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TSR Playable Prisons At TSR
  • Kevinsworth Prison
  • SimQuentin
  • Sunset Valley Prison
  • Debtor's Prison
  • Bracemoor Medium Security Jail

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A Prison Challenge By Jenna29 at MTS

You have been framed for a crime you didn’t do. The judge sentenced you to jail. But the lenient jury didn’t think you should spend a lifetime in jail. They would let you out once you achieved your lifetime wish.

•You must be locked in a cell from 9PM to 9AM every day.
•You will have seven other prisoners with you that you can’t control.
•The seven other inmates don’t have to be locked up in a cell in the certain time frames, but if you can get them to be locked up, it would be better.
•Every day, if you have the Sims 3 Ambitions or bought laundry stuff from the store, you must do laundry. If you don’t have Ambitions or laundry stuff, you must wash all the dishes by hand.
•Your sim may not leave the lot. NO EXCEPTIONS!
•Before you start the game, you can stock up on supplies from the bookstore and the grocery store.
•No money cheats or testingcheatsenabled true. You may use the moveObjects cheat if you feel the need.
•Looks can be anything, but clothing must be an orange jumpsuit or a striped prison jumpsuit(Before going into CAS, press ctrl-shift-C, then type in UnlcokCareerOutfits, there will be a Orange jumpsuit for females and a white jumpsuit for males. Recolor the male's outfit so it's orange.)
•Your sim cannot have the traits brave, genius, light sleeper, natural cook, green thumb, artistic, angler, charismatic, or handy.
•Every inmate must be Young adult, adult or elder. If a sim dies, you may have children, but you cannot control the children if you do have kids.

Suggested Points for players wanting to score their challenge
•You can pick any Lifetime Wish, but it can't be job related or it can't take you off the lot
+10 per skill each inmate (not including you) earned
-15 per sim that dies
-1 per each day your sim spends in the prison
+5 per each romantic relationship you have throughout your stay
+2 per each friend the non-controlled inmates got
+1 per friend you got throughout your time at the prison
+3 per each 1000 lifetime awards points the non-controlled sims earned

Banged Up Prison Challenge by Mariefoxprince83 - Sims 3 Forum

Step 1 – Make Your Prison
Download my prison to your game and modify it as required, or design your own. The prison lot can be found at the exchange. You can place the prison in any neighbourhood, though some redecorating might be desirable if your neighbourhood has a historical theme. Name it as you please.

If you make your own prison you will need the following:
• 3 sets of double occupancy cells with a single ensuite bathroom per cell. Use bunkbeds if you have Ambitions. The cells may have chairs and a table as well as beds and may have wall decorations to reflect the interests of the prisoners but no food or entertainment items at the beginning. The bathrooms may have a toilet, a sink and a shower.
• 2 solitary confinement cells which have a bed, a toilet and shower in the cell itself, no ensuite. I have used the picnic basket for food but you could use the fridge. No counters or cooking equipment.
• Kitchen
• Dining room
• Laundry room if you have Ambitions
• Recreation room(s)
• Separate bedrooms and recreational facilities for wardens
• Outer walls and gates.
• Space for a graveyard

Gardens and extra recreational rooms are optional. My prison is quite large so I had space for a lot of stuff. The prison’s facade should look as grim as possible i.e. stonework. I recommend that corridors and stairways be furnished the same as the outer walls. The cells and communal areas should have plain and cheap walls and flooring. The furniture should be as cheap and uncomfortable looking as possible. The wardens rooms can be as luxurious as you like. If you have a computer it may be accessed by wardens only.

Motherlode and kaching may be used for building purposes before play begins but NOT afterwards. Once the game begins, set the house funds to 20000 simoleons with the familyfunds cheat. Cheats are not allowed in the game itself except resetsim to fix a bugged sim.

Step 2 – Make Your Wardens
The prison will have 2 wardens. Wardens must be either young adult or adult (your choice). You can choose the gender. Design them as you please. They should be given official looking clothing to represent their uniforms.

There will be one nice warder who wants to rehabilitate the prisoners and one mean warder who just wants to see them suffer.
• Mean warder must have the following traits: Mean-spirited Grumpy
• Nice warder must have the following traits: Friendly Good
• All other traits are free choice
• Wardens may not have careers so don’t give them a LTW that relies upon a job i.e. Become Astronaut. They may be self-employed and you could choose one with a professional LTW if you manage your time carefully (not firefighter or daycare) but you may not give both wardens a profession LTW.

