How do I Porter my sims?

anchor : [[Porter FAQ#How To Porter]]

  1. Pause the game.
  2. Click on the map tag or the roof of an occupied lot, and use the "NRaas \ Porter \ Pack" interaction
    • Note : The interaction appears while in live game-mode. If you are in "Edit Town", return to the game.
  3. Specify the households and sims you wish to pack.
  4. Name your Porter family and save it
    • Porter families are stored in the game library just like EA exports (they use the same process)
  5. Return to the Main Menu and start a new town
  6. Select an existing household to initially play
    • You must do this in order to get into live game-mode, otherwise you cannot receive the "Unpack" interaction
  7. Pause the game and locate an empty house
  8. Click on the map tag or the roof of the unoccupied lot, and use the "NRaas \ Porter \ Unpack" interaction
  9. From the listing select your Porter family
  10. Wait a bit until the unpacking is complete.

If you find the above instructions difficult to understand, you may find it easier to follow the link below.

What sort of issues should I be aware of?

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  1. Do not place a porter family as the first family in a fresh town.
    • The game may drop the head's up display and not allow you to continue.
    • First select a regular family, and then find an empty house and use the "Unpack" to import a Porter family.
  2. After using "Pack": Do not enter "Edit Town" without first unpausing.
    • If you do not unpause, the "Return To Game" button may be missing from the "Edit Town" window.
  3. Do not attempt to export your entire town in a single family.
    • The game will run out of memory attempting to create the file and either hang indefinitely or crash to the desktop.
    • There is no way to gauge how many sims your machine can export without testing it yourself. It is dependent on how much free memory you have once the save game has loaded, and how large the data packets are for each sim being exported.
  4. It is advised that you reload the game after using "Pack" if you intend to continue playing that town.
    • Porter performs numerous resets and moves sims around, and may not place them back in the proper position after the process is complete.

How do I use this mod effectively?

anchor : [[Porter FAQ#Effective Use]]

Though the steps on using the mod itself are pretty straightforward, porting an entire town population can be quite tricky.

To use the "NRaas \ Porter" menu, you require an active sim in-game.
  • It is recommended that you export one of your families the EA way, so you can import them via "Edit Town" to serve as your active family in the new game.
    • This way, you do not need to place a temporary family, which consumes a lot, and needs to be deleted later.
  • Note: If this family is found in any of the Porter files, the doppleganger system will simply eliminate the new additions, and attach the family tree connections to your existing sims instead.

If you end up requiring multiple porter files to transfer your town, you must remember that relationships will only be retained between those sim contained within a SINGLE file.
  • So if your Family A gets packed into File A, and Family B gets packed into File B, those two families will not retain the relationships between sims in Family A and Family B
  • Because of this, transfers requiring multiple files must contain a lot of redundancy between the files.
  • For instance, if you have three families that are related, but cannot pack them all at the same time, create three porter files.
    1. One that contains Family A and Family B
    2. One that contains Family B and Family C
    3. One that contains Family C and Family A
  • When you Unpack them, the mod will automatically eliminate the duplication, and reattach the relationships between all the sims.

Note that the above example is simplified for the purposes of instructing.
  • When dealing with actual Packs, you should always try to pack all the members of the same family set in the same file.
  • If you have a lot of Goth relatives, the best idea is to try and pack them all together.
    • After that, take another family set in town and pack them together.
  • Building long-term relationships up again is simple for sims. It is best to focus on retaining the family tree connections, since those can cause awkward moments around the dinner table, if not transferred properly.

When packing, ensure that you include all the dead sims that are included in the "Pack" listing.
  • They are listed there specifically to ensure that the family tree connections between the live sims are maintained.
  • Namely, they will include the parents, grandparents, and great grandparents required to ensure that chosen families remain uncles, aunts, nieces, and nephews to each other.

How does porter handle the buried dead?

anchor : [[Porter FAQ#Buried Dead]]

Buried dead refers to dead sims who now reside in urnstones around town, either in a Mausoleum, or placed on a lot.

Buried dead on residential lots are automatically included in the population for that lot, so when you pack that family, those dead sims will also be included.

Buried dead off the lot are a bit more complicated:
  1. If the sim is necessary to maintain the relationship link between two sims being packed, that sim will also be packed, regardless of which lot they now reside
    • So, if you have two brothers being packed, whose parents are buried dead, the parents will also be automatically included in the pack
    • Note that this concept of automatically including required relations works for live ancestors as well as dead ones
  2. If the user chooses the "Service NPC" Household, all buried dead from all lots in town, including those stored in the Mausoleums will be included in the pack

How is inventory handled by Porter?

anchor : [[Porter FAQ#Inventory]]

Handling a sim's personal inventory is EA Standard. Each sim will retain whatever they have in their inventory during the pack and unpack process.

Family inventory is a little more difficult though, since multiple families are being packed simultaneously.
  • The mod will attempt to move all family inventory objects into the personal inventory of one of the family members.
  • If any object is unmovable, it will remain in the family inventory of the household that retains the lot on which you originally used the "Unpack" interaction.

Can I transfer sims from vacation worlds using this mod?

anchor : [[Porter FAQ#Vacation Worlds]]

While playing a vacation world, you will have access to Porter, just as you do while in the homeworld.
  • So you can use the "Pack" interaction to save the population of the world to file.

However, when you unpack, the sims will be added to the world you are currently playing, so you must be playing the vacation world in the new save prior to importing the foreign population.
  • To do so, send one of your sims on vacation to the world.
  • Once you arrive, use "Unpack" on an empty household, as you would in the homeworld.