What does this mod do automatically?

The following operations are performed when you start the game (these are in no particular order) :
  • The "Fish" tuning is altered to re-add the "Box" data removed with the Pets Patch
  • The Fortune Teller "Help Investigation" opportunity is properly restricted to that career only
  • Pet Fatigue rates are reloaded from EA tuning if they are missing
  • The "TestBarBrawl" and "TestFight" social checks are replaced with custom versions to correct a genealogy error

The following operations are performed when you load a save (these are in no particular order) :
  • All orphaned aging alarms are dropped
  • The aging is disabled on the Grim Reaper, Deer, and Raccoon sims
  • Any missing Autonomy managers are reinitiated, and any missing PreferredVenues lists are recreated
  • Sims in recursive postures are reset
  • Newspaper articles that reference a lot that no longer exists in the game are removed
  • Bonehilda coffins that reference a sim that no longer exists are repaired
  • Sims with corrupt skill lists are repaired
  • Broom Riding skills that reference a lot that no longer exists in the game are repaired
  • Sims who reference a missing career outfit index are repaired
  • Careers with corrupt coworker lists are repaired
  • Careers referencing a career location that no longer exists in the game are repaired or ended
  • Sims exceeding the maximum celebrity level are corrected
  • Sims missing their cell phone, or have multiple cell phones in their inventory are corrected
  • Collecting skills that are missing GlowBugData, MushroomData, HarvestData fields are repaired
  • Collecting skills are reconciled with the Gardening skill to ensure that the information displayed in the Collection Journal is complete
  • A listener is enacted to correct an error when cutting gems
  • Locked doors who are missing valid owners are unlocked
  • If a sim has an active opportunity which has already been completed by the household, the completion flag will be removed from the household's data to allow successful recompletion
  • Sims with DnPExportData will have the useless (and extremely memory intensive) information purged
  • Deleted sims still attached to the Hot Beverage Machine recipe list are purged
  • Sims being held in the FakeMetaAutonomy "to be deleted" list are purged
  • Any sim lacking a valid genealogy is removed from the FakeMetaAutonomy pool
  • All gems that have a corrupt "CutName" field are corrected
  • Generic Performance Objects stored in sim inventories which lack proper Owner fields are corrected
  • Steady gigs attached to proprietors/venues that no longer exist in the game are purged
  • Non-mushroom plants that are currently set to Mycelium are immediately promoted to Sprout
  • Sims with multiple homework objects in their inventory will have the excess deleted
  • Cooking skills which contain references to recipes that no longer exist in the game are repaired
  • Lots with corrupt SavedData entries are repaired
  • Occult sims which do not have the proper hidden traits or occult states are repaired
  • Corrupt opportunity histories are repaired
  • The CAS pattern list is reprocessed, and any unreadable patterns are logged to file
  • Reaction broadcasters which no longer reference a valid broadcasting object are removed
  • Long-term relationships assigned to sims that no longer exist in the game are purged
  • Service pools which no longer exist in the game (due to an injection mod being uninstalled) are purged
  • ShapeDeltaMultiplier fields that exceed "10" are forced back to "1"
  • ShortTermContext entries that have no size are purged
  • Show stages with corrupt objects assigned to them are repaired
  • Show stages are forced to redisplay their contents if currently not in use
  • Corrupt "Watch The Show" interactions are dropped from all show stages
  • Sims whose "Household" field does not match the household they are actually assigned to are repaired
  • Delegate Listeners still processing situations which have since been completed are ended
  • Sims processing interactions associated with situations which have since been completed are reset
  • Situations whose leader is no longer in-game are ended
  • Sims attached to situations which no longer exist in the master situations list are repaired
  • Alarm timers attached to sims that no longer exist in the game are removed
  • Duplicate alarms assigned to process the exact same task, at the exact same time, are purged
  • Zombie Spawn alarms found running on load-up after ended
  • Sims who have traits assigned that no longer exist in the game are repaired
  • The ThumbnailHelper "OnPrepareObject" routine is replaced with a custom version that does not partner sims during the Photo Booth interaction
  • The Consignment system is cleared of "negative day" objects and sales objects that cannot be properly listed
  • Counters lacking proper PetSurfaceComponent entries are repaired
  • The Lunar Cycle system is replaced with a custom version
  • Imaginary Dolls lacking their associated service sim are repaired
  • The AgingManager "DayPassedAlarm" routine is replaced with one that properly catches MidlifeCrisis errors
  • Fix for cumulative skill gain issues caused by positive moods
  • Fixes for corruption in the sAcademicSims system
  • Corrections to detach sims who are attached to seasonal lot markers
  • Clean up for charred plumbbob objects
  • Fix for corrupt rock band skills
  • Fix for broken mounted fish objects
  • Code to end corrupt University Mascot requests

Every one sim-hour, the mod checks any sim not currently processing an interaction, and ends any skill gain process that was left running.

