No Fridge Shopping

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What does this mod do?

  • This mod replaces the meal-making interactions on fridges, stoves, microwaves, food-processors and grills with custom interactions that check whether you have the required ingredients, either in the fridge or in your Sims' inventory.

  • Snacks require ingredients too:
    • Cereal, Bread & Jam, Juice and Ice-cream requires one piece of fruit.
    • Canned Soup requires one tomato.
    • Microwave meals require one piece of cheese.
    • Vampire Juice requires one vampire fruit.

What do I need to note?

  1. The ingredient check only affects the active family. Inactive households can still make meals using non-existent ingredients.
  2. If you are making a meal outside your home lot, you still need ingredients. If you are making a meal whilst visiting a friend, the ingredients will be taken from your fridge or your inventory. Same with grilling on a community lot.
  3. This mod does not affect grilling on a fire pit.
  4. This mod does work abroad.