What is This ?

It is a cut-down package editor based on the S3PI library.

I found that S3PE was overkill for what the normal day-to-day maintenance I needed for my mods, and decided to write my own editor.

It provides a simplified method of importing and exporting my format of STBL files.

CREDITS to the Jones' for the creation of S3PI, on which this application is based. Google : Simlogical


Information on the interactions available in the application is here : Packer Interactions

Instructions on the use of this application is available here : Packer FAQ


This application is only meant to be used on small packages, such as my own. You will find that opening the Sims3GameplayData.package will be abysmally slow. Use S3PE for that sort of work.

You must have .NET Framework Version 3.5 installed to run this application.

Not supported for Mac users; if you cannot get Packer to run under Mono, try Wine. Experiences with both seem to vary. https://www.winehq.org


Revision notes are available here : Revision Notes


This download contains an executable application. If you do not know how to install such, you should probably not be downloading it to begin with.