later). Let's just concentrate on what we do best. Besides, NONE of the current NRaas mods will work with Sims 4.
  2. Seeing how easy it is to start a separate wiki on a different subject, there's really no need for it either. Besides there'll be plenty of sites starting up again dealing with the Sims 4, Carl's will probably start a section on it, I expect MTS to start a section on it etc.

At any rate, this wiki is not going to close either. Let's have a look at those statistics again:


The scaling is different so you'll have to look closely, but if you ignore the big spikes in 2013 which coincided with the big EP releases, you'll see we're slowly crawling up to a steady rate of a little over 10K unique visitors a day. We also have a little over 10K members currently (10,938 to be precise). There's roughly some 10 people each day requesting membership and that doesn't seem to change. It looks like a real solid audience. Notice also that we did take a dip after Twallan retired, but to be honest that was not as bad as could be expected and it definitely seems to have settled out now.

Of course we're going to take a hit in September, but I'm not convinced it will really plummet. Besides, even an audience of 5K unique visitors a day would be substantial and I think we'll have at least that come December or so. Anyway, the wiki has been extended to August 9th, 2015 so we'll have the full first half of 2015 to see where things go.

Mods moved to release and new mods coming

It's all in a days work and without much fanfare, but since the last entry here we've again seen mod updates for Overwatch and Register moved to release status. It's a bit tricky to decide when to move a mod to release status, as during the testing phase issues are addressed but also new features added, and we want to make sure the mod is indeed stable before being declared stable. There are still 8 mods currently in the testing phase, waiting for the seal of approval from Chain. :-)

Mind you, there is more to see in the Update History, as translations have been added for GoHere, Dresser, StoryProgression, Traveler, Woohooer, Careers and Cupcake. Really, those translators do deserve a round of applause as well, it IS kind of tricky to make a good translation and blend in with the game and the atmosphere of the mods in a different language. If you're just playing in English you may not notice at all, but these translations make the mods an international affair and enable people to enjoy them in their native language.

Meanwhile Chain is grinning all the time whenever he does manage to get out of his den, and he seems to have found new stuff to build on while constructing Cupcake. We can look forward to some pretty cool news from that direction too, stay tuned!

Where's that FAQ again?

You may have noticed some massive re-vamping of the FAQs as of late. Yes, those are being re-done, a wiki is a great place to have FAQs and we'd like to have a good system where you can easily find the answers to all your questions. Of course you can still ask questions if you have them, and we have several people who seem to be just waiting to answer them, but how convenient is it to be able to just quickly look up the information you require?

And, such is the beauty of the wiki system, anybody can help adding information and improving the FAQs! If you happen to know a good answer to a question that pops up every now and then, or know of a neat trick to get something done, whatever it is, please do write it up! We can use everything! Don't worry about 'how do I make a page' or 'how do I fit it in', if you don't know, present it anyway as we have people who can make it into a page or fit it into the system. Especially now - C.Dark C.Dark has managed to join us again, that Wiki Editor is dead meat! :-)

You don't have to be an expert either, did you know that a remark like "Gosh I would like to see a FAQ on <whatever>" is very helpful? Or any suggestions like "I would find that more easily if it were named <blah>"? We especially would like to lower the threshold for new players, or people who are new to the mods and the wiki, and help them as much as we can to find their way around. So even if you are new, you can help, if only by pointing out what could be improved!

- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas

2014-MAY-05 "Making The Sale From Hot Dogs To Foam Fingers"

It's here! It's here! The brand spanking new NRaas Cupcake mod has been released!!

That is, y'all already knew that probably, the Cupcake Testing page got hit no less than 11,613 times last month and it even featured on SimsVip. But now it is officially released and with that, it is the first brand new NRaas mod to join the suite.

It is a real NRaas mod, it is built on the NRaas framework. To explain a little about the technicalities, all NRaas mods are built on a common 'scaffolding' with common elements. This provides low-level building blocks, so a developer doesn't have to write all the code for say, a pop-up menu but can just "call" it with the elements they want displayed in there. Apart from ready-to-run code this also provides a common flow.

This proves a very important point, not only is it possible to update Twallan's mods, bring in new features and continue the suite as-is, it also proves that entirely new mods can be added based on the same framework. Big round of applause for - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction, for bringing this 'maturity' into the suite! This isn't paperclips and sellotape, this is bricks and mortar!

