Version 122:
  • The mod will now change the default alarm time from 3am to 5am in downtown worlds for new saves. - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Added cleanup for Sims who somehow get ate by the travel system when sent home early and generally break the entire game. - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Fixed the total number of seashells so collection journals don't get stuck on 73%. - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Sims in elevators are now reset when the elevators are reset rather than leaving them in limbo. - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • The phenomenon behind pre-EP 10 bars and their endless erroring until replaced has gotten a curtain call. The missing field is now initialized without having to replace them. - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Parking spaces should no longer be useless. Overwatch's cleanup vehicle routine will now release the space if the car is no longer there. - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
    • Something EA forgot to do for over 5 years and no one noticed apparently.
  • Some null checking added to the juiced fix for those who seem to have Sims who are in some weird state - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Fixes for the following combo rabbithole issues. - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts
    • Rabbithole opportunities that cannot be completed at combo rabbitholes (afterschool ballet recitals, badging ceremonies and club auditions, the "Oh My Ghost!" opportunity, the Imaginary Friend Metamorphium Potion opportunity etc.). Note: Only fixes newly accepted opportunities. If your sim already has one of these opportunities at the time of installation, cancel it and use MC to give the sim the same opportunity if you want to complete it at a combo rabbithole.
    • Sims in the Professional Sports career losing all games played inside combo rabbitholes.
    • Sim not autonomously visiting or interacting with combo rabbitholes

Version 121: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Another stab at the Juiced issue.
    • Should now handle Sims instantiated or reset after world load.
  • Updated Swedish translation

Version 120:
  • Powered down plumbots should no longer be considered stationary - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Sims should now be paid when moonlighting as a mixologist - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts
  • Attempt to stop Sims in the homeworld from all becoming juiced - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Attempt at deleting jam jars that get mangled by traveling with them in inventory - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction

Version 119 - JunJayMdM JunJayMdM:
  • All alarms will always be set to yield, except for Repeating ones. This should fix most of the delays occurring for some Situations (causing weird behaviors), while still helping in reducing lag.
  • Updated Russian translation
  • Updated Swedish translation

Version 118 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • No more Houdini butlers. If they vanish they will be yanked back within a few seconds.
  • Attempt cleanup of group science project visual effects.
  • Attempt at purging any corrupt special outfits at load up.
  • CleanupFutureDescendantService no longer barks if EP11 is missing.
  • Delete Magical Gnomes now wipes their graves out too.
  • Fixed bug in GetMailEx that allowed junk mail to remain in the mailbox.
  • Added code to reattach ResortManagers who somehow run away from their lots.
  • Added posture checks to RobotScan to stop plumbots from pulling Sims out of rabbit holes to scan them.
  • Sims should no longer reset when ordering pizza from professional bars. (EA fail discovered by - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts)

Version 117: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Added cleanup for corrupt Time Traveler service requests
  • Added cleanup for inactive Social Worker service requests
  • Attempt to fix moon dials at loadup that break due to the engine returning lord knows what value for the lunar cycle.
  • Added "Settings \ Disable Full Moon Lighting" - Default false
  • Console Commands \ Add Command now accepts 1024 characters
  • Moved the harvest and money tree corrections from Tempest to here.
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Updated Taiwanese translation

Version 116 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Fix for script error reported by - babele44 babele44 when the descendant cleanup runs during the relationship cleanup.
  • Potential fix for Overwatch car jacking service Sims.
  • Added cleanup for run away trick-or-treat alarms.
  • Potential fix for script error in YieldAllAlarms.
  • Appended EP11 to the Into The Future base camp string so one can tell the difference.
  • Compatibility with new Dresser setting.
  • Updated Russian translation.
  • Updated Taiwanese translation.

Version 115 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Renamed "Boot All Gnomes" to "Reset All Gnomes". This reverted all translations. If a language expert is aware if it is okay for me to copy the translations of the old option to the new one and keep the same context feel free to chime in.
  • Added "Alarms \ Delete All Magical Gnomes". Default False. Does what it says on the tin every night, including any in your inventory. Requested by - simwahine simwahine
  • Fix for the Science, Bartending, Logic, Charisma and Martial Arts skill interactions vanishing on Traveling as reported by - babele44 babele44 Discussion: http://nraas.wikispaces.com/share/view/66151110

Version 114:
  • The mod will no longer report Stationary Sims except in Debug logging mode. - JunJayMdM JunJayMdM
  • The mod will now delete any descendants that get deleted from the almanac but fail to get deleted from the game when you load the Future world. - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
    • Warning: The only reliable way to do this and ensure all Sims were wiped was to match Sims who have the hidden Descendant trait. Do not assign this trait to any Sims you wish to keep.
    • I did include safety checks to ignore any Sims with this trait in the active household however so things don't blow up.

