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Can My Plumbot Have A Career?

Yes. Your Plumbot needs to have the Drone and Limitless Learning chips to be able to get a job.
Install Master Controller and Master Controller Cheats

To add the career go to MC>intermediate>career>choose job> (Select the job you want for your Plumbot)

Tips For Preventing Plumbots Progression & Autonomously Getting Jobs

Story Progression and The Careers Module are needed.

From City Hall or a computer>NRaas>StoryProgression>Castes>Caste Options>Plumbot>Career>Allow To Find Job>False
  • Set Career Progression to False - Turn off career progression
  • Set a 24-hour curfew for plumbots (See Options in the Story Progression FAQ for more options and suggested military time settings

TIP: Plant Sims

Based on General Information questions I have seen in the Chatterbox Wiki asking about Plant Sims, I was going to document some information for Plant Sims but found the Instructional over at CarlsSims3
better than anything I could document.

Mod related questions for Plant Sims will be added to the FAQ as they are received.

Bonehilda Keeps Resetting

Install Master Controller

Does anyone know how to turn off the tendency for Bonehilda to reset when she goes back to her coffin? I have a household where she fits much better than a maid or a butler, and would like to be able to use her. However, I have found that while I can change her looks, skills, and habits using Master Controller, if she goes back to her coffin AT ALL, what comes out the next time is a completely reset new Bonehilda.

Tip from - veiledstar veiledstar in Chatterbox
Unless you want to make Bonehilda a playable character, you really can't do anything about her resetting when she goes into her box. I have tried and gave up. If you want to make her playable, add her to your household with Master Controller>Add Sim, then delete her box. Make sure you have Overwatch, which will recover her to your household.

Can I Delete The Mini-Sims In My Game?

First, it is important to understand what Mini-Sims Are


  • Mini-sims or minisims, as they are called in several mods, are a special type of sim reference added by World Adventures
    • They provide a location for the game to store information about the sim even if the sim is not available in the currently loaded Town-File
    • Their original purpose was to provide a compact way to show information about Foreign Sims living in the EA Vacation Worlds

  • These mini-sims contain just enough information to display the "Known Info" tooltip for the Relationship Panel and Family Tree windows.
    • A mini-sim does not contain sufficient information to instantiate a sim, so if the actual sim is required, the game will pull the complete sim data out of the foreign town-file and use that instead.
    • Because of this limitation, if your sim is emigrated or otherwise removed from the town by the game, it is not possible to recover them using solely the mini-sim information.

  • MasterController..lists mini-sims under the "Type of Sim" - "Local Mini-Sim" filter. Sims listed in that filter are most likely permanently lost to that save-game.
    • It is possible to return to an earlier save, export the sim, and import them into your new save. However you will need to manually reattach all relationship and family-tree links yourself.

A Couple Of Things To Consider Before Deleting:
  1. If you use Master Controllers TotalAnnihilation on a MiniSim that also exists in some other population pool, too, you'll break that Sim. One part of them will still be considered as alive, the other part believes that it is already dead and not in actual existence anymore. The most notable symptom will be a broken family tree, in which a living Sim is listed as dead.
  2. Especially when you travel (vacation worlds, university, future world, Traveler destinations) you have to be very careful about deleting MiniSims as the game has the habit of compressing Sims from other worlds into MiniSims when you are not in their world.

Tip: For More Sim Types
See Occult
Ghost Tips are Here

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