Of course that isn't the only news, a little more than a week ago there were also updates to StoryProgression, MasterController and earlier in April to Traveler, Register and Woohooer. And there is still plenty cooking in the testing section, where the last wrinkles are being ironed out. The suite is alive and well!

I would also like to draw attention to all the work done by - J4Ks J4Ks who is starting to become our local FAQ specialist :-). There is a complete new section on Blacklisting using Dresser, MasterController and the Easy CASP editor made by Kuree. It has become quite a read, but well recommended if you want to get your hands dirty and get yourSELF in charge of what the Sims wear, instead of letting them run around in flippers, captain's hats and miscategorized undies.

He also made a page on blacklisting EA Packs vehicles or better, how to stop your inactives from buying silly cars and scooters that don't fit in your game.

In closing, some people have asked about improvements on the Wiki pages. Actually, if you see something that could be done better, most pages can be edited so don't be afraid to press that Edit button and go in and correct something. Yes, there are locked pages too. We keep pages locked for various reasons, most of the time it's just an important page that we want to monitor a bit better. Feel free to make a post asking an Organizer to unlock it for you. One exception is the Update History page as any change there sends out thousands of emails -- we barely dare touch it ourselves. Others are really obvious: Twallan's State of the Mod will stay as-is, and this page is really only for general announcements. All the others can be unlocked on request, even the Wiki home page. So if that spelling mistake is staring you in the face: go in and kill it! :-)

- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas

2014-APR-11 "Getting Noticed In The Sea Of Fans"

And in a tightly packed programme tonight (Hi TMN) here is a variety of news and tidbits from all around the Wiki:

  • The new version of the Wiki Home Page (coordinated by - brappl brappl) is firmly on its way and already emerging from its scaffolding. It is the page most often viewed on this Wiki, with almost 60,000 views already just this month at the time of this writing! That figure clearly shows us it is very important that it is a good diving board for this Wiki, and really should give a few good reminders for existing users as well as giving new users a solid base to start figuring out what this is all about. Which brings us to:
  • This thread from - simwahine simwahine which discusses a closely related project to make a sort of "Newbie Area" where users new to the Wiki and to the NRaas mods (and perhaps even mods in general) can find some good hand holds for getting started. Yes, your feedback is very valuable. If you're a seasoned user, you can help giving suggestions and breaking down more advanced subjects in digestible chunks. If you're a brand new user, yes, you can help, if only by pointing out things that look overwhelming and may need to be addressed here. Don't hesitate to chip in!
  • Mac users! Yes you! - Veiledstar Veiledstar has started a Mac FAQ over here and is consolidating knowledge not only directly pertaining to NRaas mods on the Mac but to The Sims 3 on Mac in general. Since a Wiki is a great place for consolidating knowledge, we hope this will become a great place to find the answers to everything you always wanted to know (and don't be afraid to ask!)
  • Talking about FAQs in general, - J4Ks J4Ks is also pouring out his knowledge on some of the more tricky uses of NRaas mods and other utilities you can use to customize your game to your wishes. You can help, by adding suggestions or asking clarification, and in general as always to making sure things are phrased clearly and correctly.
  • A question has been raised from the membership on what the views of the Wiki's Organizers are on the use of Decrapify. Well, that is simple. You're going to need decrapifying if you want to adapt your Store Content, without Decrapify none of the tools ordinarily used will work. As such, it is even needed for the development of NRaas mods where they affect or change the behavior of Premium Content. Needless to say, you do need to own that Store Content already for those mods to work properly. Basically the same rules apply as for the NoCD mod, this mod is intended to be used so that you do not need to have your legitimately bought DVDs spinning around your already overheated laptop all the time. Please refer to the Posting Guidelines.
  • Mysterious sounds are emanating from Chain's den, perhaps best compared to the sounds a Sim makes when working with the Inventor's Workbench. Cupcake Testing proved to be a great success which sent ripples all over the Sims player's communities, even if it started as a "well, let's see what we can do". Every once in a while he comes out of there looking somewhat ruffled, but with a big smile on his face. Who know what the future might bring, you may want to keep your eyes peeled!
  • One thing I've said before is that this Wiki is not dead yet. On the contrary, even, if we look at the statistics for unique visitors for 2014 so far, compared with those for 2013. Of course it's up and down, and of course here and there like all statistics they should be taken with a grain of salt, but all in all we're not doing bad at all:

So there you have it, we're on quite a ride, and I'm really quite tickled with all of this!