Version 113: - JunJayMdM JunJayMdM
  • (Experimental) All alarms in the game will be set to yield when the game is running at normal speed or paused

Version 112: - JunJayMdM JunJayMdM
  • Updated the Consignment cleanup to include the Bot Emporium
  • Updated the Consignment cleanup to include the FruitVeggie Stand

  • [Twallan changes]
  • Added "Settings \ Family Depth Compress Level"
  • Added "Settings \ Minimum Route Failures Before Reset"
  • Added "Settings \ Minimum Route Failure Testing Time"

Version 111
  • The Aging Manager adjusted to not age foreign world sims while visiting the future
  • The mod no longer improperly resets the future descendant data if you happen to switch households while in the future
  • Replaced the "Fight!" test check with one that allows teens to fight adults
  • Code added to remove orphaned "Meteor Shower" alarms
  • Potential cleanup for broken nectar skills

Version 110
  • Updated alarm clean up to remove alarms assigned to objects which have since been deleted from the game

Version 109
  • Added coding to clear out broken ancestor references in the almanac data

Version 108
  • Corrections added to clean up corrupt time traveler references
  • "Reset" updated to handle trait chips in a more reasonable manner

Version 107
  • Fixed an error in "Clean up Vehicles" which was deleting bicycles from inventory

Version 106
  • Cleanup Genealogy coding adjusted to handle an obscure corruption issue
  • "Cleanse The Dead" now only removes urnstones stored in mausoleums
  • The mod now injects the "Toddler Chat" interaction, lost with the Into The Future Patch
  • Added cleanup for corrupt almanac statue data
  • Changed "Cleanup Genealogy" to reset almanac data when a sim is deleted
  • Potential fix for "KnownCompositions" corruption
  • "Cleanup Vehicles" altered to once again remove vehicles from community lots, but not residential ones
    • Changes made to properly delete inventory vehicles as well
  • Vehicles parked on "Savvy Seller" parking spaces are now exempt from cleanup

Version 105
  • Changes regarding resort check-in removed, now that EA has corrected the error themselves
  • Correction made to the Career cleanup to properly handle school coworkers

Version 104
  • Potential fix for a script error that occurs if a family is deleted by some other process, while checking into a resort

Version 103
  • Added a check for the existence of Island Paradise before changing the "Invite To VIP Room" social interaction
  • Fixed the "True/False" that dispalys for the Console Commands listings
  • Updated the imaginary friend corrections to allow the mod to recreate missing dolls if the service sim still exists
  • "Stuck Check" should now handle imaginary friends in a friendlier manner

Version 102
  • Replaced a couple more interactions that called the "Ask To Check In" coding
  • The mod's "Stuck Check" no longer fires during EA's Stuck Check testing
  • Limited the "Age Up" protections to only the academic career, to reduce the chance of sim's careers vanishing temporarily

Version 101
  • Updated the following opportunities to include a check on whether the sim is an University Student:
    • "Study At Home", "Study At Library", "Study At Student Union", "Study At Quad"
  • Annihilation of sims now handles resort services properly
  • Added cleanup for annilihated resort workers still attached to resort services
  • "Clean up Vehicles" no longer deletes wind surfboards, at all
  • Added code to stop the "Get Mail" interaction test from bouncing the menu
  • Added protections for self-employed sims using the "Ask To Check In" resort interaction

Version 100
  • Boats should now be properly handled by "Clean up Vehicles"

Version 99
  • Updated to Patch 1.55 Compatibility
  • Removed coding that conflicted with Traveler's control of foreign aging
  • Further coding to reconcile occult values within sims if the fields become out of sync
  • Added code to clean up injected custom academic degrees

Version 98
  • Fixed the "PopupMenuStyle" functionality
  • Updated Brazilian translation

