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Residential Lots vs. Ownable Property

EA'S Version of Apartments

EA left us with very crippled versions of apartments. In a non-modded game, there are 2 types of apartments:

1. "Late-Night" Style Apartments:
When a lot is set as Residential-Apartment, the game (a function of EA Story Progression) randomly adds a random number of controllable Sims to the house. The Roommate Services menu cannot be used. You cannot stop these roommates from appearing. If you configure your building with an "NPC Door," NPC homeless sims will "live" in any "apartments" that you set up with an NPC door.

2. "University" Style Apartments:
When a lot is set as Residential-Regular, you can access Roommates Services from the telephone. They can be enabled, up to the max of 8 Sims per household, and will arrive as NPC players. They contribute rent (each contribute the same amount of money, based on the value of the lot). Rent is collected on Fridays at 9 AM.

Mods to "Fix" the Apartments System

pjsutton's Apartments & Roommates Fix

- pjsutton pjsutton created a mod at Mod The Sims: Apartment and Roommates Fix

This mod removes the "confusion" over the different types of apartments. It now works like this, and is dependent upon which type of lot you are on:

Residential-Apartment Lot
Residential-Regular Lot
Controllable roommates randomly added by SP?
Can access Roommate Services (via smartphone) menu?
YES (cannot do following EA conventions)
Moving options
A sim can move into a lot labeled "Apartment" and only pay rent -
no need to purchase the property (a nice way for Sims starting
out with little money to live in a nicer home)
Purchase homes like normal
By mail on Tuesdays and Fridays
By mail on Mondays and Thursdays
Rent style
Shared: All player-controlled sims count as one "group" for rent.
Each additional NPC roommate counts as another "group". This
allows Sims to split the costs of rent. Example: Rent cost is $1200.
With no roommates, Sim would pay $1200. If they bring in 1 additional
roommate, the rent is divided by 2, so each "group" (controllable vs. NPCs) each pay $600. With 2 additional roommates, each group contributes $400, etc.
Fixed: Each NPC roommate contributes a fixed
amount of rent, determined by the value of the
house. (This simulates a person owning a house and maybe renting out just 1 or 2 rooms at a fixed amount).
Rent payments
If the lot is owned by another Sim (requires SP-Money module),
all rent payments will be sent to that Sim's account
If the lot is owned by another Sim (requires SP-Money module), all rent payments will be sent to that Sim's account
Lot can be owned by another Sim or town, or not.
Lot can be owned by another Sim or town, or not.

If you use SP-Money, your Sim can "Purchase Rental Lot" from the phone menu. They can then act as a landlord - they will own properties around town, and they will actually collect the rent from these homes; the money will be deducted from the inactive households.

Ani's Apartment Mod

Ani's Apartment Mod attempts to recreate The Sims 2 style of Apartments, with the ability to switch control between multiple families living on one Lot. Their family funds are separated but they will share the fridge inventory. This mod was previously hosted at Mod The Sims but can now be found here at NRaas: Apartment Mod

Adding Roommates

There are multiple ways to add roommates. Here are a couple of suggested methods:
Using Master Controller: From City Hall or a Computer> NRaas>Master Controller>sim>Intermediate>Add A Roommate>Homeworld>Select Listing of Sims from there

A Roommate can also be added from the Relationship Panel:
Left Click (or Right depending on your mouse settings) on Mouse>Select NRaas>Master Controller>Intermediate>Add Roommate. A pop up will ask "Add the selected Sim(s) as roommates?" Click on the check to accept.

Roommate Services From Phone

How To Enable or Disable Roommate Services using the phone:
Click on a Sim in the Household>Phone>Real Estate & Travel Services>Roommate Services>Enable/Disable
Other options available: Max Number of Roommates and Roommate Type

Help, The Roommate Service Is Not On My Phone!

EA only allows Roommate Services to be use on Residential-Regular lots. If you'd like to be able to control the roommates on a Residential-Apartment lot, use - pjsutton pjsutton's Apartments & Roommates Fix mod (described above).

Moving A Roommate Out Without Removing Him/Her From Game
1. Click on the roommate and choose "Dismiss Roommate." (if they are an NPC roommate)
2. If they are controllable, find a home to merge with or choose an empty home. Click the household maptag> Nraas> MC> AddSim> search within that list for his name and select> Accept.

Tip: See Also Town Management

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