BTW, - Veiledstar Veiledstar is going to have make a game with NRaas community self-sims, if you have a self-sim and want it to be included, make sure you make note of it in this thread.


- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas

2014-MAR-31 - "Getting Past The Draft"

Greetings All

I would like to say first I was very pleased to accept Sim_Ad's invitation to join this Wiki as an Organizer. As most of you already know, I'm in here quite a bit and have always enjoyed the forum members, the on-going help and support the NRaas Wiki provides for everyone and of course the often lively chit-chat. With that being said, I am happy to announce the new NRaas Wiki Home page is available Under Construction and we need some feedback.

Please note I am in the process of adding anchors and links and will be looking for some help with that going forward.

One of the things we really need this time around is feedback on CONTENT. As SimAd put it in another thread, "What would have really helped me to get into this wiki if it would've been there when I joined?"
Also, along the lines of content help is needed on the Mods page (page 2 of this new Home page).

The original Table and Mod descriptions need to be updated and edited so please feel free to update or send your update suggestions and I'll be happy to add them. FAQ's and Tips is also an on-going work in progress so for anyone interested please feel free to work in that direction.

Once the Home page content is all defined and the Anchors and Links are in we can all give it another read to add some "finishing touches."

Guess that's about it for now. Here is the link for the Feedback thread and a link has also been added to the Home page.

Remember, ALL suggestions, questions and comments are not only needed but very welcome so go ahead, fire away and thank you.
- brappl brappl

2014-MAR-20 "You Are Special"

Well, we cannot let this go by. I would want to congratulate our Founder and ModFather, Twallan. Happy Birthday Twallan, many happy returns, and have a great day today!

- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas

2014-MAR-17 "Selling Organs For Fun And Profit"

There hasn't been any major news as of late and indeed No News is Good News as no patches have been released and no horror bugs escaped from the laboratories (so far, knock on wood). That's not to say nothing happened, in fact things are moving right along:

  • Mods have been released from testing to the general sections and work is being done in several areas:
    • requests from users
    • evaluation of changes Twallan obviously had in mind for extra features or improvements, some things are started but not completed and they are being looked at for viability and finished where possible or rolled back if it is too difficult to go on implementing them
    • really old problems are being looked at again, and where possible eliminated
    • new and improved, like for example the Woohooer-enabled Eiffel Tower

  • The cleaning crew has done a LOT of work cleaning out old "junk" but inevitably found a lot of stuff that was snowed under and needed to be looked at again. This also helps tremendously getting the above "old problems" inventoried and tested.

  • Very quietly there is now a new page NRaas Industries Archives that holds a link to an archive of all mods as Twallan originally last uploaded them. To be honest I first thought of a "Twallan remembrance page" or something like that, where we could also place links to State of the Mod, perhaps to the statues made, perhaps links to the Official Forums, the cartoon Archivist made, whatever else. But I don't have a good idea on how to go about that. I'd like to open that up, if anyone has a good idea, please start such a page where we can collect things. Perhaps even a couple people may want to band up and take it on as a project.

  • I'd also like to extend a welcome to - Tuckwit Tuckwit's Mod Updater which is now officially hosted on this Wiki, you can download it from here, and discuss any issues in threads from that page. Also, should you want to point anyone to that page, use the syntax [[Mod Updater]] in your post and you'll automatically link to that page. Tuckwit will keep an eye out for any questions you may post. :-)

So, even if it looks quiet in the News, there is still a lot of work being done, and you might want to check out the updates pages regularly.

- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas

2014-JAN-30 "Substitutes There Is No Substitute"

It's time to get with the pack, and once again we did some serious code scrutinizing and a lot of playtesting, we're going to declare the mods released for patch 1.67. Hopefully this is not the signal for EA to throw us another curve ball and can we concentrate on ironing out a couple wrinkles, add some missing features, and on the whole make the suite better.

Critical Updates (if you use these mods you MUST update them for patch 1.67):

Recommended Updates (these are not critical for the patch but do contain bugfixes and compatibility fixes):


The permission settings on this Wiki have changed. From now on it is no longer possible to post in threads if you are not a member of this Wiki. You can apply for membership by ticking the "Members" in the left side bar, which will cause a prompt to apply for membership. While there are no requirements for membership the Organizers reserve the right to deny your application at their sole discretion and without justification.