Version 97
  • Potential fix for corrupt NpcParty situations

Version 96
  • Added code to end corrupt University Mascot requests
  • Adjustments made to "Cleanup Genealogy" to better handle broken family tree nodes

Version 95
  • Added fix for broken mounted fish objects
  • Added cleanup for corrupt rock band skills
  • Added coding to log objects that fail the "DoesObjectNeedCleaning" check
  • Added PlumbBob cleanup for both multiplicity and charred issues

Version 94
  • Added code to detach sims from Seasonal Lot Markers (because having sims reset/vanish based on the season is bad)
  • Fixed an error where attempting to satisfy a wish to age up did not work properly

Version 93
  • Protections against the loss of academic careers added to the custom "Age Up" interaction injected by this mod
  • Removed the EA block requiring that World Adventures Pack be installed to age foreign sims in University world
  • Love letters that bounce the "Get Mail" interaction are now deleted from the mailbox, rather than left to languish in inventory
  • Midlife crisis moodlets left running on inactives should no longer cause an error in the aging manager
  • Potential corrections added for an error in "AcademicCareer:RemoveStudent"

Version 92
  • Buried dead are now included in Broken Skills cleanup operation
  • Updated the Skill Gain corrections to handle the latest EA flub in University
  • Adjusted the Gardening to Collection corrections to better handle existing Harvest information, now that such can be successfully imported

Version 91
  • Omni Plants which have nothing currently fed to them are no longer included in the "CleanupHarvestPlant" operation

Version 90
  • Updated to Patch 1.50 Compatibility
  • Alarm, Auto, and stored commands are now handled by the "Export/Import"
  • The Alien Abduction corrections have been removed, since EA corrected the issue themselves in Patch 1.47
  • The Gift workaround coding has been removed, now that EA has corrected the issue in Patch 1.50
  • The Love Letter error has been silenced, so if it does occur, the interaction will no longer report it

Version 89
  • "CleanupVehiclesHourlySetting" is now properly hidden by the debugging option
  • "Stationary Sim" check altered to only run against sims who are still running the same interaction they were running during the previous check
  • Inactive sims in hidden residential rooms are now reset by "Stuck Check" on a nightly basis

Version 88
  • Excluded UFOs from the "Clean up Vehicles" system for the moment
  • Replaced the "Get Mail" interaction with one that now continues to transfer the mail even if a script error occurs
  • Changed the Gift giving system to not bounce when one of the gifting sims no longer exists in the game
  • Added a debugging option "CleanupVehiclesHourly" that can be enabled to allow the "Clean up Vehicles" operation to run, well, hourly
    • Option is disabled by default
  • Plants currently in the "Harvest" growth stage, but which have no harvestable items, are now set to their next growth stage on loadup

Version 87
  • Fix for a hanging issue in the hard-reset process
  • Potential fix for a crash if a notice is fired during loadup
  • Added corrections to reduce skill levels that are above the maximum allowable for the skill

Version 86
  • Removed the "Clean up Vehicles" operation that occurs on load up
    • The nightly alarm operation is still in place
  • Moved the interaction injector to an earlier section of the load up routine
  • Re-added "Stuck Check" (it was apparently an innocent bystander)

Version 84
  • "Stuck Check" temporarily removed from the mod due to Crash-to-Desktop issues

Version 83
  • Updated to Patch 1.42 Compatibility
  • Added a fix for bounces resulting from the absence of the alien abduction helper when Seasons is not installed

Version 81
  • Fixed an issue with the corrections set up regarding the Imaginary Friend trait and it being randomly selectable on age-up

Version 80
  • The "Feral Change" moodlet is now dropped on the next lunar change for all sims, if it is not the Full Moon, just in case it gets missed
  • Replaced the "Age Up" interaction with one that drops after-school activities on inactives, to bypass an EA issue regarding them
  • The mod now invokes the Werewolf visual effect to compensate for a missing line of code in the EA Standard occult state
  • Inactives in the active household will now age up properly
  • The default for the "RouteFailTestMinutesSetting" option increased to 30 sim-minutes
    • Note if you had the option set to a different value, you will need to reset it
  • Fixed an issue with the occult trait corrections where the process simply did nothing

