I Want To Stop All Immigration In My Town

To stop EA Story Progression immigration, you require either:
  1. A story progression tuning mod. Install StoryProgression and allow it to replace the default progression system with its own. By default Immigration is disabled in this mod.
    • To locate tuning modders that may take requests, or already have such mods, see External Links
  2. To change the maximum number of Residents in Story Progression: General Options>Options:Sims>Maximum Residents> (Default is 150 for Humans)
In addition, if you have role assigning objects (such as Stylist Station, or Cash Registers) located in your town, you must either:
  1. Remove the objects to stop the game from creating sims to man those stations
  2. Install a "NpcRoles" tuning mod that replaces the "Resident" entry from <RoleFillFrom>. See How to Tune
  3. Install Register and adjust the population settings as identified in the Tip Below.

Story Progression Gauge Value

"Immigration Gauge" values are specific to each individual game. To determine if you want immigration to occur try this:
From City Hall or A Computer access:
NRaas > SP > General Options > Options:Lots > Optons:Immigration/Emigration > Immigration Gauge
  • Set the gauge to a really large number, say "1000". In a little while you will receive a notice from the town council showing how much pressure built up in your town over the past cycle. If you want immigration to occur, set the gauge lower than that number.

What if I want to fill up my town RIGHT NOW ?
First, with the game paused, set the "Immigration Gauge" to a non-zero value. Doing so will unlock the "Lots \ Rapid Immigration" option. Follow the steps below for rapid immigration:
  1. NRaas > SP > General Options > Options:Lots > Optons:Immigration/Emigration > Immigration Gauge (set it to anything higher than zero)
  2. NRaas > SP > General Options > Options:Lots > Options:Immigration/Emigration > Rapid Immigration (enter the number of new households you want brought in right away)
  3. After you unpause the game, the mod will proceed to immigrate a new family every 10 sim-minutes, up to the number you specified.
  4. If you do not want any more sims immigrating set the immigration gauge back to the value you originally set.

Tip: More Help With Immigration & Emigration And Population
See Story Progression Mod FAQs

TIP: For a Custom Generic Role by Arsi
See The Other Mods Page

TIP: Types Of NPC's

- igazor igazor
An NPC is a Non-Playable Character. Examples would be Role and Service Sims, Roommates, or any sim that is homeless. These are your maids, butlers, mail delivery sims, bartenders, special sims like the Grim Reaper and Time Traveler, stray animals, sometimes homeless co-workers. It is not possible to make such sims active without moving them into a real household first, at which point they would no longer be NPCs.

An inactive would be a fellow resident, in their own house. They are playable if you switch households.

The game does manage true NPCs a bit differently from the way it manages regular inactive residents. Sims assigned to registers etc. are the true NPC type. The sims you make yourself and move into a house would be inactive residents.

Historically, NPCs went off the map at the end of their shift or when they had nothing else to do. With LN, we later got the option of NPC units in apartments and NPCs will use those to hibernate in given the chance if you have any such in town. In addition to smoothing out gameplay a bit and confusing the heck out of players who needed to learn what kind of sims their neighbors who are not really neighbors are, the setup gives the illusion of a busy apartment building even though there is only one inhabitable regular unit for town residents.

Tip: Options Found In Register For Town Management
Story Progression offers many options for Town Management. For those who do not wish to use SP and those required modules, Register has many options to help you better manage your towns population.
Following are some of the most common options. For full detail See Register Interactions
Resident Assignment
Animal Controlfor Stray Cats/Dogs, Wild Horses, Deer & Racoons, Wild Horses
Disable Tourist Worlds
Find Empty Roles
Pay Per Hour
Pay Per Role
Lot Menu

Options within NRaas.Register.ServiceRoot:MenuName allows for adjustments to Service Sims
Options for Global Roles that may be adjusted within Register:

Paparazzi - Allow is Default
Maximum Paparazzi allowed Default is 3
Remove by Sim
Remove Paparazzi
Remove Special Merchant
Remove University Mascot
Special Merchants
University Mascot

Who Is In My Town? More Town Management Options

Anchor: [[Population - Town Management#Town Management Options]]

  • Resident Sims are sims created either by the game or the player to populate a world. They live in houses and become workmates, some may become Role Sims to work the cash registers if this is allowed for. These sims are prioritized by the game over Homeless Sims for many jobs and are potentially selectable, thus we do not refer to Resident Sims as NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) on this wiki to help avoid confusion.

