Version 81 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • If you use Traveler, please ensure you have the latest version when updating Register.
  • Service settings are now reverted to defaults when you quit a world or transition out of a world to prevent the new world from being unable to know what default is.
  • Setting the number of allowed paparazzi will now actually delete them on load if they exceed this.
  • The mod should no longer endlessly spawn homeless if you don't have Late Night or Ambitions installed.

Version 80 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Moved "Allow Tourist" to "Tourists / Allow Tourists".
  • Removed "Allow Homeworld Tourists". Use "Disallowed Tourist Worlds" to gain the same effect.
  • Resetting the settings should now reset service settings provided the service settings were set after installing this version.
  • It is no longer possible to set the Time Traveler. This just causes issues.
  • Service settings will now export/import.
  • Fix for script error in RoleManagerTaskEx:IsValidTimeForRole
  • Paparazzi should stop trying to simulate immediately when disabled
  • Attempts to stop hair yanking role Sims back to their objects when they are trying to age
  • Fixed the translations I hosed last time around
  • Resort workers and resort bar workers are now deleted when their object is not on a resort lot.
  • Babies and toddlers should no longer appear as tourists.
  • Added "Use Plumbots" to the Service... settings to disable service plumbots.
    • For the Future world only. EA rained on our parade for enabling them in the present world.
  • Enabled Future world residents to spawn from the time portal as tourists should you have one in town.
    • A downside to this is they sometimes error out due to ridiculous EA coding that wasn't particularly written to block them from visiting the present but wasn't written with it in mind either.
    • All Future sims are stripped of their Future Sim trait to stop one of the errors (these are only to grant them future objects when you load the future world. They are added back when you visit Oasis).
    • An additional error is one of the idles they play is either only for the future world or is just broken. If you encounter "CustomIdle:set_IdleObject" errors, ignore them. :)
  • Updated Taiwanese translation
  • Updated Spanish translation

Version 79 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Silenced EA error in EndRole aggravated by changes in last version.
  • Role Sims who are reset should now properly return to their roles.
    • Fix requires updates to all mods that reset Sims. MC 130 and OW 116 are compatible.
  • Added "Global \ Maximum Paparazzi", default 3
    • Note if you want to disable paparazzi you should still use the option for it. Setting this to 0 will still spawn one.
  • Added "Service \ <Service Type>"
    • "Valid Ages": Allows you to specify the ages you would like for this service.
      • Some ages not available because EA did not make outfits for those ages.
    • "Reoccurring": Specify if the service is reoccurring. Doesn't do anything in services where it makes no sense.*
    • "Cost": Specify the cost of the service.*
    • "Pool Size": Number of Sims to keep in the service pool*
  • *These three are available in Retuner too but have been included here for your convenience. Retuner will override these settings. Retuner does not immediately clear/validate the service pool like these options do however.
  • Updated Russian translation.
  • Updated Taiwanese translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.

Version 78: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Fixed issue where role Sims with venue's that close often ended up in a severely broken state without their locked motives or uniforms and end up in the world or their roles all night. They should now act properly and hibernate at night.
  • Fixed issue where Plumbots in the Future stood transfixed in the world rather than working at their food synthesizers.
  • Disabled the assignment of non-Plumbots to the bot shop register and food synthesizer roles in the Future because it turns humans into bots.
  • Fixed the Simfest cleanup which was cleaning up the newly generated Simfest and rendered the entire Simfest system broken.
  • Fixed issue where no Sims would show up to enter the Simfest if you have StoryProgression or Overwatch set to cleanup homeless. The mod now uses Showtime service Sims who were otherwise collecting dust and should now be more reliable.