That's all folks!
- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas

2014-JAN-25 "Better Out Than In"

It's me again! No, EA didn't release another patch. I just wanted to leave a quick note on the abrupt release of OnceRead version 13. As you may have noticed, this version skipped our new "testing" page and went straight to release. We really don't like to do such but I decided it the best course as version 11 and 12 had a bug in them introduced by some changes Twallan made where books were vanishing and/or not appearing in the appropriate places and some Into The Future coding was missing. JunJayMDM identified the issue after a user reported it and I felt it prudent to push the fix into release rather than have people continue to grab the broken version.

I phased up the mod as the changes pushed the minimum patch level to 1.63-1.67.

That is all :) - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction

2014-JAN-24 "101 Ways To Be Vague"

*horrified face* EA did it again. Another patch. This one even more useless than the last one. I bet you didn't think that was possible, did you? Hmm? Yes, well. The good news is you have nothing to worry about. The only mods that needed an update were ErrorTrap and UntranslatedKey. 1.67 versions can be found on the Update History Testing page.

- Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction Over and out. Until 1.68 drops tomorrow that is. :)

2014-JAN-22 "Its More Than Good Moves"

Eh, yes, we're doing it. We're releasing to you the NRaas suite updated for use with patch 1.66. It is not premature, the essential bits have been playtested extensively and although one can never say for sure there's nothing left to worry about, within all reason a patch incompatibility should have surfaced by now. It didn't.

Sure, things have surfaced and are being worked on still, in fact we're releasing a few bug fixes to go with the patch update. But those were ongoing issues, most have surfaced in the past, and could be addressed while we were at it. Nothing to do with the patch.

Since we're going on for 1.66 from now on, let me give you a quick run-down on what you need for the update:

Critical Updates (if you use these mods you MUST update them for patch 1.66):

Recommended Updates (these are not critical for the patch but do contain bugfixes and compatibility fixes):

Please do report in if you find any problems, we're also taking inventory of issues that still need to be taken care of.

The Update History Testing 166 page has been replaced again with the Update History Testing page as everything will be for patch level 1.66 from now.

There is still some cleaning up to do, we probably need a bit more streamlining. In a couple days I want to release a "Twallan pack" -- an archive of the last versions of the mods Twallan uploaded himself, for whoever wants to have only "genuine Twallan" NRaas mods. However, these will of course NOT include the updates mentioned above and will only work for patch level 1.63.

Happy Simming!
- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas

2014-JAN-20 "Diamonds In the Rough"

That's all she wrote folks. All 1.66 updates required are in for your testing. All compatible mods have had their pages updated to reflect such. The choice to patch and try these out remains up to you. Although no games have exploded yet, I continue to echo a warning that backups are vital.

As our official development environment has been updated to 1.66, all future development and bug fixes will be on 1.66 only. I'd like to thank all users for their patience waiting for updates and those who continue to provide their time testing.

Happy Simming :) - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction

2014-JAN-18 "101 Things To Try Out In The Operating Room"

That looks like a massive update here on the Update History Testing 166 page. Yes, well, actually, it should be safe to try that. Note that Traveler is still missing, as Chain_Reaction noted below, but most of the mods are listed, and that means you could give it a try.

Obviously you do NOT want to do this on your precious 25-generation Legacy that you've been playing since three years. Keep the saves that you're really attached to in the clear for now, but you can at your discretion patch up and start giving things a whirl. Do note though that if you decide to patch up, the way back may entail a full re-installation of your game.

Note carefully: if you have anything to report please state clearly what patch level you are running.

- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas

2014-JAN-14 "Sunset Valley's Sunset Is Forever Broken: An Autobiography by Bella Goth"

Woohoo (not that kind) the patch is here. I sincerely hope no one was holding their breath for actual fixes or you'll be guaranteed a role in Smurfs 3. After reviewing core changes I can confirm there are no changes beyond those mentioned in the patch notes save for one. That was to allow the online features of the game to deactivate gracefully when EA turns the servers off for them. Yes, the end really is here. And the countless outstanding bugs live on forever. This is what happens when you don't have an exterminator in the game.