  • An NPC is a Non-Playable Character who can never be played directly unless the player changes their status into some other kind of sim first.

  • Immigrants are sims who move into your town. Full-fledged resident immigration can be controlled by StoryProgression; once a household immigrates in and gets assigned a house, they are granted the status of full Resident Sims. Register can be used to control or stop Role Sim immigration. We can't really prevent the spawning of Service Sims entirely when the game calls for new ones although Register can control that somewhat. These kinds of immigration, that of Role and Service Sims as needed (see below), are very different from the full-fledged resident immigration that can be controlled or shut down by StoryProgression.

  • Homeless Sims can fill empty role positions in the world such as registers, bars etc. Homeless Sims will also be spawned to be Showtime street performers, to provide Resident Sims with bosses and co-workers if there aren't enough other residents suitable for those positions, and for various other reasons. Homeless Sims do not occupy houses. They exist only for the comfort, convenience, and amusement of the residents, and to fill those "dirty" jobs that no one else is doing. You can assign resident Townies to some of these positions to avoid automatic assignment using Register. A setting in NRaas Overwatch will clean out homeless that are not assigned nightly. StoryProgression has a similar cleanup option that runs more often. Sometimes these two settings get carried away and purge more Homeless Sims than players would want them to; many of us play with both settings off to see what the game will do (or what we will do ourselves) with the Homeless population. Generally speaking though, unassigned Homeless Sims are not stable and cannot be counted on to remain in your game as things progress.
  • Homeless NPCs perform their function and then go off the map ("home") to hibernate. If you have LateNite style apartments with darkened out private units, some homeless NPCs will go there to hibernate instead thus giving the illusion of a busy, multiple-household dwelling. Sometimes the game will call for homeless NPCs to wander around the world or populate venues when they are off-duty or have nothing else to do. You may occasionally find Homeless children and teens going to your sims' school when they aren't performing other functions such as delivering newspapers or babysitting.
  • Homeless Sims cannot be pregnant and cannot sire (father) children while remaining Homeless. The Homeless "household" is not equipped to handle babies or toddlers and, in the case of siring offspring, the sim will be made into a Resident so that their genetics can be used properly in such cases when the baby is born. Homeless Sims can occupy slots on the family trees of other sims if the game or the player has arranged for that in other ways, or if the sim became Homeless after their children are born.

  • Role Sims are those assigned to staff role giving objects around town such as cash registers, bars, bouncer ropes, stylist stations, and festival booths. There are also some special Global Role Sims who wander a bit more than that to perform their functions. These would include the Paparazzi, Uni Mascot, WA Special Merchants. Role Sims can be either Homeless NPCs or Residents with their own households. Generally speaking, Role Sims are not meant to be playable even if they are Residents.

  • Service Sims are the sims who are (usually) called to your residential lot to perform their services. These would include maids, babysitters, butlers, mail/pizza deliverers, repo sims, social workers, and all those who fall under the "services" category. Special cases would include the Grim Reaper and the Time Traveler. These are all automatically moved into a "service household," which is not viewable and not one of your home lots.
  • Homeless animals (strays) are identified as "sims" and are also listed in the Service Pool
  • Service Sims must be homeless and are never playable. If you ever make a Service Sim into a Resident such as by asking them to move in or forcing them to with MasterController, or by breeding with them, they will lose their service assignment immediately and the game will find or spawn a replacement.

  • To summarize, Resident Sims or those becoming residents are always playable (selectable) sims. Role Sims can be either residents or homeless NPCs. Service Sims are always homeless NPCs.

For More Clarification Of Service Pool Jobs vs. Careers

Refer to the Careers and Jobs Page

How Do I Reduce The Size Of Service Pools?

While the service pool size can be adjusted with Retuner, it is generally recommended you use Register to control the service pools.
You will find settings for such under NRaas / Register / Services. Using Register provides the benefit of automatic deletion of any Sims that exceed the limits upon load up.
Register also contains fixes for handling corrupt service Sims and EA errors that can allow the rampant spawning of service Sims.

