How can I make my Role Sims continue with their duties?

anchor: [[Register FAQ#Role Sims]]

When a role Sim ceases to carry out their duties, you can use a combination of Register and DebugEnabler/Master Controller to make them fully functional again.
  • Click on the role object then NRaas > Register > Remove: (sim name)
    • Examples of role objects are the Bars, Registers, Festival Stands etc.
  • Click on the role object again then NRaas > DebugEnabler > Options: (name of role object) > Object... > Reset
  • Click on the role object again then NRaas > Register > Select > Choose what type of sim from the list > Select a sim from the list
The second step with DebugEnabler is not always necessary but in the case of food, merchant, consignment registers and food synthesizers, it is highly recommended to reset the role object in one way or another. Otherwise, the link between the role object and the sim might still be broken and they won't perform their duties properly. Alternatively, you can use Master Controller to reset the whole lot.

The main reason for role sims ignoring their role object is most probably due to this broken link which gives them back their normal motive decay and full autonomy. With the link intact however, their motives should all be frozen at 100.
  • Note: A "Reset Everything" can be one cause of these links breaking, particularly if you do this while the role sims are on duty.

How can I disable or manage the Paparazzi in my game?

anchor: [[Register FAQ#Paparazzi]]

To disable or manage the paparazzi sims in your town:-

Click on City Hall or any computer, then follow one of the paths below, depending on what you want to do.

To disable paparazzi:
  • NRaas > Register > Global Roles > Allow Paparazzi
  • Change the default setting from "True" to "False"

To change the maximum number of paparazzi allowed:
  • NRaas > Register > Global Roles > Maximum Paparazzi
  • Change the default value of "3" to whatever you like (within reason)

To remove a sim from the Paparazzi pool:
  • NRaas > Register > Global Roles > Remove Paparazzi
  • Select the sim(s) you wish to remove and press the Accept (checkmark) button

How do I turn off the notifications in this mod?

anchor: [[Register FAQ#Notifications]]

There are three types of notifications produced by this mod, two of which are set to "True" by default. To disable them, first click on City Hall or any computer, then:-

For general notifications:-
  • NRaas > Register > Show Notices
  • Change the default setting from "True" to "False"

For Immigration Failure notifications:-
  • NRaas > Register > Show Immigration Failure Notice
  • Change the default setting from "True" to "False"
  • Note: This setting will not appear if you have "Register > Allow Immigration" set to "True"

For Debugging notifications, this option should be set to "False" by default but may have been accidently turned on by a player. To ensure it is disabled:-
  • NRaas > Register > Show Debugging
  • Change the setting to "False"