Every four sim-hours, the mod checks whether any sim in the game has active aging alarms assigned to them, and drops them if the sim is not actually old enough to age.

How do I save my settings so I can use them in a new save?

anchor: [[Overwatch FAQ#Settings]]

The "NRaas \ Overwatch \ Immediate \ Export Settings" interaction can be used to create a library file containing the options for any number of mods from this suite, simultaneously.
  • You will be prompted to select which mods you want to export, after which a Library file will be created and added to "Edit Town"
  • This file exists in the "Library" folder in the same area as where your saves are stored, and can be shared with other users by simply pasting the file in their "Library" folder.

Use the "NRaas \ Overwatch \ Immediate \ Import Settings" interaction can then be used to import the settings into a new save-game.
  • You must specify which mods to import before selecting the file.
  • If no options exist for a particular mod in the file you select, that mod is simply ignored.

  • By design, settings for most of the mods in the suite will seep between game-sessions, as long as you do not exit the game.
  • This functionality allows you to transfer homeworld settings to vacation worlds without having to perform an explicit import.
  • This only works for brand new towns. Once the settings for a mod have been initialized, they will remain that way until you change them manually.

If you find that some settings are not making it over to the new town, it is best to fall back on the export/import method.

I am receiving "Unroutable" or "Stationary" notices, what do they mean?

anchor: [[Overwatch FAQ#StuckCheck]]

As part of this mod's attempt to find and correct sims stuck in unroutable locations, the "Stuck Check" operation periodically checks all sims in the game to see whether they moved or not.
  • If the sim has not moved from their position in a sim-day, a "Stationary Sim Found" notice is fired and the sim is reset back to their home lot
    • Note that since most inactives don't tend to move around very much, these notices may simply be false-positives.
  • If a sim finds themselves in a hidden room (aka the NPC Apartments provided in Late Night), the mod will auto-reset them on a nightly basis
    • Note, you may want to check on a sim that appears in multiple notices, as the reset may not being putting them in a safe location

Another aspect of "Stuck Check" is a hook into the routing system.
  • If a sim fails to route a certain number of times within a specified time frame, a "Unroutable Sim Found" notice will be fired, and the sim will be automatically reset and placed in a sane location.
    • The reset will first attempt to place the sim at their intended routing destination
    • If that fails, the sim will be reset to the home-lot

You can disable this functionality entirely using "Settings \ Stuck Check".
  • There are also a number of debugging options available to fine-tune the routing reset process:
    1. Set "Settings \ Logging" to "True" to display the debugging options.
    2. Setting "Settings \ MinimumRouteFailSetting" changes the number of routing failures that must occur before a sim is reset by the mod
    3. Setting "Settings \ RouteFailTestMinutesSetting" changes the number of sim-minutes a sim is given to extricate themselves from their routing problem before they are reset
    4. Set "Settings \ Logging" to "False" afterward

If you wish to have the notices appear, but have the sims remain in their unroutable locations (for CAW routing testing), disable the "Settings \ Stuck Check Auto-Reset" option.
  • Doing this can help you identify locations in your game where sims regularly get stuck, and possibly correct the issue permanently.

I am receiving "Stuck Aging Check" messages, what do I do?

anchor: [[Overwatch FAQ#StuckAging]]

This mod contains a nightly alarm action called "Reset Check" which checks whether a sim is overdue to age-up to their next stage.

The process checks the following :
  1. Whether the inactive sim is stuck in an age-up situation
    • When an inactive sim ages the game hibernates them, and then reinstantiates the sim after the age-up is complete.
    • To accommodate this process, the game pushes a special situation onto the sim to manage their progress while hibernated.
    • It is quite common for this situation to get stuck, and for the sim to end up waiting for it to complete, possibly in a undefined state.
  2. Whether the inactive sim has spent over the maximum allotted sim-days for their current age-stage.
    • You can view how many sim-days a sim is overdue by checking MasterController's "Status \ Personal". The sim's age is noted at the top.