If you would prefer, the Retuner method is below.
Each EA Service has its own tuning, located under the name of the class that controls that service in-game.
In Retuner under "By Tunable XML \ Sims3.Gameplay.Services" :

BartenderService (Not to be confused with the Mixologist Role controller by Register)
Note: Cats, Dogs and Horses are part of the Service Pool
Within each of these is a "kServiceTuning \ kMaxNumNPCsInPool" field which governs the size of the pool EA feels the need to maintain within your town.
Change the value to "0" to eliminate the whole pool.

Note that if you request a service, the game will create a sim automatically.
You will need to use MasterControllers "Total Annihilation" to delete any existing service Sims manually.

Do All These Sims Eat Up A Lot Of Game Resources?

Generally, they do not because they hibernate when not performing a task. Following is an explanation of Hibernation from the Terminology FAQ
  • A sim is considered to be in hibernation when their physical form is removed from the game environment.
  • Hibernating sims don't actually exist anywhere and are therefore not actively simulated, so they do not use as many resources as in-game sims.
  • This can occur for a number of reasons :
    1. The sim is homeless. When the sim returns "home" and either vanishes into some lot or an apartment door, they are placed in storage out-of-game until they are needed again. Note that Service sims fall into this category.
    2. The sim is at boarding school or on a Generations Free Vacation. The physical bodies of these sims have been deleted to make them appear as if they out-of-town.
    3. The sim is a buried dead. While not haunting the cemetery, dead sims who still have urnstones in-game are considered to be in hibernation.
    4. The sim is a foreigner, either a tourist or explorer. Such sims are considered in hibernation when not actively visiting your town.
    5. Inactive babies and toddlers, left without a guardian on their home-lot will be hibernated
  • When the game requires the sim to be added to the game again, it will create a new body (a "Sim" object) and add them to the game environment, at which point they can then be actively simulated.

Tip: Service Sims

By - SimAd SimAd In Chatterbox
You can't really stop the game from spawning service Sims, the good news is that they actually don't need housing like a resident does. I think TFM made some mods that shrink the pool sizes a bit, and that's about the best you can do. Also limiting the number of role giving objects goes a long way, if you have no ropes you need no bouncers, for example. But there'll always be a pool of firefighters and policemen, some maids, a burglar and of course the obligatory paperboy.

How Can I Stop Inactives From Purchasing Property?

Story Progression and the SP Money Module is needed
From City Hall or A Computer access NRaas>Story Progression>General>Options:Money>Options:Purchasing>Inactive Purchases Deeds - Default is 100000. Set it to a much higher value, i.e. 5 million or more.

Residential property can also be classified as not rentable by:
Click on the Map Tag and access NRaas>Story Progression>Lot Options>Household:Rentable (Default is True - Change it to False)

TIP See Also: Vehicles

Managing Vehicles, Big Lemons and Sloppy Jalopies

For Roommates and Other Related Detail See Real Estate and Apartments

More Tips for Controlling The Resident and Animal Population

There are a couple of ways to do this:
Register is needed for Animal Control settings for Stray Cats, Dogs, Raccoons, Deer, Wild Horses and Unicorns
Story Progression Base Mod is needed for Controlling the number of Pet Cats, Dogs and Horses allowed in your Town.
For Options In Register
  • From City Hall or a Computer Access Register>Animal Control
For Options In Story Progression
  • From City Hall or A Computer Access Story Progression>General Options>Sims>Maximum Residents (Default for all the animals is 25 for each species).
  • From City Hall Or A Computer Access Story Progression>Town Options>Maximum Size Pet (The default for families is 6 pets each family)

TIP: Service Pets

When you view your towns population you will always see a number of horses, cats and dogs no matter how you change the settings. These are "game" animal population available for the Equestrian Center and Adoption Services. These Service Pets are not necessarily running all over your town causing lags, they are, so to speak "on call".
Should you desire not to have Equestrian activities or adoptions it has been suggested to remove the Equestrian Center and training grounds from your town and disable pet adoption. For more information on adjusting settings for Strays and Wildlife see How Do I Manage Strays And Wildlife Below.

Tuning Options for Strays and Wildlife See: Managing Strays And Wildlife at the bottom of the page

More Options For Managing Animals: The Animals Page

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