• Added error handling regarding corrupt packages found during "Package Search"
  • Added "STBL \ Export All"
  • "Unhashed Keys" now retains the extra spaces between the English STBL entries so they can be recreated on Export

  • Added "STBL \ Import English"

  • STBL Import can now import the S3PE text format
  • STBL exports using "0x17" conversions now handle additional gender translation keys
  • STBL imports now generate error logs when a problem is found
  • Added "STBL \ Test All"
  • Added "Search Packages"

  • STBL files can now be edited using the "Edit" menu operation

  • Fixed an error in "Compare" when the left side package is missing a _KEY resource
  • Added an option to include files in the Results, that are missing in one or the other package
  • 21-FEB-2011 Added Japanese Readme

  • Fixed the "STBL \ Rename All" so it properly creates any missing STBL language files
  • Added a Compare operation that takes two files, compares the _XML and ITUN files within those files, and dumps the differences to another package