Delete The Hidden Brooms From Witches

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There are hidden brooms, that witches use even though they haven't bought one. You can use MasterController to delete them.
  1. Install MasterController Cheats
  2. From "City Hall", navigate the menu "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Town \ Object Stats"
  3. Select the "Sim" and "Inventory" filters
  4. Locate the "Objects.Vehicles.HiddenAdultBroom and HiddenChildBroom entries
  5. Flush them.

Be aware: These objects will automatically respawn the next time you load the save-game.

TIP: For a more permanent solution see No More Hidden Brooms over at Mod The Sims. This mod also controls autonomous broom riding.

How Can I Create A Werewolf?

Wiki How has a good picture tutorial detailing how to create a werewolf.

How Can I Change/Assign/Remove An Occult Status?

You need to have MasterController and the Master Controller Cheats Module installed.
From City Hall or any computer, access Master Controller > Sim > Intermediate > Occult > (Choose whatever you want).

Managing Occult Settings

Install Retuner
From City Hall or a Computer:
NRaas > Retuner > Settings > General > By Tuneable XML > Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems >
Scroll down to Occult to find Occult type.

Love Charm Tuning

To stop the Cast Love Charm interaction from being autonomous:-
Use the settings from here: Members' Retuner Settings

How do I get rid of all the Vampires in my town ?

To remove the "Vampire" occult status from all sims in town, follow these steps :
  1. Install MasterController Cheats
  2. Click on the City Hall rabbithole (you can do so from Map View by clicking on the map tag)
  3. Navigate the menu : "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Sim \ Intermediate \ Occult"
  4. Choose whatever criteria you wish to use for filtering the sims in town (pressing the Cancel will choose everyone in town)
  5. Select "None" from the listing of occult choices
  6. When prompted to apply the change to all sims, press Accept
Note that if you are using EA Story Progression, that process will add new vampires to your town. You must either:
  1. Disable that system
  2. Use a tuning mod that disables EA Story Progression vampire immigration. Modders that host such mods can be located via the External Links
  3. Install StoryProgression. It's handling of vampires can be reviewed here : StoryProgression FAQ Vampires

Change The Number Of Zombies Created During A Full Moon

Install Retuner
See: Members' Retuner Settings

How Can I Stop Zombies From Spawning

Install Retuner

From City Hall or any computer:
NRaas > Retuner > Settings > General > ByTunableXML > Sims3.Gameplay.Controllers > LunarCycleManager >
  • kChanceToSpawnZombie > 0
  • kNumberSimsToBeZombifiedOnFullMoon > 0

TIP: See Also missyhissy's Zombies Begone Mod over at MTS.

More Mermaids At Dive Spots

EA's default for the number of mermaids at a dive spot is 1. If you'd like to see more mermaids at a dive spot try this:

Install Retuner

From City Hall or any computer:
NRaas > Retuner > Settings > General > By Tunable XML > Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems > NPCMermaids
  • kNumNPCMermaidsOnDiveLot > (increase the value)

TIP: Increase the number of NPC mermaids in the pool (kMermaidHouseholdMembers) if you aren't relying on inactive mermaids to meet the kNumNPCMermaidsOnDiveLot criteria. 0 = the Island Paradise world, 1 = all other worlds. If you want more inactive mermaids around town and not just in the dive lots and you are using SP, make sure you have immigration enabled and mermaids enabled.

How Do I Change The Scale Colors Of A Mermaids Tail?
- babele44 babele44 Offered these suggestions in a recent Chatterbox Thread:

The thing with mermaid scale colours is that there aren't any presets that you can load and neither can you save any. You will have to play around with the colour wheel when you are in "Change Scale Color" in CAS (either use a mirror or MasterController, the command is under Sim/Basic. The CAS screen is similar to the Tattoo screen). Note: in CAS you don't see the tail but only the scaly legs and the top-to-bottom order of the channels for the legs is different from the tail order.

There are four channels, and the distribution of the colours on a mermaid's legs are as such (from top to bottom):
channel 1 - main leg area
channel 2 - upper thigh
channel 3 - lower thigh, ankles
channel 4 - stripes on feet

Now these areas correspond to a slightly different distribution of the colours on a mermaid's tail. In addition, females differ from males.

The distribution of the colours for a male mermaid's tail are such :
1 - basic tail colour (corresponds to the main leg area)
2 - root of the fin (corresponds to upper thigh on legs)
3 - tip of the fin (corresponds to lower thigh, ankles)
4 - highlighted scales on the tail (corresponds to stripes on feet)

The distribution for females is slightly different though.
1 - basic tail colour (that's the main leg area)
2 - main fin colour, i.e. it covers a much larger area of the fin compared to males (corresponds to upper thigh on legs)
3 - tip of the fin and a broad band around the hips (corresponds to lower thigh, ankles)
4 - highlights applied to all scales on tail base, as opposed to mere sparkles with males (corrsponds to stripes on feet)

The main differences between male and female mermaids is how the little stripes on the feets are distributed as highlights on the tail shape and the distribution of the colour of the area around the ankles. The stripes on feet become randomly distributed and rather faint sparkles on a male's tail, while for females they apply to all scales on the tail, making this colour much more prominent. Also the area around the ankles is only visible on a male's tail around the tip of the fin, while for females it produces a rather broad band around the hip and becomes the main fin colour.

Can My Fairies Age Like Humans?

Yes they can. To do this, install Retuner first.

From City Hall or any computer:
NRaas > Retuner > Settings > General > By Tunable XML > Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems > Aging Manager >
  • kFairyLifeSpanMultiplier > 1

You can also set a value of 1 for other occult types in this area.

Tips For Other Types Of Sims

See also: Other Types Of Sims and Death

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