Step 3 – Make Your Prisoners
There will be 6 prisoners, 2 to each cell. Skip this step if you use my defaults. You can move in existing sims from your neighbourhood (as long as they are at the beginning of a new life stage) or create new ones. They must all be the same gender but do not have to be the same gender as the wardens.
• You may design the prisoners as you like.
• I recommend giving your criminals as many negative traits as possible, with the exception of the main sim in cell 3.
• Prisoners must wear a uniform.

Cell 1 - Your first category is the lifers. These are the prisoners who have committed crimes so bad they have almost no hope of rehabilitation.
  • One lifer should be a young adult, the other an adult.
  • Lifers will be cellmates.
  • Lifers must have the evil trait.
  • Lifers should have mean-spirited and/or hot-headed
  • Choose one of the lifers to play

Cell 2 - The second category is the thieves.
  • One thief should be a young adult, the other an adult
  • Thieves will be cellmates.
  • Thieves must have the kleptomaniac trait
  • Choose one of the thieves to play

Cell 3 – Your final cell belongs to a young adult sim who hopes to use his/her prison experience to learn new skills and make good when they get out of prison.
  • This YA can have any traits you like as he/she will be one of your playables.
  • The roommate is free choice as well.

Step 4 – Setup
Once everyone has moved in, assign your beds to each pair of cellmates. Assign beds to your wardens as well.
• Lock all solitary confinement cells for now.
• Lock outside gates. The front gate is inaccessible in my default prison but I have made 2 doors in the outer walls for the use of the wardens, so they can be set to Myself Only, and each warder can get in and out of the prison.

Step 5 – Prison Rules
Warden Rules
• Wardens may be self-employed or do profession jobs (not daycare or firefighter)
• Only one warder may leave the prison at a time.
• If you forget or both wardens leave the property at the same time, one of the playable prisoners escapes
• Wardens may be romantically involved with sims in the neighbourhood or (if male) father children who live elsewhere
• Wardens may initiate romances with prisoners
• Nice warder should always be kind to the prisoners
• Mean warder can be as mean as he likes and even beat up the prisoners
• Wardens may cook for themselves but never for the prisoners
• Wardens may only clean their own rooms
• Wardens may only repair objects in their own rooms
• Wardens can have as many Lifetime Rewards as you like, but not Inheritance or the Age Modifiers

Prisoner Rules
Prisoners must remain on the prison lot except in the following circumstances:
Registering for self-employment (must go straight back to prison afterwards)

Parole for good behaviour
• Escaped prisoners may do whatever they like in town. They can return at your choice or else you can leave them to return by themselves
• Prisoners must be locked in their cells by the wardens from 9pm-6am. They have free access to the rest of the house during other hours, except wardens quarters.
• Prisoners must cook, clean and repair items for themselves
• Maids, handymen and pizza delivery are not allowed
• Lifers are granted parole only every 20000 lifetime happiness points they earns (unless they spend them on Rewards)
• Other prisoners are granted parole for every 10000 lifetime happiness points they earn (unless they spend them on Rewards).
• Parole can begin any time after 6am but the prisoner must be back before 9pm of the same day or they will be sent to solitary
• Prisoners can have as many Lifetime Rewards as you like, but not Inheritance or the Age Modifiers
• Fun items are not allowed in cells at the beginning of the game. One fun item may be added to each cell every 2 weeks in game.
• The tombstones of dead prisoners must be placed in a graveyard in the prison
• Lifers must stay in prison until they die, unless they achieve their LTW, in which case their sentence is commuted and they are allowed to go free.
• Any other prisoner who achieves his LTW is also automatically granted his freedom from that day
• Non-lifers are otherwise set free after their current life state is complete
• You can move the non-playable prisoners to their cell at night or if they have been fighting with a playable and are sent to solitary but otherwise they must be left to their own devices.
• If you are worried about remembering which are playable and which aren’t, give one group a hat or sunglasses etc to distinguish them.

Solitary Confinement
• Prisoners who get into fights with each other with each other will be sent to solitary confinement. They will be there 24 hours plus however long it takes to get to 6am unlocking in your game.
• Prisoners who are mean to or get into fights with the warder will be sent to solitary confinement. They will be there 48 hours plus however long it takes to get to 6am unlocking in your game.
• Prisoners returning from escape are sent to solitary for 72 hours plus however long it takes to get to 6am unlocking.
• Prisoners may not be controlled while they are in solitary
• No fun objects are allowed in solitary at all

Challenge End
The challenge ends when all 6 original prisoners are either dead or rehabilitated. You can bring in new prisoners to replace them if you want but the newbies are non-playables.

- brappl brappl Updated Sept 2016