How Do I Change The Relationship Status Of My Sims?

You will need Master Controller and Master Controller Cheats to do this.
In Master Controller, select: Sim > Intermediate > Long Term Relationship by Category
Select Criteria for Sim A and click select to bring up the Select Criteria for Sim B
Select desired Status

Adding Or Removing A Parent, Child Or Sibling Within A Household

You will need Master Controller and Master Controller Cheats
In Master Controller, select: Sim > Advanced > Family
Then select the desired option

Slower Relationship Decay Setting

Install Retuner
See Members' Retuner Settings

Remove Long Term Relationship Required For Sharing A Bed

See Members' Retuner Settings

TIp: Members' Retuner Settings: Use CTRL+F to open the search box in the upper right hand corner of this screen, then type in relationships

Unlock Romantic Relations Between A Variety Of Sims

If you want to unlock near-family relations, or relations between age-groups not normally available in the Core game, you are looking for Woohooer :
  • Use the "Woohoo \ Species \ Allow Near Relation WooHoo" setting to unlock that capability for any species
  • Use the "Woohoo \ Allow Teen WooHoo" setting to unlock woohoo interactions between teenagers
  • Use the "Woohoo \ Allow Teen-Adult WooHoo" setting to unlock woohoo interaction between teenage and adult ages.

For More Woohooer FAQ's see Woohoo in the Gameplay FAQ Listing.

Teen Marriage

WIth Woohooer and/or StoryProgression you should be able to enable Teen-Teen and Beyond to marry through social interactions between those Ages.
See Teen Woohoo and The Woohooer FAQ Links Here
Install Retuner

From CityHall or a computer> Nraas > Retuner > Show Object Menu> Make sure it is on TRUE
From City Hall or a Computer Retuner>Settings>General>Social Interactions>Propose Marriage>Allow Age Species (Set both Actor and Target to True)

Using The Wedding Arch For Teens

To make sure or enable the Wedding Arch is enabled for Teens
From City Hall or a computer: Retuner >Settings>General>By Object>Wedding Arch> Get Married>Allow Age Species - Make Sure Teen is set to True

To check to make sure it is working select your teen and click on the wedding arch to make sure the option Marry is available.
Note: It has not been confirmed but has been reported that Wedding Arches may not work in Venues or Vacation Worlds.

Can I Remove Sims From The Relationship Panel?

My sims have a lot of people and animals they are only acquainted with and I don't want them to show in the Relationship Panel.
Install Relationship Panel
Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the portraits of the sims you want to remove from the panel

Multiple Spouses - Polygamy

Polygamy is not so much "prevented through hard-coding" but there is only ONE data field that points to the Sim's "partner". The end effect is about the same, there's just no place to reliably store any other partners the Sim may have, so consistency is an issue and there is opportunity for corruption.
  • An alternative way of getting multiple romantic partners is documented in Woohooer FAQ

Following are some wiki member suggestions for playing with multiple spouses/relationships:
Make sure to back up your game before trying any of the following suggestions.

You can trick the game into letting your Sim be married to more than one spouse at the same time. You install the DebugEnabler package in your Mods folder in the usual way (make sure you've got the right version for your game):
  • Suppose you have Sims A, B. C and D, and you want A, B and C to be married to D but not to each other (polygynous and polyandrous marriages are like that). (1) Select Sim A. (2) Click on Sim D while keeping A active. (3) Click on NRaas. (4) Click on DebugEnabler. (5) Click on Options:Sim. (6) A window with various options appears; select Relationship. (7) In the next window, select SetRelationship. (8) Select MakeSpouse. Now select Sim B. Repeat this process for Sims B and C, and you'll have A, B and C all appearing as D's husbands or wives.
You can obviously set up any combination of multiple marriages this way. You could have a swinger-style marriage, where A and B are married to both C and D (but A is not married to B, nor C to D), or a plural marriage in which everyone
is everyone's spouse, etc.
  • It helps to have the NoJealousy reward so your Sims get along, but it's not essential for this trick to work. For some reason, using the SetRelationship option in Nraas' Master Controller doesn't let you set up multiple marriages, but it works using DebugEnabler.
    Cautionary Notes:
    • DebugEnabler circumvent every blocks that has been placed within the game between a Sim and a Sim Relationship. Using this method CAN cause unusual effects onto Sims and their counterparts. When trying to use certain romantic interactions this method has a way of getting a relationship to go sour rapidly, if not used on EA's legal ages (YoungAdults and beyond). Even then its not a guarantee. You are warned!
    • Alternatively you can use Woohooer> Romance> Jealousy Level> none, to deactivate it completely. Though this is on a widespread bases.
  • A few small blemishes: You can't have multiple weddings, just multiple marriages. Also, the game sometimes gets confused about who a Sims' partner is (the category partner is distinct from that of spouse); sometimes, it lists another adult in the polygamous marriage instead of the spouse(s). Also, it only lists one partner. As well, the game can't help moralizing a little: a Sim who has multiple spouses gets the reputation of being a manipulator, even if they're officially married. But hey. At least your Sim's multiple spouses will all officially be listed as its wives or husbands, complete with little ring symbols under their pictures in the relationship panel.

See Also:Polygamy Mod

Allows multiple marriages (polygamy) without moving in, via the City Hall. Your Sim can have a quickie amicable divorce as well (Sims will remain friends). Ex and Ex Spouse Sims can be remarried in this way but only when their relationship is high enough after a break up – you will know when that’s possible when your Sim and his/her ex get back to that stage where they can Woohoo again. Sims will meet up at the City Hall or travel together. Relationships are correctly attributed after marriage/divorces, although the game always defers to last partner for some personal info

Jealousy - How To Change The Settings

Woohooer is required

From City Hall or a Computer: NRaas>Woohooer>Romance>Jealousy Level (Default is High)

NRaas Retuner does not have a direct mod for Jealousy but there are settings for Accuse of Cheating:
From City Hall or a Computer>NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>Social Interacitons> Accuse of Cheating

TIP: Cheating And Accusations

Documenting Story Progression's Caste settings is in process.

Tip: More Easy Options For Your Sim and Town

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