How do the various layers of tuning work?

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Tuning is layered together in the following manner, starting from the lowest priority and working up:
  1. The first layer of tuning is the scripting Core itself.
    • The scripting code has a default setting for each tuning field that is hard-set in scripting. Namely these are the [Tunable] fields, since table-based tuning does not exist until loaded from _XML file.
  2. The second layer is the tuning files contained in GameplayData.package .
    • These are the adjusted settings altered during internal play-testing, and quite often differ from the hard-set values defined by the original programmer.
  3. The third layer is third-party tuning mods.
    • These are the traditional means of overriding tuning settings in the game, and are the only way to override the more complex tuning such as table-based tuning ("Careers", "Books", "Buffs", "Traits", etc.)
  4. The fourth layer is the "General" default tuning set
  5. The fifth layer are the "General" hourly tuning sets
    • Note that all General tuning sets whose hour range matches the current time will be applied.
    • The order in which they are applied is undefined, so if you have overlap, ensure they do not change the same tuning to conflicting values.
  6. The sixth layer is the Current Season default tuning set
  7. The seventh layer are the Current Season hourly tuning sets
    • Note that all Current Seasons tuning sets whose hour range matches the current time will be applied.
    • The order in which they are applied is undefined, so if you have overlap, ensure they do not change the same tuning to conflicting values.

I want to change EA Standard tuning, how do I do that?

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Well, you can do it the traditional way by following the EA Tuning instructions and create an EA Standard tuning package.


You can use Retuner mod to change the options in-game:
  1. Install Retuner
  2. Click on the City Hall or Computer menu and navigate the menu : "NRaas \ Retuner \ Settings \ General \ By Tunable XML"
  3. Locate the proper namespace and then the proper scripting class name
    • This information will most likely have been provided to you by the developer, when you were directed here.
    • An example tuning field would be "Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems \ BuffAbducted \ kChanceMalePregnancy", which defines the chance of an "Abducted" moodlet changing into an "Unexpected Weight Gain" moodlet.
      • "Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems" is the namespace
      • "BuffAbducted" is the scripting class name
      • "kChanceMalePregnancy" is the tuning field itself
    • Traditionally, this tuning field would be located in the "BuffAbducted" tuning file (by EA Standard naming convention)
    • If you do not know where the settings are in the menu, feel free to ask in the Retuner Forum
  4. Change the value of the field to whatever you require.

To see a detailed example of how to look up tuning fields in the Full EA Tuning File, see below or click here.

Changes made in Retuner are specific to the town-file in which they are made.
  • Meaning you can alter the tuning separately for each save-game you play, and for each vacation town you visit.

If you wish to have the setting globally applied to all your games:
  1. Use the "NRaas \ Retuner \ Export Tuning" to export the tuning to a ScriptError file (see How To Upload to locate the output file).
  2. Then import the tuning into a copy of the tuning package provided with the mod.
    • You can locate the empty tuning package for the mod via a link on the download page for the base-mod
  1. If you have Overwatch installed, you can use "NRaas \ Overwatch \ Immediate \ Export Settings" to export the settings for Retuner to a library file.
  2. After which you can use "NRaas \ Overwatch \ Immediate \ Import Settings"to import those settings into any save-game you choose.
    • Note that importing settings for the mod will replace any existing tuning you have set
    • You will need to save, exit and restart the game for these imported settings to take effect in the new save-game.
      See: Retuner FAQ#ImportSettings for more details.

I want to change ITUN tuning, how do I do that?

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ITUN is the name given to XML tuning files that govern how object interactions operate.
  • This tuning defines which type of sims can use the interaction, and specifies the draw the interaction incurs on autonomous sims

First thing to do is install the mod : Retuner

To change the ITUN for a specific interaction, you must first locate that interaction. Since there are so many interactions, there are multiple ways to locate them :
  1. Use the "NRaas \ Retuner \ Settings \ General \ By Object"menu
    • This method sorts the interactions by the type of object they are assigned to.
    • So if you wanted to locate the interactions assigned to a Rocking Chair object, you would look for "RockingChair".
    • After that each of the various interactions are listed.
  2. Use the "NRaas \ Retuner \ Settings \ General \ By Age/Species"menu
    • This lists the interactions based on which age and species can use the interaction.
    • So if you wanted to locate an interaction that an Adult Horse could use, you could do it this way.
  3. If you have the "Show Object Menu" option enabled, you can click on an object and use "NRaas \ Retuner"directly on the object itself.
    • Doing so will list all the interactions available for the actively selected sim. This means that some of the interactions may not be available via this menu.

