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Version 8 - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts:
  • Sims should no longer autonomously cook meals they don't have ingredients for
  • The ingredient requirement for quick meals can now be changed per recipe (one has to manually edit the XML in the package using S3PE or Packer to do so)
  • Mod functionality added to the Wood Fire Oven and Teppanyaki Grill objects from the store
  • Non vampire sims should be smart enough not to use Plasma Fruit in their Pancakes or Stew Surprise as long as there are alternative ingredients to use that won't make them nauseous (NOTE: This "smart" behavior is not exhibited when cooking with the Wood Fire Oven and Teppanyaki Grill)
  • Simplified most of the interactions + added missing code from the later expansion packs

NOTE: To anyone using both this mod and the Cook With Any Ingredient mod:
  • If you have set Cook With Any Ingredient to also not allow fridge shopping, the game has to check all of a sim's known recipes against all the ingredients available to the sim twice (once for each mod) each time they get hungry, which can potentially be taxing. If you experience lag in your game it's probably best to only use one of the two mods.
  • If you do use both mods and have edited the optional Cook With Any Ingredient Tuning file to add ingredient requirements for quick meals (if you've never opened up the Tuning file before just ignore this), it is suggested you remove the same quick meal recipes from the XML in this mod since the game will only load the quick meal requirements from one of these mods (all other recipes are unaffected)

Version 7 - - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts
  • No changes to functionality, just to the way the interactions are added so they will no longer conflict with the Cook With Any Ingredient mod (14-FEB-2014 version onwards)
  • Added ITUNS for some of the interactions that were lacking them.

Date: 18.8.2014
File Name:

Fixed a bug that cause inactive sims to sometimes reset when trying to have a snack.

No changes needed for 1.67

Date: 19.10.2013
File Name:

Added the possibility to tune the snack ingredients. But before you get too excited, this change will not make 90% of you happy ^_^
I only use 4 different recipe types for all the snacks and these are now tunable inside the package.

Code:|| <FruitRecipe value="PeanutButterAndJelly"/>
<CheeseRecipe value="GrilledCheese"/>
<VegetableRecipe value="Spaghetti"/>
<VampireRecipe value="BloodFruitChowder"/>

Here is the "logic" how I determine what recipe to use in which snack.
if ((!recipe.CookingProcessData.UsesAMicrowave
!sim.SimDescription.ChildOrBelow) && (!(recipe.Key == "VampireJuice")
sim.SimDescription.IsVampire) && recipe.DoesLotHaveRightTech(lotHasCounter, lotHasStove, lotHasMicrowave, lotHasGrill, Recipe.MealQuantity.Single) == Recipe.CanMakeFoodTestResult.Pass)
if (vegetableRecipe != null && recipe.Key.Equals("CannedSoup"))
chosenRecipe = vegetableRecipe;
else if (chosenRecipe == null && vampireRecipe != null && recipe.Key.Equals("VampireJuice"))
chosenRecipe = vampireRecipe;
else if (chosenRecipe == null && fruitRecipe != null && !recipe.CookingProcessData.UsesAMicrowave)
chosenRecipe = fruitRecipe;
else if (chosenRecipe == null && cheeseRecipe != null && recipe.CookingProcessData.UsesAMicrowave)
chosenRecipe = cheeseRecipe;

So basically to tune the required ingredient. You need to select a recipe that has the needed ingredient. You can find all the recipes in the RecipeMasterList inside the GameplayData package that you will find inside the installation folder of you game. Please make a copy of this package before you open it in S3PE just to be on the safe side. Also note that for the snacks, I only use the first ingredient for the snack. If you are skilled in tuning mods and the ingredient you found was the second ingredient, you could make a tuning mod for the RecipeMasterList and just switch the ingredients's order.

I'm sorry this is such a dirty solution but it's all I can do for now. I'd love to make it possible to tune this from inside the game and tune it per snack but that requires more coding and testing time that I can currently spare. But, when I'm done with updating for the patch + my newest mod I'll take this and make tuning better and easier and more precises and user friendly.

Date: 21.06.2013
File Name:

Date: 23.02.2013
File Name:

Note: Have not been able to reproduce bug where the SHT/petfood/SN recipes don't work and resets your sim. If you have this issue, try removing all mods and only have this one in place then test and start putting mods back one by one to see where the problem is. Also, update your game and make sure you are using the latest version of this mod.

Date: 09.11.2012
No changed needed for 1.42

Date: 17.09.2012
File Name:

Fixed a bug in making pet food and making the new recipes.

Note: this fix has just been quickly tested, made pet food and an omelette in my test hood it and worked fine. I'll test it more when I get to play my normal hood.

Date: 07.09.2012
File Name:

Date: 10.03.2012
File Name:

- updated for SHT
- Works for 1.33, no modification was needed.