No Free Work Performance

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When Are These Events?

  • When they leave work an event is triggered
    • If the household is active, check the skills. If the Sim is lacking skills, reset the work performance meter. The resetting of the work-performance meter only happens if the work performance is positive, if it's negative, nothing happens.
    • If the household is not active, calculate how much they earned that day, and subtract that amount from the family fund. This is done so people don't keep gaining money while not playing them.
  • When they get paid another event is triggered
    • Checks if the person who got paid is retired and getting his retirement, if yes, subtract the amount from their family fund. This is done so people don't gain money when not playing them.

  • Note 1:
    • The work performance meter will climb while you are working. The skills checking and resetting of the meter doesn't happen until the Sim exits work.
  • Note 2:
    • I have play-tested this mod in my own game and it's been working fine. Please inform if you find any bugs.
  • Note 3:
    • I use Twallan's part time jobs in my game, and this mod works fine with them.

Modding the Mod!

Added the possibility to disable removing of payments:
  1. Open Package in S3PE
  2. Open _XML, click on line Resource> Notepad
  3. Change the removePayments from True to False
  4. Save and Exit