    • Twallan Changes

  • Added "Tourists \ Chance of Leaving" default: 25
  • Added "Tourists \ Pool Size" default: 10
  • Added "Tourists \ Allow Homeworld Tourists" default: True
  • Renamed the "Paparazzi" menu to "Global Roles"
  • Added "Global Roles \ Select Special Merchant"
  • Added "Global Roles \ Remove Special Merchant"
  • Added "Global Roles \ Select University Mascot"
  • Added "Global Roles \ Remove University Mascot"
  • Added "Global Roles \ Remove By Sim"
  • Added "Disable Assignment" to each role object
  • Roles are now dropped on seasonal objects which are no longer in world
  • Added "Tourists \ Disabled Tourist Worlds" (Doesn't work without an unreleased version of Traveler)
  • Added "Pay Per Role \ Proprietor"
  • Added "Pay Per Role \ Concession Stand Merchant"
  • Added "Pay Per Role \ Kissing Booth Attendant"
  • Added "Pay Per Role \ Potion Shop Merchant"
  • Updated Russian translation

Version 77
  • Silenced a reset exception in "ShowStageEx:CreateAnNPCPerformer"
  • Mod should now properly clear out roles attached to deleted role objects
  • Fix for an issue with importing tourist sims (as reported via ErrorTrap)

Version 76
  • The Time Traveler is no longer included in automated role assignment

Version 75
  • Updated to properly handle the Time Traveler sim
  • Potential fix for a script error in "RoleManagerTaskEx:FillInWorldRoleEx"
  • Fixed the "Select" filtering options, which were doing jack-squat
  • Rule-set adjusted to allow for Plumbot occult role sims, as EA Standard allows for them

Version 74
  • Adjusted service household cleanup to handle Almanac statue sims

Version 73
  • Updated to Patch 1.63 compatibility
  • There is now a check against reassigning careers in the Sim Fest coding
    • As well, the Simfest system is no longer allowed to abscond with role sims
  • Added error trapping in "ShowStage:CreateAnNPCPerformer" to catch when the sim fails to acquire an occupation
  • Added expanded error checking code to "ShowStage:SetupSimFest" to track down a script error in that code
  • Fix for an error where the proprietor reference assigned to a show stage would become corrupted
  • Potential fix for an issue where role sims would be pushed to perform their jobs outside of normal work hours
  • Tourists now periodically return to Resort lots if no base camp exists in the world
  • The game no longer starts a Sim Fest if there are no competitors available
  • Show Stage clean up performed by Overwatch is now performed by the Sim Fest code itself
  • Fixed the links to Traveler used to determine whether a tourist is allowed to visit from a specific world

Version 72
  • Fixed an issue where the service cleanup removed one too many sims from the pool
  • ResortWorker based services are no longer included in pool size checks, since EA ignores tuning for those services
  • Updated Taiwanese Translation

Version 71
  • Mermaids are no longer included in automated role selection
  • Adjusted Service cleanup to properly handle resort workers

Version 70
  • Updated to Patch 1.55 Compatibility
  • If Traveler is not installed, only sims from the EA Standard vacation worlds are used for explorers
  • Added hook to Traveler to distinguish homeworld residents from other foreign sims
  • Updated Hungarian translation

Version 69
  • Updated to Patch 1.50 Compatibility
  • Silenced a reset exception in the "RoleManagerTaskEx:Simulate"

Version 68
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to display the "Pay Per Role" option

Version 67
  • Fixed a problem where the mod was attempting to fill roles for off-season Festival Lot stands

Version 66
  • Fix a for hanging issue in the hard-reset process

Version 65
  • Potential fix for a crash if a notice is fired during loadup

Version 64
  • Updated for Patch 1.42 Compatibility
  • Added validation of occult states for imported tourists
  • Fixed a script error in the annilihation used during service cleanup
  • Adjusted the Occult restrictions to allow for certain occults to be chosen automatically, rather than just a block against all types

Version 62
  • Bonehilda and zombies will no longer be auto-selected to fill role positions

Version 61
  • Updated service cleanup to properly handle BoneHilda

Version 60
  • Updated to Supernatural compatibility
  • Another attempt to shut at least one of those persist "It is too early to import a sim" errors
  • Service Genies are now properly handled by the mod

Version 59
  • Added coding to force age-ups for role sims
  • Existing tourists will now be cleared out within 60 sim-minutes after switching off "Allow Tourists"
  • Fixed an error regarding Special Merchant

