Patch 1.69 (All Versions)

Patch 1.69 is unique. It is not delivered through the Launcher but through Origin and is for Windows users of Origin only. There is no Launcher based or independent download/super patch available. It's the first TS3 game patch that EA has delivered this way.

Those on Steam installs and those playing the Mac version of the game will not receive the new patch as they are not using Origin for Windows in the first place.

It changes nothing at all about game play.

The patch offers no (intended) changes to gameplay. Its only new feature is an "Expansion and Stuff Pack Picker" that allows you to choose which EPs and SPs you want to load when starting the game. While an interesting idea for starting a new game (although there has been a mod available at MTS since March 2013 that already does this), making the "wrong" choices could break an ongoing game that is already using content and worlds from some of the EP's. Of course, it doesn't work correctly because it keeps forgetting your selections from one game session to the next. Therefore, before launching your game each time, ensure the EP's and SP's you previously had selected to be played with, are indeed still selected.

Reportedly, Patch 1.69 also;
  • Permanently ties the game's startup to Origin and the Launcher, so the Launcher bypass shortcut trick no longer works.
  • Broke CAW, but that has since been addressed with a new version of Patch 1.69 and an updated version of CAW itself. For more details, see the EA forums.
  • Prevents CC Magic from being able to launch the game but it can still be used to install custom content.
  • Necessitates an update to all Core Mods (such as ErrorTrap) or else you will get the core version mismatch error on startup. See the list below.
  • Prevents the "Save Cleaner" and "Easy CASP Editor" programs by Kuree from working with the game.
  • Breaks the Crash Log Analyzer (CLA). There was a newly updated version but it remained flawed. Update: Check the newest version if you still want this tool, Zoxell has been working on it and this one looks promising. (Updated 18-JAN-2017)
  • May cause issues in game when using GeForce Experience to launch your game, since you cannot confirm if all EP's and SP's are checked in the Launcher during the loading process.

The NRaas official recommendation is to remain on patch 1.67 if at all possible.

For those who have already patched up and can't go back or are just (re)installing digitally now and have no choice, keep in mind the following requirements for any core mods you have installed:

Patch 1.69 requires an update to core mods. If the core mods are not updated, the player may see a core version mismatch warning on startup. Additionally, quite a few players have found, that instead of or in addition to getting the warning dialog, their game minimizes to the task bar. We're not sure why or under which combination of circumstances this happens. Best practice to avoid these or other compatibility issues, is to make sure your core mods are updated.

The good news, if this is an issue, is that there are only six core mods in common usage. The other hundreds (thousands?) of TS3 mods out there are script and tuning mods, which Patch 1.69 does not impact at all.

The commonly used core mods are:
  • NRaas ErrorTrap - An update is available here: ErrorTrap for Patch 1.69. Future versions of ErrorTrap will be released for both Patch 1.67 and Patch 1.69 in parallel.
  • NRaas UntranslatedKey - No update available but this mod is generally for developers' use.
  • CmarNYC's XCAS full version - An update is available at Mod the Sims for Patch 1.69 players.
  • Consort's 2X Weight&Fitness - An update is available at Mod the Sims for Patch 1.69 players.
  • AwesomeMod - A general update was released to auto-detect and provide Patch 1.69 compatibility. (As of 23-May-2017)
  • Gamefreak130's World Loading Screen Overhaul - Separate versions for Patches 1.67 and 1.69 are available. (As of 21-Feb-2018)

In addition, the NRaas NoCD mod is rendered moot by Patch 1.69 and is no longer needed.

Note: Once Patch 1.69 is installed
  • Attempting to Super Patch 1.67 over an already existing 1.69 install will typically result in a broken Launcher reporting version and a mixed up installation.
  • Uninstalling the Base Game (only) with the intention of reinstalling will take down your EP/SP installs as well (as of an Origin update sometime in Jan 2016).

There are, however, three ways to install or 'revert back' to Patch 1.67:

  1. Uninstall everything and reinstall the Base Game from a disc produced before September 2012. Then reinstall all EPs and SPs from discs only.* Origin must not be involved in the installation at all because as soon as it is or a Base Game disc produced after September 2012 is used, the game will be forced to update to Patch 1.69 again.

  2. Uninstall everything and switch to Steam installs. For most people, this would mean repurchasing the Base Game and all EPs and SPs under Steam.

  3. Play the Mac version of the game. Unfortunately, that option is not viable for many players and brings other, non-patch related restrictions into play such as the 2GB memory limit.

*Note: Some online vendors sold standalone digital installations of the game and its EP/SPs up through Sept 2012, possibly a bit later, that did not involve Origin. The game and its packs are no longer available for purchase that way. But if you still have such installers from these prior purchases saved or available for download on your purchase history with these vendors, then they do "count" as pre-2012 non-Origin and can be used the same as discs to perform a 1.67 install.

For more information on Patches and compatibility see: Patch Level Compatibility