Produce Stand

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  • Set Owner
    • Who owns the stand. This can only be a sim that physically lives in the world.
  • Set Employee
    • Who will work on the stand. This can be any sim either living in the world or outside it. The owner and the employee can be the same person.
  • Set Hours
    • What time the employee starts and ends their shift.
  • Set Price Multiplier
    • A number to multiply the product's original value with to increase or decrease it's price.
  • Set Always Can Buy
    • Whether you can buy items, even if the Stand is not being attended by the employee. Maybe you don't want to have an employee but a stand that's always open.
  • Set Pay/Hour
    • The wage per hour that the employee receives.
  • Set Pay From Owner
    • Whether the wage of the employee should be subtracted from the family funds of the Stand's owner.
  • Set Cooldown
    • If the shopper is autonomous, they will receive a "new stuff" moodlet. While they have this moodlet, they cannot shop again. Use this option to set how many sim minutes they have this moodlet for.
  • Change to work outfit
    • Whether the employee will change into their career outfit.
  • Food
    • Unspoil
      • Use to prevent prepared food from going bad when placed on the Stand.
    • Set Price of Food Serving
      • Use to set the price of prepared food per serving.

  • Close/Open Stand
    • The shop needs to be open before you can buy.
  • Open Inventory
    • Opens the Stand's inventory.