Version 79
  • The "Help Investigation" opportunity is now properly gated to the Fortune Teller career, to stop other careers from running it and erring out
  • "Stuck Check"
    • Fixed a problem where the operation could be called during its own reset, causing a nasty recursion
    • Adjust the operation to count only failed routing towards the reset counter
      • This way if the game decides to fire a bunch of test routes, those are no longer counted towards an eventual reset
    • The operation will now attempt to move a stuck sim to their destination, rather than sending them home
    • Fixed an error when resetting homeless sims
    • There is now a debugging option "MinimumRouteFailSetting" which dictates how many route failures must occur before a reset is applied
    • The operation will no longer queue up the same sim multiple times, if a large pile of route failures occur in a short amount of time
    • Sims are only reset if they have been stuck for at least 15 sim-minutes
    • Added "RouteFailTestMinutesSetting" debugging option that dictates the number of sim-minutes a sim must be unroutable for prior to reset

Version 78
  • Changed the default for "Stuck Check" to "True"
  • If multiple route failures occur in the same interaction, the mod now resets the sim home properly

Version 77
  • Removed the jig clean up routine, which causes a engine crash in some games, for an indeterminate reason
  • Instantiation no longer fails for Fairies when they lack the proper hidden trait
  • Added loadup clean up for existing occult lacking their hidden traits
  • Added cleanup for Broom Riding skills which contain corrupt lot references
  • Changed "Clean up Vehicles" to handle brooms better.
    • Rather than ignoring them entirely, the operation now checks various conditions to determine whether the object is still valid
  • Added a new "Stuck Check" component which watches for sims that repeatedly fail routing, and reset them
  • Added coding to clean up broken objects attached to show stages before attempting to redisplay the stage contents

Version 76
  • Potential fix for an issue where a sim is set as having an occult type, but does not actually have the state to go with it
  • Fix for uncut gems that have improperly set CutName fields (possibly set improper during the import/export process)
  • "Cleanse the Dead" no longer deletes urnstones that are "In World"
  • Ten Day Lunar Cycle adjusted to use the First and Third Quarter phases multiple times, rather than the Full and New moon phases
  • Show stages are now reverted to their default stage objects on loadup, if they are not currently in use
    • Note that this does not correct stages munched by ErrorTrap
  • Changes made to the objects on show stages during build/buy mode will now persist between shows
  • Non-mushrooms in the Mycelium growth state are now set to Sprout (better late than never)

Version 75
  • The Six Day lunar cycle now uses all the Crescent and Gibbous phases, and jumps over the Quarter phases
    • This is apparently more in line with EA's original implementation

Version 74
  • Added cleanup for orphaned zombie spawn alarms
  • The mood lighting for the Full Moon is now reinitiated upon loadup

Version 73
  • "Reset Check" now removes all transformation moodlets prior to pushing an age-up
  • Fixed a script error incurred in Version 72 when using the mod on a new save

Version 72
  • The number of days to the next full moon is again displayed on the interface
  • The lunar phase stored by this mod will now initialize as whatever phase the game saying is the phase prior to installation of the mod
    • This will stop the lunar phase from bouncing back to New Moon on new games
  • Reverted the "Smelt" corrections made in an earlier version, and added clean up to revert any changes to the skill
  • Replaced the "Smelt" interaction with a custom version that properly initializes the collecting skill
  • Fixed a script error in the Coworker clean up if one of the coworker entries was empty
  • Gem cuts performed by a sim who has never collected that stone will now have their "Most Expensive" and "Numberof Times Cut" recorded
    • Note that this will affect the challenge statistics. Even though the gem was never collected, the "Gem Collector" stats will be updated regardless. This is unavoidable.
  • The everyday outfits for Bonehilda are now reduced to a single outfit during "Clean up Outfits"
  • Updated Brazilian translation

Version 71
  • The collecting skill cleanup now resets the "Best Quality" to match that of the Gardening skill
  • "Clean up Vehicles" now ignores magic brooms
  • Added cleanup to fix an error if Bonehilda is improperly reset
  • Updated the Consignment cleanup to include the potion shop
  • The collecting skill cleanup now adds an zero-sized entry for each metal in the game to correct an issue with the "Smelt" interaction
  • The collecting skill cleanup is now performed whenever a sim gains the skill
  • The mod now handles the Lunar Cycle rotation on its own, and completely ignores whatever EA was doing originally
  • The mod stores the current lunar phase to the save-file itself, since it does not appear that EA was doing so
  • Temporary Zombies left over by saving and reloading during a full moon are now cleaned up once the full moon is done
    • This does not affect sims with the permanent zombie moodlets, which are cleansed each New Moon
  • Werewolf full moon alarms should now be reactivated if you had saved while the full moon was still going on
  • Changing the EA Lunar Cycle options now immediately updates the in-game interface, rather than waiting until the next sunrise

Version 70
  • Fixed a conflict with the Grocery if a sim had a recipe that required fish
    • Silly me, I thought have "0" price meant that an ingredient would not be available in the store, apparently not.

