Version 23
  • Changes made to standardize the translation (which was causing me grief when translators updated)
  • Updated Hungarian translation

Version 22
  • Changes made to potentially correct a script error in "BeginSkillCommodityUpdates" and "ApplyCommodityGains"
  • Expanded error trapping to help track down the script error if the above has no effect
  • Updated Spanish translation

Version 21
  • Added "Brain Power" to the motive factors
  • The mod now ensures that the generic motives all exist in the settings, just in case the tuning did not contain them all
  • Removed "Fun Factor" (it has been part of Retuner for a while now)
  • Changed the error checking around "UpdateAllSimDesires" to help track down which motives it is failing on

Version 20
  • "Write Novel" is now relative
  • Fixed a problem when updating a sim's desires would bounce the entire mod
  • Fixed the relative speed of cleaning which was inversed in the previous version
  • Fixed the relative duration of "Use Toilet" and "Wash Dishes"
  • Cooking duration itself is now relative
  • Prep time during cooking is as close as I can get to relative
  • A lower limit of one sim-minute is now applied to all duration adjustments
  • Updated Spanish Translation

Version 19
  • Added a debugging option "PerformRelativeTuningAlterations" for - _JT _JT

Version 18
  • Some alterations to how "Only Count Humans During Sleep Checks" to make it more reliable
    • If the active sim is now a pet, the option is now totally ignored

Version 17
  • Silenced a number of nuisance logs created during "Export Settings"
  • Updated Portuguese Translation

Version 16
  • Interactions with set duration that are now relative:
    • Sink "Wash Hands", "Brush Teeth", "Wash Dishes"
    • Jungle Gym "Play On" is now relative
    • All "Clean" interactions
    • Mirror "Gussy Up", "Admire Self", "Check Self Out", "Play With"
    • "Play Chess" is now relative
  • Updated Russian Translation

Version 15
  • Fixed the prompts displayed when adding a new factor
  • Negative motive changes assigned to interactions are now controlled by the Motive Decay Factors, and are no longer relative to speed
    • This should correct for an issue with the "Fun" delta attached to writing being extra fast when running slower speeds
  • Made the "Toilet.kMaxLengthUseToilet" tuning a relative value linked to the Bladder commodity
    • This should make "Use Toilet" adjust in relative duration
  • Switched the "Only Count Humans During Sleep Checks" option to use the "Triple" game-speed level rather than "Skip" to avoid a conflict with the EA system

Version 14
  • Updated to Patch 1.42 Compatibility
  • Added hook to Overwatch's "Export Settings" system
  • Added "Switch Speed On Fast" default : 0
  • Added "Pause On Completion" default : False
  • Added "Fun Factor" default : 100
  • Harvesting, Watering, and Weeding times are now relative
  • Skill Book reading is now relative
  • Repair and Upgrade times and skill gain are now relative
  • Added "Motive Decay Factors"
  • Added "Active Sim Factor: Reduction" default: 0
  • Added "Active Sim Factor: Minimum" default: 5
  • Added "Only Count Humans During Sleep Checks" default: False
  • Added ability to create occult/age/species specific Motive Delta and Decay factors

Version 13
  • Potential fix for an out-of-control commodity update, that slowly drags the game to a crawl

Version 12
  • Change made to handle an alteration required for my custom skills
  • Fixed a problem with the handling of the "Pounce" interaction
  • Updated Polish Translation

Version 10
  • Entering a negative number into "Set Speed" will now stop the game-clock

Version 9
  • Entering a end hour earlier than the start will now work properly
  • Added proper limits to the "Start Hour" and "End Hour"
  • Fixed "Set Speed" so it can actually be reset back to "0"
  • Updated German Translation
  • 2011-JUN-29 Updated Russian Translation
  • 2011-JUL-13 Updated Italian Translation
  • 2011-JUL-14 Updated Taiwanese Translation
  • 2011-JUL-20 Added Hungarian Translation
  • 2011-JUL-26 Updated Polish Translation
  • 2011-AUG-01 Updated Dutch Translation

Version 7
  • Changes made to properly handle frozen motives during certain types of interactions

Version 6
  • Updated to new suite standards