I added sims to my portrait panel but they are not part of my family. Why?

Adding a sim to the panel does not make them active, it simply adds their thumbnail to the window.

If you want to add a sim to your active household, do the following :
  • Install MasterController
  • Click on your lot, either the wall, roof, or the ground, and navigate the menu: "NRaas > Master Controller > Add Sim"
  • Select the sims to add to your family

Note: If you enable the "Dream Catcher" option, you can right-click on inactive sims in the panel and immediately make them active.
  • With the option enabled, your sims will retain their Dreams and Opportunities during the switch
  • If you set up the panel properly, the family you left will still be listed under the new active household as well, allowing you to switch back easily.

What is the "Cycle Portraits" button?

anchor: [[PortraitPanel FAQ#Cycle]]

The "Cycle Portraits" button is located at the bottom left of the Portrait Panel and appears as a small button with an arrow image.
  • Middle clicking on the button will bring up the settings for the mod.
  • Left clicking on the button will cycle the portraits to the next set of sims in your filter listing

It is not possible to have more than 24 sims listed on the panel any at one time, however, it is possible to have more than 24 sims in-town that match your filter settings.
  • Because of this limitation, a button was added allowing your cycle to the next set of 24 sims.
  • Once the end of the available sims is reached, the mod will cycle back to the starting set of 24 sims.

With Version 24 of the mod, the "Cycle Portraits" button was updated to allow you cycle the sims listed by each column filter.
  • For instance: If you have more than eight sims that match the filter you have set for the First Column, then pressing the "Cycle Portraits" button will display the next set of eight sims, and so on.

Is it possible to stop Portrait Panel showing all portraits when using Ani's Apartment Mod?

anchor: [[PortraitPanel FAQ#ApartmentModPortraits]]

When using Ani's Apartment Mod together with NRaas Portrait Panel, you will find that, by default, portraits will be displayed for all sims in all 'Apartments'. This can be changed to show only the currently active apartment's sims by adjusting the following Portrait Panel setting:-

Filter > Only Selectable > True