Not all Sims are created equal. Here's some links for your underprivileged Sims. Great finds for a Rags to Riches theme.

Poor Sims Objects

The Hobo Collection by Zedrael at Simlogical
Budget Bathroom by Lisen 801 at MTS
Elegant BBQ by Lisen 801 at MTS
Poor and Happy Sets by cemre at TSR
Hay Loft Furniture by Rebecca at MTS
Fire Pit by ihawk07 at MTS
Bed On Cement Blocks and Much More at TSR
Junky Washroom Stuff by Cyclonesue at TSR
Misc. Broken Clutter at SkeletalScreams Blog Site
Stackable Pallets From The Factory Series by Cyclonesue at TSR
For Homeless Pets by sim_man123 at TSR

Lots and Housing

Old Factory Apartments by Shady at MTS
Project Apocalypse Slum by DaveyDiVinci at MTS
Junk Yard House by Lunarac at MTS
The Old Foundry Lot by Cyclonesue at TSR (Also works well as a Residential Lot)
Bridge Lane Railway by Cyclonesue at TSR
Pinecat's PCh Homeless Lot by Pinecat at TSR
Till Death Do Us Part by I May Regret This at MTS
Hobo Habitat by katalina at TSR
Starter House For The Poor by ayyuff at TSR
The Poor House by lorenrose1013 at MTS


Torn Kids T-Shirt
More Torn Clothing at TSR
Torn Clothing For Child by frisbud at TSR
Ripped Toddler Jeans by lillka at TSR
Baggy Sweater For Child by SimMist at I Heart Grunge

Do you have some Challenges to share?

Tips For Playing Poor Sims
How To Make A Homeless Sim
Supernatural EP's werewolf clothes are perfect--they're all torn and shredded.


Zombie Apocalypse World Great world for challenges. Don't want to play the entire world? Install it and grab some of the Real Estate and add it to your bin.

Other Stuff

Dirty Faces and Scars by AnoskaB at TSR
Knee Wounds and Bruises at Sims by Severinka
The Black Eye by SethTheory at TSR
Dirty Bloody Faces For Both Genders by Arisuka at MTS

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