I would like to set an opportunity as completed, how do I do that?

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One normally does this for chained adventure opportunities in order to allow you access to the next opportunity in the chain.

If that is indeed the case, you can use DebugEnabler's "Opportunities... \ Add Opportunity..." set of interactions to add the next opportunity in the chain to your sim.

Note this works because DebugEnabler's interactions automatically ensure your sim satisfies the requirements for the opportunity.
  • This also means that your sim may receive skill levels and other changes in order to ensure an opportunity is available.
  • Be aware of this when using the opportunity interactions in that mod.

This differs from MasterController's Opportunity interactions, which are only allowed to apply opportunities whose requirements are already satisfied by your sim.

I Can't Complete Some Career Opportunities

These have not all been documented yet. Often opportunities can not be completed. Here's a couple of Tips:
Some could be genuine game glitches however these were supposedly reported as all being fixed in one of the patches. If you are still having problems completing an opportunity it could be due to the fact the lots, buildings on a lot or objects needed to complete the opportunity are not available. In some cases certain skills are needed for objects to become available. There are a couple of things you can do to be able to move forward in the career:
  • Try to identify what is missing in the game and add it to the game
  • Set the Opportunity as completed and move on to the next one


Carl's The Sims Careers Guide is a good resource for learning more about Careers.

Investigator Career In Bridgeport - Cases Not Working

TIP Posted in Chatterbox:
I figured out why a couple of the cases wouldn't work in Bridgeport:
  • Fish Kid - Bridgeport has no lots marked as "pool"
  • Fishing Union - Bridgeport has no lots marked as "fishing spot"
  • Loved/ManLoved - needs a couple that's going steady, each gender (Bridgeport has one couple like this, but they didn't last long in my game; I guess I didn't test this one in a fresh Bridgeport)
  • Missing Flamingo1 - needs a fishing spot (flamingo 2 only needs an art gallery, which Bridgeport has, but I assume the fishing spot requirement applies to both, since they're two versions of the same case)

How Can I Keep Dreams and Opportunities When Switching Households?

Install [[http://nraas.wikispaces.com/Mover|Mover]]

From City Hall or a Computer Access Mover>Retain Dreams and Opportunities>Change the setting to True
  • When enabled, the wishes and opportunities of the sims left in previous active household will not be lost when a family is split
  • The "Switch to this Household" button in "Edit Town" will also retain dreams and opportunities
    • Note: The EA warning message about loss of wishes is suppressed when the option is enabled

Help - My Sim Is Not Getting Any Opportunities

Check in Game Options to make sure Opportunities are enabled.
Use MasterController to trigger opportunities. Click on the sim/NRaas/MasterController/Basic and there are 3 different options. Opportunity, Opportunity by category, and Opportunity Random. The first gives you an alphabetical list of all the opportunities, the second will give you a skill category list for easier sorting, and the other one just randomly gives your sim an opportunity.

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