Relativity that only affects certain interactions
Quick presets that can switch between various pre-defined speeds
Option to specify a specific sim-time to automatically pause the game
Issue with plant decay speeding up as time slows, but the sprinklers still running on clock time.
Issue with Active Career jobs vanishing after a couple of sim-minutes when the speed is set to slower

Ability to specify the time for an alarm clock wake up call.

Ability for sims to get bored over time doing the same "Fun" based interaction (reduced fun the longer one uses the object non-stop)

Option to alter the SimDescription.kWeightBodyShapeDecay and kFitBodyShapeDecay by relativity

Option to only affect active sims

Ability to limit certain interactions to only being performed for a certain length of time.
  • A means of stopping sims from obsessively playing the really fun interactions like "Play Guitar" for the whole day

Some means to improve reaction speed for sims when running lower speed settings.

Option that determines the speed for the Skip setting, different from the other game speeds

Relative skill gain for career tone skill gain ?

Custom motive deltas based on a sim filter with more detail then the existing EA Standard approach

Relative tuning required:
  • getting in the car and teleporting using LTW teleporter (Sim takes a long time after disappearing)
  • Teleporting using cheats (Sim stands there after teleporting)
  • going to slide down the water slide. (Sim takes a long time to go to the slide)
  • Storing food in the food replicator (Food storing action completed but sim still stands there, same as cheat teleporting)
  • Having a meal (I guess it includes eating snow-cones and chocolate fountain stuff)
  • spray tanning
  • time taken for doors that sims walk through to close
  • time taken for the speech bubble of not being able to get to something disappears
  • Revitalizing mud bath from Sunlit Tides Suana
  • Foot massage from the premium contend foot massager
  • Cooking using the deep-fryer, ice-cream maker, and Japanese grill
  • Baking fortune cookies
  • Using the elevator and subway (there are already tuning mods that speed up these though, so they aren't that important).
  • Using the alchemy station.
  • Brush, Play>Chase and possibly some other pet actions.
  • Getting a face paint.
  • Getting out of the skating rink, there seems to be a delay (though I'm not entirely sure this was caused by Relativity and not just my game acting up).
  • Getting served at a professional bar.
  • Sim basketballing: Sim stands there for a while before starting to dunk, after completeing the action, it goes back to position and stands there for a while again... Anyway the pause is repeated over and over again
  • The same pause again before the sim goes broomriding in the arena. And then broomriding in the arena itself is not relative
  • Pause time before transforming into a werewolf
  • time to light fireworks
  • LeafPile.kRakeTime
  • Flush Toilet ?

Ability to link traits and motive gain for certain interactions, allowing sims with certain traits to gain motive when performing an interaction.

Option to apply skill factors to inactive versus actives