This mod is intended to be run on Patch (1.63 - 1.69), see Patch Level Compatibility.

This is the Overwatch mod with edits made by NRaas members.

Revision notes:

Version 123b:
  • Forgot to remove the code when I removed the base camp string resulting in a blank entry in the lot type drop down.

Version 123a:
  • Removed the base camp EP11 translation modifications from this mod and moving them to an upcoming version of traveler with a much simpler approach.
  • Should no longer eat cars on ani's car displays.

Version 123:
  • Potential fix for script error in FixComboRabbitHoleMetaAds:AddContainedRabbitHolesToLot when a save has bad data.
  • Potential fix for script error in RepairImaginaryFriends:OnDelayedWorldLoadFinished when a save has bad data.
  • Fix for script error in GhostHunter:ApplyCareerSpecificModifiersToXp when an inactive ghost hunter ages up.

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