The "Package" file type can be associated with this application and opened directly via double click in the Windows file explorer.

The application allows for importing files simply by double clicking on the appropriate line on the listing. You will be prompted to locate a file with a specific name. If you chose to import one that matches that name, the application will persist its location, so the next time you import it won't need to prompt you.

The naming conventions for the STBL files are the ones I use for my own files. Names for XML and S3SA are based on the Name provided to the resource.

In all of my recent mods there is a "UnhashedKeys" that contains the unhashed versions of my STBL keys. This file allows you to "Export" any of the other languages in a format that contains the unhashed <KEY> values.

All interactions are located in the RIGHT-CLICK popup menu :


  • Prompts to enter the name of the resource. The Instance Id will automatically be FNV64 hashed to whatever you enter.
  • If necessary you can override the Instance Id and enter your own, however any subsequent change to the Name will reset the value.


  • Available for XML based resources. The screen will be split and the lower portion will display a text editor containing the XML contents.


  • Prompts you to save the contents of the resource to a file.
  • The name will be automatically created based on the Name in the package.

  • STBL are exported in <KEY><STR> UNICODE text format.
  • The "UnhashedKeys" STBL resource in my mods contains the pre-FNV64 <KEY> values, allowing the export of my STBL with the user-readable codes.
  • If you export a STBL without the "UnhashedKeys", the <KEY> will contain the FNV64 value.


  • Prompts you to load the contents of the resource from a file. Unlike double-clicking, this method will always prompt you with a File dialog.
  • If you decide to change the persisted location of the file, this method provides that ability.

  • STBL can be imported in either <KEY><STR> UNICODE format, or via standard STBL format.
  • The <KEY> value for <KEY><STR> format files can be unhashed key or the FNV64 value in hexadecimal format.
  • All text files MUST be in UNICODE. Any attempt import other formats may produce undefined results.

S3SA - Change Version

  • Prompts to change the version of any "Version 2" S3SA resources in the package. If no Version 2 resources are present, the option is unavailable.
  • "Version 2" is used almost exclusively on Core resources.

STBL - Export All

  • Exports all the translations in the package into pre-existing files.
  • This operation is only useful if you already have a set of properly named <KEY><STR> text files in your export folder, as the application will only repopulate existing files.
    • The reason for this is because the application presumes that all the non-existent languages were auto-populated by an existing language, so there is no reason to create a new file for it.
  • The operation allows you to update a large number of translation files quickly.
    1. Add new translations to the English translation file
    2. Use the "STBL - Import All" to import all the translations
      • Translations missing from these files will be automatically pulled from the English translation and added to the STBL
    3. Use "STBL - Export All" to export the translations back to file.
      • This will include any of the English translations that were added during the Import
      • Note that translations that did not match the English STBL will be lumped at the bottom of the Export under "UNHANDLED" for easy removal.

STBL - Import All

  • Imports all the STBL resources in the package in one click. This method is only applicable if you have persisted the location of your STBL file using my naming conventions.
    • The English STBL will be chosen for any language that does have it's own file.
    • SpanishMexican and SpanishStandard will be used interchangably if one of the files is absent
    • PortugueseBrazilian and PortugueseStandard will be used interchangably if one of the files is absent
    • Taiwanese and Simplified Chinese will be used interchangably if one of the files is absent
  • If any errors are located in the translation files, the use will be prompted to open the text log upon completion of the import.

STBL - Import English

  • Imports the English translation into all the other languages in one click
  • This is useful for those of you who like to use the mod using the original English translation rather than the translation provided for your installed language
  • Note: This is permanent unless you exported the STBL beforehand. Otherwise you will need to download a new copy of the package if you want the original translation back.

STBL - Rename All

  • Prompts to rehash the Instances of all the STBL resources to match the FNV64 of a specified text value.
  • By default, the Name of the first S3SA resource in the package is used as the hash, as it presumed to be unique amongst all mods.
  • If any of the STBL resources are missing, they will be added to the package automatically

STBL - Test All

  • Runs a comparison against the 0x17 STBL against all translations in the package
  • The comparison searches for two things :
    1. Whether a translation key is missing from a foreign translation
    2. Whether there is a translation key exists in the foreign translation that does exist in the 0x17 set
  • If any discrepancies are located, they are logged to a text file.

IMAG - Add New File

  • Prompts to import a new IMAG PNG file. The Name and Instance will be automatically created from the name of the file that is imported.

XML / LAYO / ITUN - Add New File

  • Prompts to import a new XML text file. The Name and Instance will be automatically created from the name of the file that is imported.


  • Removes the selected resource from the package.

Package Comparisons

  • The "Compare" button at the top of the application can be used to compare the _XML and ITUN contents of two package files.
    • PackageComparison.JPG
  • When used, the user will be prompted to enter the Left and Right files to compare, and specify where to dump the differences.

  • If an _XML or ITUN resource does not match, the LEFT resource is dumped to the results file.
  • If one or the other file is missing a resource, the existing resource will be dumped to the results file.

Package Searches

anchor: [[Packer Interactions#Search]]
  • The "Search Packages" button at the top of the application can be used to search packages for a specific Instance number
    • SearchPackages.JPG
  • When used, the user will be prompted to enter a Hexadecimal Instance and Group value to search for, as well as a folder in which to search.

  • The search system will search all ".package files in the given folder and all sub-folders
    • The search path defaults to whatever file you currently have open in the application.