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Last Revisions By Ani_:

File name: ani_OFBStand_v2.part(1/2/3).rar

I noticed while playing with this mod that sims will stay in their spot, after they buy and thus making it impossible for many sims to buy.
I wanted to have sims move away from the stand but wasn't able to achieve this so I did the following changes.
1. If this stand is the only one on the lot, sims will go home after purchase.
2. If there are multiple stands on the lot, sims will walk to a random second stand (to the browse section, not buy)

No changes needed for 1.67

File name: ani_OFBStand_1.63.part(1/2/3).rar
Increased how much fun/social/hunger this stand advertizes. This increases the sim's chances of using this object when he is in need of fun/social/food. I set this value to 400. If you feel this is too cheaty, open the mod in S3PE and modify the buy ITUN values for these parts.

Fixed bugs:
- If you didn't have an employee specified, and you were tending the stand manually, and you closed the stand, you got a null pointer exception message.

- When closing the store and your sim is manually tending, you need to manually cancel his interaction.

File name: ani_OFBStandFixed210913.part(1/2/3).rar
1. Re imported the animations and sounds.
2. Fixed the missing buy interaction

Should I re-download or not?
If you have EP6 and the original stand from MV then no, if you don't then yes.

Found that putting the toddler toys (pegbox and xhylogphone) into the stand then saving, exiting and re-loading breaks the stand.
You can put them and buy them during gameplay, but remove them before saving and exiting. So far these are the only objects I found causes problems. Will try to fix this during the next update.