Version 69
  • Fix for legacy Collecting skills which were missing the new MushroomData and HarvestData entries
  • The mod now reconciles existing gardening harvest counts with those stored in the Collecting skill

Version 68
  • Fix for a script error in Version 67. I was this close, but not quite.

Version 67
  • Fix for a conflict with the new Collection Journal window

Version 66
  • Updated to Supernatural compatibility
  • Updated Dutch Translation

Version 65
  • Added cleanup for corrupt sims stored in the Relationships system
  • Added cleanup for injected custom traits
  • Potential fix for corrupt Reaction broadcaster lists assigned to lots

Version 64
  • Cleanup added for runaway writing royalty alarms running against deleted sims
  • Expanded cleanup of reaction broadcasters to includes duplicates, and ones attached to destroyed objects
  • Fixed an error regarding "Cleanse The Dead" which rendered that operation invalid
  • Added cleanup for references to deleted sims attached to the Hot Beverage Machine object
  • Corrected an error in the Opportunity History cleanup which was adding unnecessary data to the game
  • Changed the error handling in the Aging Manager to catch an error in the Midlife Crisis Manager
  • Expanded career cleanup to remove career references attached to deleted sims
  • "Clean up Vehicles" now properly handles the ice cream truck

Version 63
  • "Recover Wandering Toddlers" now properly handles day care situations
  • Replaced the Aging alarm with one that reports script errors
  • "Recover Missing Sims" now handles Early Departure sims properly

Version 62
  • Removed the block in "Clean up Outfits" regarding service sims
  • Fixed a problem with "Instantiation Check" and simport visitors
  • The listing window now adjusts to fit the size of your screen

Version 61
  • Fix for an error in "Clean up Outfits" and cleanup for the corruption caused by it

Version 60
  • Added "Immediate \ Export Settings"
  • Added "Immediate \ Import Settings"
  • "Reset Check" now properly handles having the "EA Aging" option turned off
  • "Reset Check" no longer checks tourists
  • "Cleanup Outfits" changed to only delete career outfits over the third index

Version 59
  • "Clean up All Homeless" should now ignore simport households
  • "Clean up Relationships" now cleans up sims who somehow receive two long-term relationships to the same sim
  • Silenced the "PrepareHouseholdForThumbnail" error
  • The Pattern cleanup will now produce more sensible error logs, which include the Instance for the broken pattern
  • Locked doors with broken Owners will now be automatically unlocked

Version 58
  • Replaced the Thumbnail creator with one that does not change the relationship between the sims

Version 57
  • Added loadup code to cleanup injected recipes
  • Updated Dutch Translation

Version 56
  • Added loadup cleanup for steady gigs whose Proprietors no longer exist in-game
  • Added loadup cleanup for career outfit indices that exceed the number of career outfits available for a sim
  • "Instantation Check" no longer interferes with inactive age-up

Version 55
  • Added loadup fix for the Pre-ShowTime Collecting skills that are missing GlowBugData fields
  • Recoded "Instantation Check" to allow sims to properly return home from Boarding School

Version 54
  • Added loadup correction to reattach sims to "Front Stage Kit" objects stored in their inventory
  • "Recover Missing Sims" now properly handles simported sims
  • Added loadup correction for "WatchTheShow:ProcessEvent" errors regarding SimFests
  • Sims currently parented to a Bed object will no longer run the "Stuck Check" operation
  • "Cleanup Vehicles" now properly handles inventory of simport sims
  • "Reset Check" will now push a "Trigger Age Transition" on sims that are beyond their age-up day
    • Previous conditions still apply : Not Elder, Not Pregnant, Not Active