What that means for this suite is good things. Due to the limited changes, quite a few of the mods will require no updates. I am not naming names at this time as I need to do deeper research. But the damage really isn't that damaging.

I will update when I have a definite list of what is bust.


After 10 hours of comparing every mod against the core, noting every code change by EA, figuring out how it would affect the mods, rebuilding each one against the new core and play testing with the believed compatible mods in for a real hour, I now say with 98% certainty that all mods are compatible with 1.66 except for the following:

and that MasterController is safe to use but it needs a minor update to apply new EA code. UPDATED

1.66 updates can be found on the Update History Testing 166 page.

I don't want anyone to let their guard down though. Please, please backup your games if you are going to test these mods on this new patch level. I am not Twallan. I do not know every trick of the core or his mods. I was as thorough as humanly possible for someone who didn't write the code and had several hundred thousands of lines to sort through, but again, I stress I am not him. I will not be changing the patch level compatibly levels on them until several days have passed and no issues are reported.

As for the 3 deemed incompatible and the MC update, I have began updating those and will try to get those out ASAP. Please check back here at a later date.

Thanks! - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction

2014-JAN-14 "Graab it up"

Well then. It has happened, EA released the PATCH. Patch 1.66, get the dirt on it here:

Do not playtest and think it's OK because it doesn't crash. It's not OK. Don't come here saying you have no problem with the xxx mod. You may have, you just may not have seen it yet. Let the developers guide you, as the only people who can say whether it's OK to use a mod are the people who analyzed the code.

Posts saying mod xxx is OK because you playtested it are going to be deleted without further notice, we just don't want the confusion.

Posts nagging the developers and just asking when will it be done are going to be deleted without further notice. They will come up with stuff as soon as it is ready, and can do so much more efficiently if they don't have to give status reports.

Keep an eye on the news (this page) and on the Update History Testing page for further information. Playtesting mods is entirely at your own risk.

It will take longer this time than it ever did before. However, this is the last patch, and as long as you do not install it you'll be fine with what you have.

UPDATE: You may see remarks going on at the developer's discussion threads. That's not a formal announcement, that's discussion between developers. Don't draw any conclusions from those discussions unless you're absolutely certain you know what they mean (ie. your name is Twallan or so).

Brace! Brace! Brace!

- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas

2014-JAN-13 "How To Fix It When News Breaks"

Oh, hi. It's me - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction. I was contacted by SimAd to be an organizer here and I accepted. We have our moderator duties settled, I am just here for the code. Show me the code and nobody will be harmed! :D I am not well known in The Sims community outside of this site but have been around under various other user names since the release of Sims Superstar. I guess I should tell you a bit about me aye? I am in my mid 20s from the Midwest of the USA. Yes that is my Sim-self in the avatar. No I am not Twallan in disguise (yes someone asked me that) and I don't have any piece of clothing in orange. I never modded for Sims 2 and have only done personal work for 3 as I didn't have time to get too involved. My calling is web programming, server administration and community management as such I have been doing that for over 10 years. I have just started a journey into C# and animation in the past couple of years. I am not as versed with the core as Twallan was but giving it an effort. :)

With Twallan's retirement, inspiring leadership from SimAd and a tad bit of new found free time I decided to help out with the mods to continue his honor. I am here to do what I can to help with programming, bugs, testing, script errors, crashes, nuclear core meltdowns and so on. As Twallan left this as an open source project to the community I look forward to working with other dev's on it. I'll be around for as long as I am needed or able and am excited to be part of the incredible team here!

2014-JAN-12 "Going Paperless"

We have a new service that we'd like to try because apparently people would really like to have this. Over on the page Off line Backup you'll find a link to a .zip file on Dropbox, and in that .zip file you'll find the most recent backup of this wiki. At this stage it is in its infancy, all highly experimental, but if you'd really like something like that give it a try and let us know what you think.

- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas

2014-JAN-12 "The 36 Hour Shift And You"

Yes, there have been some changes in the management meanwhile. Below - NonaMena NonaMena already signed in, we also now have the help of - C.Dark C.Dark (who seems to have practically invented that Wiki Editor, she's a hell of a lot more proficient with it than I am) and quietly working in the background there's also - Nirar22 Nirar22 helping us out.

So there are a bit more spare keys to the computer going around and there is better coverage. At this moment I think we're complete for now, but give us some time to settle in a bit and get the hang of this.

