How Do I Fill The Children's Food Stand With Cookies?

Having trouble filling the Food Stand with baked cookies/cakes? Or the food stand runs out of baked cookies/cakes and your sim has to run home to make some more? That is a waste of time so this might help you out.

To fill the food stand with baked cookies/cakes:Install Debug Enabler
  1. Take the food stand out of your sims personal inventory
    Note: A sim child needs to tend the food stand
  2. Click on the food stand > Nraas > DebugEnabler > Options: The Baker's Half Dozen Stand > Give Tender Baked Goods
  3. Put the cookies/cakes from the child's inventory onto the Food Stand

How Do I Stop Personal Inventory Items Going Into The Family Inventory?

This can happen to a household when you switch to another household.

The Supernatural EP patch introduced this particular nasty glitch, putting things like cars and medical beepers into the family inventory. Also, the investigator sim's magnifying glass and fingerprint dust box can get stuck in the family inventory.

To prevent this using Story Progression
  1. Click on the City Hall Building/Map Tag or any computer
  2. NRaas > Story Progression > General Options > Options: Money > Options: Sales
  3. Disable the following by selecting them individually:-
    Sell Crafts: Family Inventory
    Sell Crafts: Personal Inventory
    Sell Drafts
    Sell Duplicate Inventory Items
    Sell Duplicate Books

Also, turn off the Allow Inventory Management setting:-
  1. Click on the City Hall Building or Map Tag
  2. NRaas > Story Progression > Town Options > Money: Allow Inventory Management
  3. The default setting is "True". Change this to "False"
  4. Manually put the items back (note: this step needs clarification - not sure what items need to be put back and where they need to be put back to)

Why Can't My Teen Sims Use The Wedding Arch?

See: Teen Marriage on the Relationships page.

How Do I Move Personal Inventory Items Back Into The Family Inventory?

To move any of the items from the personal inventory back into the family inventory:-
  1. Install DebugEnabler
  2. Click on the object in the personal inventory
  3. Select: Nraas > DebugEnabler > Options: [Objectname] > Move To Family Inventory

TIP: Remove Items Stuck In Sims Personal Inventory

Requires Master Controller
Click on Sim> NRaas>Master Controller> Basic> Sort Inventory.

Can I Sell Furniture Or Big Items In My Sim's Personal Inventory?

There is no way of selling those big items from your sims inventory. With Master Controller you can flush (delete) them entirely but this will mean you don't get your money back. You can always add the lost funds back afterwards. If you wish to do this, follow these steps:-
  1. Install Master Controller
  2. Click on the sim
  3. Select: NRaas > MasterController > Household > Object Stats > Inventory
  4. Select the items you want to delete
  5. Click the checkmark

To add the lost funds back using Master Controller:
  1. Select: NRaas > Master Controller > Household > Family Funds
  2. Enter the amount that was lost

To sell the smaller items using Master Controller:
  1. Select: NRaas > Master Controller > Basic > Sell Item
  2. OR drag the item to the $ in the sim's inventory

Can We Sell Furniture and Larger Items with NRaas Consigner?

Install NRaas Consigner and Ani's Shop From Inventory Mod

From City Hall or a computer>NRaas>Consigner>Allow Set All>True
To set up a shop (from Ani's notes):
- Add a shopping register to a community lot
- Add a treasure chest to the community lot, or, to the lot owner's household
- Now any items you add into these treasure chests, are considered the shops inventory.

For more information, see the Shop From Inventory FAQ page.

How Do I Manage Laundry Piles?

Retuner is required to access The Laundry Manager
From City Hall or any Computer:
NRaas > Retuner > Settings > General > By Tunable XML > Sims3.Gameplay.Controllers > LaundryManager
See also: In Retuner > By Object > Clothing Pile Dry/Wet and/or Clothesline.
Retuner Settings for the washers and dryers can also be found on the Members' Retuner Settings page.

How Do I Manage Parasols and Umbrellas?

Use Retuner and/or Master Controller

See Umbrella Tweaks in the Members' Retuner Settings TIP: Use CTRL+F on the settings page to open the search box in the upper right hand corner of this screen, then type in "Umbrella".

More Options:
Set the autonomy to False in Retuner: From CityHall or Computer > NRaas > Retuner > Settings > General > By Object > Umbrella > StartUsingUmbrella > Allow Autonomous > Set to False

From City Hall or Computer > NRaas > Retuner > Settings > General > ByTuneable XML > Sims3.Gameplay.Objects > Umbrella (there are also Parasol settings):
  • kChanceFemaleUseUmbrellaEvenIfTempNotHigh
  • KChanceSpecialTraitsNotUseUmbrella
  • kChanceGetParasolInsteadOfUmbrella
Temperature Caps
  • kUmbrellaCheckForRainEffectFrequency

  • Flush them Using Master Controllerr > Object Stats. Note: They will return the next time the game is loaded.
  • Move the umbrella and/or parasol to this storage box which you can keep in your inventory.

Note: Sims with the Diva Trait will use them all the time if the temperature gets too high. Use the XML settings in Retuner detailed above under More Options.


See: Death by Jetpack

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