Version 53
  • Updated to Patch 1.31 Compatibility
  • The "Imaginary Friend" trait can no longer be learned randomly (stops it from appearing on inactive sims during age-up)
  • "Reset Check" no longer runs against pregnant sims
  • "Reset Check" now requires at least one day past transition before notifying the user

Version 52
  • Added cleanup to repair sims that are attached to a household, but don't actually know it

Version 51
  • Expanded the "Cleanup Service Pools" coding to better handle improperly deleted sims

Version 50
  • Coding dealing with collecting parked cars left on commercial lots has been moved from StoryProgression to this mod
  • Added a loadup process to remove patterns with corrupt category names, that can break the "Misc." material listing in Create-A-Style
  • Added loadup process to clean up orphaned social jigs

Version 49
  • Potential fix for a script error in "CleanupSituations:PrivatePerformAction"
  • Changed "Reset Check" to reset the various check flags whenever a sim no longer matches the check requirements
    • Should stop some of the false-positive notices
  • The log now contains output regarding checks performed by the "Reset Check" system for debugging purposes
  • Fixed a script error in "ResetSimTask:ResetSkillModifiers" when reseting the skill gains for a sim still in hibernation

Version 48
  • Stuck Check now checks whether the sim is still running the same interaction as the previous check
  • The stationary portion of Stuck Check no longer fires against role sims
  • Instantation Check now displays only displays a notice for each sim at most once every 24 sim-hours
  • Fixed a script error in "TestAging" when a hibernating sim sneaks into the check
  • If a sim is marked as unaging, "Reset Check" no longer checks them for aging issues
  • Updated Finnish Translation
  • Updated Italian Translation

Version 47
  • Fix for the Stage One "Reset Check" translation
  • Corrupt mothers assigned to a Neighborhood Pet Adoption are now handled properly
  • Working fix for the nameless nodes, this time for real!
  • Potential fix for an error in CleanupRelationships"
  • Updated German Translation
  • Updated Russian Translation

Version 44
  • Moved a FakeMetaAutonomy cleanup section from StoryProgresion to this mod
  • Moved some older skill gain correction coding from StoryProgression to this mod
  • Added cleanup for broken sims attached to neighborhood pet adoptions
  • Added injection cleanup for improper uninstallations of custom service mods
  • Added "Stuck Check" default: False
  • Added "Settings \ Stuck Check Auto-Reset" default: True
  • Added loadup correction to reassign relationships to a sim's partner, when there is no relationship available
  • Added fix for cleaning counters if the user does not have Pets Expansion installed
  • Added correction for an issue where a miniSim's trait list gets corrupted
  • Added "Settings \ Stop Pet Adoption" default: False
  • Added "Restart Digital Photos" default: True
  • "Cleanup Genealogy" is now allowed to eliminate nameless family tree nodes from genealogy (like those reported through MasterController logs)
  • Added "Reset Check" default: True
  • Added "Settings \ Report On First Reset Check" default: True
  • Added "Instantation Check" default: True
  • Added "Clean up Situations" default: True
  • Renamed "Cleanup Singed Outfits" to "Cleanup Outfits"
  • Added "Clean up Relationships" default: True

Version 39
  • Added cleanup for the duplicate cell phones created by errant reset processes in the other mods
  • Change made to "Cleanup Singed" to stop it from consuming service sim career outfits
  • Multiple corrections made to "Cleanup Genealogy" to improve its coverage
  • Potential fix for the script error when annihilating doppleganger sims who are assigned to roles

Version 38
  • Cross World Gender Preference protection system moved to this mod from StoryProgression
  • Rewrote "Cleanup Genealogy" to a cleaner format that should reduce the chance of it gakking on unexpected issues
  • 2011-AUG-04 Updated Spanish Translation

Version 25
  • Fixed the translation for the Version prompt
  • Removed a debugging log that was left running in the Version listing window

Version 24
  • Potential fix for a script error in CleanupGenealogy
  • Overwatch now lists the versions of all NRaas mods that are installed on your setup
  • Using "Immediate \ Cleanup Genealogy" manually now actually runs the operation
  • Updated German Translation

Version 23
  • Fixed the notice for "Cleanse the Dead"
  • Updated Dutch Translation
  • 2011-APR-04 Added Hungarian Translation
  • 2011-APR-08 Updated Finnish Translation