Proprietor Missing On Lot

If experiencing the proprietor not showing up, try doing one (or all):
  • Use the Reset Lot function in Master Controller
  • Replace the Stage
  • Replace the entire Venue with a fresh one

Note: It may take a little time for the game to generate a new proprietor or try saving and exit and start a new game.

Tip: Make Your Own Showtime Stages

You can indeed make your own ST stages if you want to do it that way. You just need to make a lot from the ground up and add that stage on it for Sims able to perform.

What you also need is to set a proprietorPlacement marker set near the stage so a proprietor knows where it should stand (such as Star pointing out to it).
Lots of the Custom build venues with a ST stage are missing such marker and the common behavior you'll see is that the proprietor come and after while gets stuck as it doesn't know where to stand. Shortly getting reset being respawned again and goes through the same tango as it did before. That marker will put it on a safe place to stand.

NOTE: EA's ST Venues are magically correct build so you won't need to place one on those Lots.
- J4Ks J4Ks

More Tips From Chatterbox Members

TIP: Often the proprietor seems stuck or does not show.
Make sure the hidden object where they are supposed to stand has enough space around it
TIP: When I send my sims to watch a Simfest, why is there nobody on stage yet my sims are clapping and dancing to whatever is suppose to be going on?
TIP: Simfests are fired at different intervals. The game will spawn homeless NPCs to fill those jobs but even so, if there are not enough performers in your game there is a chance the performers are not available but the Simfest moves forward with out them.
TIP: Using Register to assign performers should, in most cases remedy the lack of performers. Then in Story Progression set "Allow Find Job -> False
TIP: If you put some in the Showtime careers and set "Allow Find Job -> false" on them with SP then SimFest system should work.

TIP: Additional Proprietor Settings
Retuner is required.
From City Hall or a computer: NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>By Tuneable XML>sIMS3.Gameplay.Roles>Proprietor

How Do I Spawn Gig Opportunities?

  • Receiving gigs for your band has been a notoriously difficult operation for many users
  • Though MasterController's "Intermediate \ Opportunity" interactions can spawn the opportunities manually, they can only do so if your town satisfies the requirements EA has imposed on those gigs
    • Namely, the various opportunities require a specific bar venue to be available in your town, usually manned by at least one bartender.
    • The first level gigs require a "Dive Bar" venue for instance, while other require an "Irish Bar".
- Nonamena Nonamena
  • Nonamena has a script object which allows you to spawn available band-related opportunities: NonaMena's Gig Scheduler Deluxe at Simlogical
  • If you decide to rely on the EA opportunity spawner, Nonamena has another mod that can increase the frequency of gig opportunities :
    • Note that same restrictions apply in this approach as well, so you must have the necessary venues for each opportunity.

Which Late Night Bar Venues Are Needed To Receive Band Opportunities?

For the dive bar opportunities:
  • "Criminal Dive Bar" / "Dive Bar"
  • "Irish Dive Bar" / "Local Watering Hole"
  • "Sports Bar"

For the cocktail lounge opportunities:
  • "Asian Cocktail Lounge" / "Fusion Lounge"
  • "Celebrity Cocktail Lounge" / "Exclusive Lounge"
  • "Vampire Cocktail Lounge" / "Vampire Lounge"

TIP: For Problems With Steady Gigs

  • I can’t cancel my steady gigs
  • I don’t get a message or map tag for a steady gig that is supposed to take place
  • My Sim is supposed to have a steady gig but I can’t get an option to set up the stage.

There are some good Suggestions at Crinrict's Site

A Guide: How To Make A Perfect Band

As told by -
Sgloomi :
A coupleof ceveats: I use TestingCheats and BuyDebug to make a few things possible and the usual warnings apply. If you really want to Shift-click on something, however, and then click on something that's not self-explanatory and you don't understand, you deserve anything you get. I also use Twallan's Master Controller, personally, but almost everything can be done in-game and without Mods. I'll tag the things that mods make easier as (optional) if you wanna do it the hard way.
Pick the Leader
That's your active Sim, of course. Get them up to speed on all the instruments. Get them up to speed on Logic.