Version 58
  • The mod no longer deletes taxi drivers who end up assigned to the service household
  • Taxi drivers are no longer listed in the "Select" listing
  • Taxi drivers are no longer considered valid role sims

Version 57
  • Fixed the "Don't Allow Occult" check to properly include residents and homeless
    • Note that you can still manually select occult sims for roles, the mod simply won't do it automatically
  • Added cleanup for excessive numbers of taxi drivers
  • Tourist and Explorer roles are now properly enabled for custom worlds using the Sunset Valley and France tuning
  • The behavior for tourists has been changed if there is a base-camp in the world
    • The tourist will remain in world for longer, regularly moving between eligible lots and the base camp

Version 56
  • Another attempt to stop the mod from importing tourists before the game is ready to do so
  • Added the "Select" and "Remove" interactions to the "Big Lot Shell" object
  • Potential fix for a script error in "Register:CleanupBadRole"

Version 55
  • Service sims with occult types will no longer be auto-assigned roles
    • This will stop Genies from receiving bogus roles
  • Roles lacking proper tuning are now properly error trapped, so they don't take down the entire manager
    • Note that the error will continue to repeat essentially forever until you fix your custom tuning
  • Updated Spanish Translation

Version 54
  • Updated coding for Showtime changes
  • Updated Dutch translation (unsure whether it loaded properly in Version 53)

Version 53
  • Updated to Patch 1.31 Compatibility
  • Fixed the link between this mod and StoryProgression

Version 52
  • Added debugging option "DisableServiceCleanup" default: False
  • Occults that require special outfits are no longer automatically registered for roles
  • Added checks for role giving objects lacking valid lots
  • Suppressed any attempt to age-up sims when pulled from hibernation during role assignment
  • Fix for a script error when attempting to populate a role giving object that has a corrupt role assigned to it
  • Fixed an error regarding the "Select" where the filter prompt was not appearing

Version 51
  • The cleanup performed at loadup is now delayed until *after* the service system is initialized, since running it beforehand simply resulted in all the sims being eliminated
  • The "Select" interactions will now appear properly in towns where there are no local merchant roles
  • 2011-NOV-14 Updated German Translation
  • 2011-NOV-30 Updated Portuguese Translation

Version 49
  • "Cleanup Service" no longer busts out when it finds a sim with no occult manager

Version 47
  • Potential fix for a constant error when the role manager is unable to locate the data for the current world
  • Added code to reroll role assigned sims that are found to have broken outfits
  • The mod should no longer attempt to import explorers and tourists while the game is transitioning
  • Validation for animal roles is now handled properly, fixing the "Watch Animal" and the constant cycling of those roles
  • Service Cleanup routines moved from StoryProgression to this mod
  • Service Cleanup expanded to remove unpooled animals
  • Added hook to future version of StoryProgression to immediately set registered sims as retired
  • Added "Animal Control \ Maximum Deer" default: 3
  • Added "Animal Control \ Maximum Raccoon" default: 2
  • Added "Animal Control \ Maximum Wild Horses" default: 4
  • Added "Animal Control \ Maximum Stray Cats" default: 6
  • Added "Animal Control \ Maximum Stray Dogs" default: 6
  • Added "Animal Control \ Maximum Unicorns" default: 1
  • Added "Pay Per Role" default: 100
  • Added "Show Immigration Failure Notice" default: True
  • Added "Find Empty Roles"
  • Added "Allow Resident Assignment" default: False
  • Fixed the "Remove" interaction so it appears when appropriate
  • Updated German Translation
  • Updated Russian Translation
  • 2011-NOV-03 Updated Taiwanese Translation

Version 44
  • Fixed an error when importing a foreign sim who has a career

Version 43
  • Fixed an error when populating role sims in Traveler worlds

Version 39
  • Employed homeless sims are no longer automatically assigned to roles
  • Role sims that are hibernating during work hours will now be instantiated, and if that fails will be replaced automatically

Version 38
  • Fixed a number of errors regarding how roles are assigned, which may resolve the reported role cycling issues
  • Removed the Celebrity test from the role assignment test