If you need an Organizer, feel free to make a post, but please try to keep PMs to a minimum. If you just post something in the wiki, the chances are greater it will be picked up by anyone who happens to be around. We all have RL's and that sort of boring stuff to deal with, so don't expect immediate actions or answers. Things may be overlooked, if there is no apparent response after some 24-odd hours feel free to bump it. But don't nag, Twallan didn't like it and neither do we.

On course, speed standard by one.

- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas Jan 12, 2014

2014-JAN-11 "Howdy! Means Hello"

Hi, everyone - NonaMena NonaMena here. As some of you might know, I have been off on vacation for the last several weeks, but while I was gone, I did notice that twallan decided to leave us (I got a little message on my phone about it, haha. I'm such a geek). When I came back from vacation, SimAd contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in helping out with the Wiki, and of course, I said yes. At this moment, I don't have any concrete plans on how I'd like to participate, but you can count on me to try my best to be helpful. Since I have my own mods to keep track of, for now I don't plan to get deeply involved in the NRaas mods, but I will definitely be available for brainstorming, or trying to help out any other coders who are tackling the giant monster that is the NRaas suite. These mods are massive, and twallan has spent years developing them so I agree that it is much better idea for the community to undertake them as whole, instead of hoping one individual will take over the suite in general.

I'm really awkward at "introductions" and I feel like most of the NRaas users probably at least recognize my name by now, so I'm a little bit at a loss of what else to write. If you don't know me, then you can always check out my Wiki to try to get any idea of who I am. I look forward to working with all of you.

- NonaMena NonaMena

PS Feel free to call me Nona :)

2014-JAN-10 "Wax on, Wax off"

Various bits to tell, it's been actually quite busy so far. Those who kept an eye on the "Recent Changes" will have probably gone bug-eyed by now, others are scrambling to find the thread they wanted to report something in.

Let's first have a look at some hard results, that "bottom line" stuff:
  • Updated mods have been released to include the pending translations.
  • Two mods have been put up for testing, one updates Traveler to include the EA world Roaring Heights as a destination, the other updates Woohooer Sauna Phase Thirteen. You can find both on the Update History Testing page, any questions and comments can be reported there as well.

While the shiny new cars were being rolled out of the front door of the factory, the crew with the mops and buckets has started on the spring cleanup. We have an awful backfill of old posts, threads, requests, bug reports that are really just sitting there and making everybody confused. They are all being looked at carefully, and then marked, and then deleted. Unfortunately, this process is horribly spammy in the "Recent Changes" but up to now we've not figured out a better way to do it so we have no better suggestion than to grin and bear it for now. We'll all be better for it in the long run. No, these people are NOT going for any awards or so, so if they pass by, please lift up your feet so they can clean under the chair.

What you CAN do is make sure you've got a notification set on your thread. This way you'll get a message every time there is an update, which makes it lots easier to keep an eye on it. The crew has a somewhat informal gathering here:

If you have a notification on a thread that is about to be deleted, you will get a notification, perhaps even with further instructions.

Over in Creating an NRaas project a couple developers and coders are gathering. Feel free to take a look, but tread carefully, and if you don't understand the slightest bit of what they're on about, that's perfectly OK. Don't worry.

When Twallan signed off, he disabled the "request membership" prompt of the wiki. I've turned that back on again, so feel free to use it if you want, there are no requirements for becoming a member but you need to be one if you want to upload error reports or edit Wiki page. The membership is without obligation but should you see something and think, "Hey, I could fix this", by all means go ahead.

There is one side effect of turning this on again, one that I absolutely not wanted but I see no way to stop it. Membership requests will also fire off a mail to Twallan. Now don't think that's going to enable you to bring anything to his attention, most likely he's got some mail rule that bins them as soon as they come in, just like I have. That comment field will remain unread. I feel bad about bothering him with that "spam" though, so I hope we can figure something out.

All other sections of this Wiki are open for business as usual, it may not be Twallan who answers your questions but who knows, someone else just might.

Have fun!

- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas

2014-JAN-05 "Stradegy and Other Messterpieces"

Yes, this entry is in the past, there is a little of catching up to do.