Pick Your Band
Decide which Sims in the world you want to be in a band with. As the opportunity presents itself, Tutor them each in one particular instrument up to Level 5 - only one, because when it comes to gigs that's the one they'll go for. Personally, I like to make a bass-player, another guitarist and a drummer. Piano go meh. Doesn't add a lot. And the reason for having two guitarists is ...

Set Up the Venues
You can do this on the fly or all in one go before you start. In BuyDebug, get the electric guitar and place it in the venues of your choice. Also get that World Adventures incense-burner which raises skill-learning and put it somewhere nearby. Remembering to light it in live mode.
Do NOT get rid of the acoustic guitar. Your second guitarist will be using that. Also, electric and acoustic guitars are different beasts, with different sounds, and they work really well together. Also, don't get rid of the piano - many venues have a pianist, who can be dragooned in if you want to just Jam.

Get the Band Together
Throw a Party - not in your home, on a comminity lot - and invite your chosen Sims. Ask each of them to join the band. Then Start a Jam with your chosen instrument. (Electric Guitar, natch, since that's the one only the active Sim has access to.) Ask em to join the Jam, and they should automagically have the relevant instruments to do it. Since Jamming boosts Social and Fun, your party should be a roaring success. You now have a band.

Register the Band
Go to City Hall and register that being in a band is your Self-employment. It's an idea (optional) to register every other Sim in the band as self-employed, too. Be aware that several story-progression mods, and possibly EA story-progression as well, will change those Sims' jobs back to being the CEO of a megacorporation or whatever if that happens to be their Lifetime Wish, so be sure they have non-specific ones like havng lots of money or lots of friends. (A Heartbreaker Sim, incidentally, take it from me, is not a good Wish for one of the band members to have.)

Start Jamming
The best place, in my experience, is Waylon's Haunt, suitaby modified as above and whether the game tells you it's a hotspot or not. Go there, invite the band over, start a Jam Session and, as they arrive, invite em all to join. Some playing around with a Mod that maxes motives (optional) for both the band and the audience makes things a LOT easier, but it's doable virgin if you don't mind the screams and the waving of the arms around and peeing themselves because of motive-failure.

Get the little tweak, incidentally, available on Mod the Sims, to allow your band to Jam Jazz and Rock, which for some unaccountable reason you can't do in the base game.
This builds up everybody's skills and advances their careers until the option for Gigs becomes available. You can now wait for the rest of your Sim's life till an Opportunity comes up or (optional) trigger the opportunity with Master Controller or the like.

Playing an Actual Gig
The first gigs tend to be in Waylon's Haunt, which are pretty much what you've been doing anyway: turn up, invite the band, start gig. Later gigs are more problematic, and I'll talk about that later, but for the moment I'm gonna talk about problems common to all of them.
Your gigs are given by an NPC Bartender. If he happens to be there when you play the gig then no problem, you just finish, click on the button and go talk to him to get paid. If he or she is not, and/or story-progression or whatever has removed them from the world, there are two things that can happen. If you finish your gig before twelve, you get a button which has your Sim calling on the phone to get paid. If you finish after twelve, the game automatically completes the gig, completes the opportunity and pays you.
The problem comes when your gig finishes just before midnight. You get the button to phone, but of course Sims don't talk to each other on the phone that late at night ... the only solution I've found is to reload the game and delay starting the gig long enough so that it ends after midnight and automagically completes.

How to Play Lounges with Bloody Elevators
Get there as early as you can. Invite the band as early as you can. Start a Jam session and, as each band member arives, invite them to join the Jam. If you've progressed through the Opportunity-chain to play a Lounge, they have enough Celebrity to walk past bouncers. Keep their spirits up by maxing their motives (optional). If all goes well, you now have everybody at their instruments and when Gig Time rols around they all stop and allow you to start the gig. Yay.

Rabbithole Opportunity
At a certain point, you'll get the Variety Show opportunity, which just entails going to the Film Studio with your band and going in to get a bunch of money and celebrity points. Easy-peasy, click-on-the-button squeezy. Just so long as you save your game before you do it, so you don't fall foul of four Sims trying to go through the same door and waving their arms around until they pee themselves and/or die of hunger.

TIP: For more options see the Restaurants, Bars, Running a Business & Community Lots page.

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