This mod adds a portable produce stand to your game that you can stock with and sell anything.

This is a mod by Ani_ from MTS. All credits for it go to her.

Additional Credits:
Sandy from ATS3 for the mesh.


Creator Notes (Ani):
Did your sim ever wish to start a small business with as little starting funds as possible? Is your sim sick of having to own a lot before he can open his shop? If your sim answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the perfect mod for him.

This mod is basically a produce stand, that your sim can buy and set it up anywhere on a community lot or home lot and start selling items. The object has it's own inventory, you can put anything there, including books. The object is portable, so you can set it up anywhere.

You can set up a market by having different sims selling different items all on the same lot, which is basically what I have done in my main hood

The table can be found in the hobbies section and it costs 800§. The table has slots on it, so you can decorate your stand as you wish.

Other things to note:
- The mod calls the employee to work every 15 minutes when their shifts starts and the sim is not working yet.
- There are occasions when the sim's "work" is interrupted. The mod checks every 15 minutes if the sim is working and if not they will be called to work again.
- This is not a real job. I suggest you give any sim who is tending the stand an ambition self employed job so they are not in a RH working when they should be tending the stand.
- This is similar to my shop from inventory mod but it has nothing to do with that mod. This is an independent object.
- If your sim works as a gardener/fisher... and he is the stand owner, he will get a profit from selling produce that belong to that career but the profit will be the original value of the sold item. If your gardener sells an apple for 10§ and you have set the multiplier to 10. Your sim will earn 100§ but only 10 will be added to his ambition career profit.
- This object is cloned from the Monte Vista produce stand but you don't need the original stand to use this.
- This mod has no "weekends". If you want to give your sim a break, close the stand for a day.









The List:



Ensure that you download and install the version that works on your Patch-Level.
Instructions on how to install these files is available here: How to Install

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