Open Cinema

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What does this mod do?

  • This mod gives your Sim a "Watched a great movie" moodlet, lasting 16h, if you watch TV in a community lot where you have a rabbit-hole Theater.
  • Watching a movie costs 40§, this amount will be decreased from the family funds of the person who is watching
  • If the rabbit hole is owned by another Sim, the 40§ will be added to their family funds
  • A movie lasts 2h, so when the moodlets remaining time is 14h or less, the Sim will be charged another 40§ ticket, and the moodlet gets resets to 16h.

Music Career:
  • If you perform a song with any instrument, and you are in the rock star career, and you job requires you to give concerts, after you finish your performance, your concert count will be increased by 1.

How the mod works?

  • To set up the mod, you need a community lot, where you have a Theatre rabbit hole. The rabbit hole can be the original building or a rug or a door.
  • Then add a TV to the lot and you are done.

Modding the mod

If you want to change the price of the ticket, open the package with S3PE, and modify the <movieFee value="40" /> tag in the XML file.