I first peeked into "Recent Updates" in the wiki and saw an entry from Twallan, the first after his vacation/yearly retreat and I started reading before even getting my first coffee. My thoughts were like "Oh brilliant, Twallan is back, let's see him catch up a bit and then I have some lovely stuff to badger him with." My game is running fine, but it does have some lags and freezes that I think could be solved in the long run. Well, that note was a little bit different from what I expected.

Just two years ago, Twallan sent me a PM (that I lost meanwhile), along the lines of "I require an organizer, you seem to be fairly fit for the job and your waking times seem convenient, would you accept?" The idea was that it wouldn't really be much of a job, just keep an eye on things in Twallan's absence and some minor janitorial duties. Twallan had a solid idea (I thought I understood from him) on where he wanted to go with the whole thing and I was happy to trundle along. Needless to say, the whole thing gave me a "Flattered" moodlet that so far resisted all attempts at ctrl-right-click/testingcheats/resetsim. I really should get around to fixing that crack in the floor where my jaw hit, too.

That was just about the last thing he ever said about it, too. Those of you who imagined a flurry of PM's exchanging between Twallan and me would be disappointed, they were few and far between, mostly strictly "business" and rarely if ever comprised more than a single line. No, I don't know him any better than you do, the closest we ever got was when he was on vacation in Dublin and that's still a way from the Netherlands. I should've been able to find someone in a long orange-and-chocolate-brown coat wearing sunglasses there but I suspected he'd be wearing a disguise of some kind. Nevertheless, I do hope to someday have a coffee with him and a chance to chat a bit.

Now I may have been blind, but I never saw that "writing on the wall". I did have my moments of worry though. It was pretty obvious Twallan was doing "wiki runs" on his lunch break, and sometimes those lunch breaks were a little long. I also calculated he'd cheerfully be up at what must be 2-3am his time on a weekday. I hoped that wouldn't get him into trouble with his boss, or for that matter "the missus". Those parties do tend to require undivided attention at times, and "EA just released a new patch and I have reports of ErrorTrap crashing" would not be the correct answer to give. Besides, Sims is a pretty addictive game but there really are times you can't see a Sim any more and you press your hands against your ears in horror if you even hear that sodding tune. I had a period of a couple hours days weeks months of that myself.

On top of that, of course, Twallan did this with all the professionalism he had. I sometimes wondered if it was kind of a milk run/practice round for the moment he'd ever want to start his own business. I'm sure he got a good learning experience in that regard, and I do hope that will give him an edge in whatever endeavor that may at some point be on his mind. For what is supposed to be a hobby though, this has gotten way too big.

So, now what? It really would be a darn shame if this would stop right here.

Then again, how bad is it really? The game is all done as far as EA is concerned, the mods are mostly stable (well, at least in a LOT better condition than much other stuff out there) and one can always choose to just skip that last patch and keep their game running as it is. We've all been doing that since the last release of the last mod, I don't think there are any casualties.

But we do have something pretty amazing here at the moment. Completely apart from his mods, Twallan has also set a couple standards in terms of openness, respect, willingness to consider other viewpoints, a professional attitude. This wiki is not dead. We're getting well over 10,000 unique hits per day, page views can go over 100K/day (stop drooling, you advertisers!). With some fertilizing, some weeding, some watering, this can actually still bear fruits.

Perhaps in a while, NRaas Industries may just mean this wiki. I have no idea what NRaas actually means and whether it bears any resemblance to Twallan's RL name. If he would like it to have another name, I'll change it in a heartbeat, at his first peep. But I won't do it if not on his personal request. As far as I'm concerned, this is HIS wiki, and at best I'm a sort of custodian right now.

I see no reason at all to change the rules Twallan has set either. I'm perfectly comfortable with them. It really boils down to be courteous, somewhat professional, and respectful. There is no need for money, there will be no donation drives in the foreseeable future, heck, Twallan has pre-paid the wiki plan until August and it is no more than a mere $50/year. Oh, there's a good argument for this to be Twallan's wiki.

And I will have no unpleasantness in Twallan's wiki. It'll disappear without too much further notice. Don't worry about that, must be a glitch in the software. :-)

On a more personal note: Well, I'm sole custodian right now, that may change over time, but make no mistake: I'm planning my retirement. Whether this all is going to peter out without a hush, or goes into history as the next big thing after the Pyramids, I don't care. I don't plan to be out by next week, but I hope to be history in a year.

- SimAd_NRaas SimAd_NRaas