Version 13
  • Updated "Choose Book" on the tablet for backpack posture and jetpack posture (Tablet) - JunJayMDM JunJayMDM
  • Fixed Twallan change => "Choose Book" on the tablet now lists all books in town (Tablet) - JunJayMDM JunJayMDM
  • Changes made to handle ITUN changes made by Retuner - JunJayMDM JunJayMDM

Version 12

Version 11
  • Re-released for Patch 1.42
  • The Tablet module now replaces the "Listen To Audio Program" interaction with one containing all eligible skills

Version 10
  • Updated to Supernatural compatibility
  • Added the "OnceReadTablet" module for integration with EA Premium Content

Version 9
  • Updated for Pets Patch Compatibility
  • Absorbed LeaveToddlerBook into this mod

Version 8
  • "Read Something" now include books written by sims

Version 7
  • The "Read" interaciton is no longer displayed on sheet music
  • Sims will no longer magically spawn books to read
  • Updated to new suite standard