If either of these conditions are met, the mod will notify you via a "Stuck Aging Check" message.

If the issues persists onto the next sim-day's check, the mod will automatically hard-reset the sim, and display a "Stuck Aging Reset" message.
  • The hard-reset will end any stuck age-up situation, and hopefully any other error that may be stopping the sim from properly aging.

What does the the "Stop Pet Adoption" setting do?

Pets Pack included a "Neighborhood Pet Adoption" system that does the following :
  • Locates a occupied residential inactive household
  • Spawns a litter of animals into that household.
  • Displays a special map tag denoting the existence of this new litter
  • Allows the user to adopt one of these animals by conversing with one of the human owners

The problem is with EA's implementation of the system:
  • If the user chooses not to adopt a pet, those animals will be removed from the game when the adoption system moves to a new household in town.
  • The process feels contrived, and overly simulated.

The "Settings \ Stop Pet Adoption" option disables this system, and clears out any existing adoption situation running in town.
  • This setting does not affect the ability to Adopt pets via the Phone or Equestrian Center.
  • It also does not affect the ability for story progression systems, such as EA Story Progression or StoryProgression to generate new permanent pets in town

What does "Cleanse the Dead" do?

anchor: [[Overwatch FAQ#CleanseTheDead]]

EA Standard uses a cleanup routine to reduce the number of dead ancestors stored in your save-game, and reduce the memory usage when that save is loaded.
  • However there are a number of issues regarding their approach, so mods like StoryProgression disable the functionality

For those users that don't actually care about earlier generations of sims that are being stored in your town, the "Cleanse The Dead" interaction allows you to run the cleanup routine and delete them from your game.

This process works by locating all the urnstones stored in your town's mausoleum, filtering out the sims who still have live children in town, and deleting the remainder.
  • The effect is permanent, so do not run the operation if you wish to retain your ancestors for future resurrection or haunting purposes.

How does Export Settings and Import Settings work?

anchor: [[Overwatch FAQ#SaveSettings]]

Each of the mods in this suite has a hook built into it that allows Overwatch access to the options you have saved in-game.
  • This allows the mod to export and import settings en-masse, rather than requiring you to perform each mod individually.

  1. When you use "Export Settings" the mod will provide you a list of the eligible mods.
    • From that list select the mods you are interested in saving.
    • You can select as many or as few mods as you desire.
  2. You will then be prompted for a unique name to use for the export.
    • If the name already exists in your Library, you will be notified of such.
  3. The settings themselves are saved to a Family Export Library file stored in your "Library" directory
    • The file is visible from "Edit Town", where older ones can be deleted.
    • The data itself is stored in the "Description" of the family, so if you select one in "Edit Town" you may notice a long lag while that data is displayed.

The physical files for your settings are saved in the "Library" directory in your "My Documents" folder.
  • EA saves them with randomly generated file-names, so you will need to sort by "Modified Date" to locate the one you just created.
  • You can rename the file to a new name if you wish, as long as the extension remains ".package".
  • These files can be shared just like other normal family files, by simply copying and pasting them to another setup's "Library" folder.

Note: These files have no sims in them, so will not interfere with the immigration system used by StoryProgression.

  1. When you use "Import Settings" the mod will ask you to choose which mod settings to import
    • Note that if the file you use has settings for mods other than the ones you select, the additional settings will be ignored.
    • Meaning you can export all your settings into a single file, and then import the settings for only a couple of mods from that same file.
  2. The mod will then give you a choice of the available setting files you have in your "Library".
  3. Each mod that you import should automatically update its settings in the manner appropriate to that mod.
    • If any mods require special handling, you should be notified of such automatically.

Note that both StoryProgression and MasterController have their own "Export Settings" and "Import Settings" interactions.
  • When used, those mods create a Library file containing only the settings for that one mod.
  • Note that the files are interchangeable, and can be imported using Overwatch, just as Overwatch setting files are importable via the StoryProgression and MasterController interactions (though only the settings for that mod will be imported).

Debugging Overwatch

anchor: [[Overwatch FAQ#Debugging]]

Overwatch is written to collect debugging information even when you do not have the "Logging" enabled.
  • This allows you to view the results of the loadup corrections without having to turn the debugging on beforehand.

  1. Start a game and have the mod do its thing.
  2. Turn on the "Settings \ Logging" option
  3. Then run the "Immediate \ Logging" interaction
  4. You should receive a log file which you can then upload for review : How To Upload
  5. Turn off the "Settings \ Logging" option