Version 33: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction

Version 32
  • Updated to Patch 1.63 Compatibility
  • The tooltip position has been adjusted so it does not go beyond the top of the screen
  • Using the "Only Autonomous" column filter will now update automatically

Version 31
  • Updated to Patch 1.55 Compatibility
  • Potential fix for a script error in "Sorter:OnSortByName"
  • Potential fix for a script error in "HudModelEx:GetKnownInfo"
  • The mod now adds a menu to the City Hall and Computer menus for consistency
  • Fixed an error where sims who match multiple column filters would not overflow into the next available column

Version 30
  • Updated coding to handle new University style tooltips
  • Fixed an issue regarding not having a degree manager when displaying the Known Info for the active sim

Version 29
  • Updated to Patch 1.42 Compatibility

Version 27
  • Another try at the lag issue when switching between sims in the same household

Version 26
  • Potential fix for a delay when switching between sims in the same household
  • Fixed a problem where the Careers panel did not refresh properly after switching sims

Version 25
  • Updated to Supernatural compatibility
  • Pre-existing "Sims To List" and "Filter" options have been reset to defaults due to changes in persistence
  • Families with babies/toddlers will no longer be reset during "Make Active"
  • It is no longer possible to make a hibernating sim active by simply clicking on their portrait

Version 24
  • Fix for a script error in "SkewerEx:Populate" when displaying more than 24 sims on the panel
  • Pressing the "Cycle Portraits" button will now cycle each column individually, if there are more sims selected than being displayed

Version 23

Version 22
  • Potential fix for a script error in "PopulateSkewers"
  • An error when a displayed sim has a broken outfit is now properly handled, allowing the panel to continue operating

Version 21
  • Added debugging code to narrow down an error reported in ErrorTrap

Version 20
  • Fixed a problem where non-resident sims chosen as a "Selected Sim" would not appear on the panel
  • "Selected Sims" with no specified column will now appear in any column with a "Selected Sim" filter
  • All sim selection listings unlocked to properly handle selection of service sims
  • Adding a sim to the "Selected Sims" will now automatically enable the "Selected Sims" filter on column 3, if no column already has such active

Version 17
  • Added protections against a script error regarding the Neighborhood Adoption, when switching into that lot
  • Added "General \ Show Cycle Button Always" default: True
  • Added "Sorting \ Type of Sort: Tertiary" default: None
  • Added "Sorting \ Reverse Sort: Tertiary" default: False
  • Added a "By Species" sorting option
  • Sorting by Active Household or Mood in reverse now works properly
  • Added "Columns \ Set Sim Column"
  • Added "Columns \ Set Column Filter: 1" default : "Active Humans"
  • Added "Columns \ Set Column Filter: 2" default : "Active Animals"
  • Added "Columns \ Set Column Filter: 3" default : "None"
  • Added "Columns \ Revert On Filter Failure" default : False
  • Added "Columns \ Revert On Too Many Sims" default : True
  • Added "General \ Show Known Info" default: True
  • Added "Filter" - "Relatives", "Active Humans", "Active Animals", "Inactive Humans", "Inactive Animals", "Species"
  • Fixed the "Viewed Lot" filter
  • Added "General \ Use Portrait Seventeen" default: False

Version 13
  • Enabling one of the "Active" choices in "Sims To List" and "Filter" no longer requires a reload to work properly
  • Fixed an interface bounce that busted the motives and buffs system
  • 2011-OCT-06 Added Russian Translation

Version 12
  • Fixed "Dream Catcher" so that pre-existing dreams on inactive sims would complete correctly
  • Fixed a script error when the system fails to have a valid current sim available
  • Potential fix for a performance issue during extended play-sessions
  • Added "Active Household" to the Sort choices
  • "Active Sim Lot", "Active Family Lots", and "Active Home Lot" now update properly when inactive sims enter or exit the lot

Version 11
  • Improved the sorting process regarding boarding school and free vacation sims
  • Fixed an issue where the Double click menu did not work properly when clicking on inactive sims
  • Updated German Translation

Version 9
  • Right clicking on the sim that already has the focus will now zoom into them
  • Added "Zoom In On Right Click" default: False
  • Moved the "Cycle Portraits" button so the "Date" icon no longer obscures it
  • "Show Interaction in Sim Menu" is now actually used
  • Added "General \ Go Home Teleport" default: False
  • Added "General \ Go Home Teleport For All" default: False
  • Added "Sims To List" - "Active Sim Lot"
  • Added "Sims To List" - "Active Family Lot"
  • Added "Sims To List" - "Active Home Lot"
  • Added "Sims To List" - "Viewed Lot"
  • "Sims To List" and "Filter" are now multi-selection listings
  • Added "Filter" - "Only Selectable"
  • Added "General \ Dream Catcher" default: False
  • Added "Type of Sort" - "By Autonomy"
  • Added "Type of Sort" - "By Selectability"
  • Added "Type of Sort: Secondary" default: "By Name"
  • Added "Sorting \ Reverse Sort: Secondary" default: False
  • Added "Sorting \ Set Custom Sort"
  • Added "Sorting \ Reset Custom Sort"

Version 7
  • Disabled the Teleport on "Go Home" by default. Tuning is available, however an in-game option is delayed until next phase

Version 4
  • Updated error catching to display more details
  • Added PopupMenuStyle tuning, available in the link above
  • If an error occurs that stops the normal interactions from appearing, the menu will now attempt to show only immediate interactions
  • Fixed a creeping performance issue that progressively got worse each time you loaded a save
  • Shift-Clicking on a portrait will now bring up the listing menu. Note this only works when the popup menu is *not* being used.
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwanese Translations