If you are looking to disable an interaction, the simplest approach is to set "Allow Autonomous" and "Allow User Directed" to "False".
  • Doing so effectively hides the interaction from view for both you and autonomous sims

If you are looking to make the interaction less interesting to an autonomous sim, change the "Advertised Outputs".
  • Advertisements are the means by which the game says "Hey sim! This interaction will improve this motive, use me!"
  • By making the advertisement smaller, you make the sim less likely to use the interaction, when there is something with a higher advertisement available on the lot.

Example of how to use the Full EA Tuning File

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This is an example of how to use the Full EA Tuning File. In this example we are going to change the chance of twins being born.
  1. Download the correct file for your patch level from the bottom of this page
  2. Unpack it and place it somewhere you can easily find it
  3. Open the file in Notepad or any TextEditor
  4. Use CTRL+F (find function) on your keyboard and fill in the keyword "Twins"
  5. The first one it finds is:
    • <XML>
    • <FullClassName>Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems.Pregnancy,Sims3GameplaySystems</FullClassName>
    • <FieldName>kChanceOfTwins</FieldName>
    • <Value>0.025</Value>
    • </XML>
  6. When in game (with Retuner installed) select:
    City Hall / Computer > NRaas > Retuner > Settings > By Tunable XML
    A list will pop up. Allow it to fully load.
  7. This is where the data comes into play, which differs somewhat from the file but not that much:
    1. Look for the first three parts of the FullClassName: "Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems" and click on it. A list will pop up.
    2. Look for the fourth part of the FullClassName: "Pregnancy" and click on it. Another list will pop up.
    3. Look for the FieldName: "kChanceOfTwins" and click on it to change the value.
    4. Accept the change by clicking the checkmark.

The Full EA Tuning File can be used in this way to find and alter many other things within your game.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tuning using this mod?

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You know how to create traditional tuning packages, so what advantage does this mod provide ?
  1. A primary benefit is you can tune based on season or hour of the sim-day, something that is unavailable using traditional means.
    • Unless you happen to enjoy exiting the game to switch out tuning packages when the season changes. If so, have at it.
  2. A similar advantage is the ability to set tuning on a town-by-town basis
    • You can have different tuning based on the type of town you are playing, or for each vacation world you visit
  3. A secondary benefit is that testing compatibility for your changes is trivial.
    • If a tuning field you changed in-game vanishes from the Core game, the mod will simply invalidate your tuning and ignore it.
    • If you are loading tuning from the tuning package, you will receive an error log when you load up informing you of the issue, and the game will continue regardless.
  4. You can use this mod to supplement the traditional means.
    • Since the changes applied by this mod are layered over tuning package changes, you can actually use both methods at the same time.

Now the downside:
  1. The mod adds overhead to the game, in the form of a hard pause for 10-30 seconds when the world first loads and it changes the tuning, which a tuning package does not.
    • Tuning packages are read, the fields in the Core scripting populated, and the file is then tossed out.
      • This method requires no additional memory or performance overhead after the initial read.
    • This mod is non-Core scripting, and as such uses some of your computer's memory to store its own information for the duration of the game-play session.
      • It must also reprocess the tuning whenever the Seasons change, or when the hour changes (if you are using that functionality) and as such can incur a performance lag during this time.
  2. The mod's tuning cannot properly adjust fields which are used prior to the mod loading
    • There are a number of tuning fields that are used early in the game's start up, before the mod has a chance to change the values.
    • These type of fields can only be altered using traditional methods.
  3. The mod has limitations regarding what can be tuned.
    • _XML tuning is limited to non-table-based tuning files, since by the time table-based tuning is loaded into the game, the structure of the data is no longer generalized enough to easily manipulate.
      • Note that time permitting, the developer can set up specialized options for specific table-based tuning (for instance the "SocialData" table has mod options).
      • Requests will be noted for future consideration.

- twallan twallan notes: Personally I find the advantages to outweigh the increased overhead. I have been tuning my game in this manner for quite a while, in order to avoid having to retest and update tuning mods. (Though obviously I'm a little biased in this regards)

What does the "Reverting to standard autonomy settings..." message mean?

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If you have previously used the facility in Overwatch to export your settings for Retuner, when importing them into a new game, you will see the following notification in the top right-hand corner of the screen:-

"Reverting to standard autonomy settings requires that you restart the game entirely."

This means you must save your game, then exit out completely to your Desktop and restart your game again, for the imported Retuner settings to take effect.

Members' Retuner Settings

Please see Members' Retuner Settings for a list of useful and interesting settings suggested by other members.

Full EA Tuning File

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This file contains all tunable fields available in the EA Core.
  • It is handy for lookup purposes, since you can open the file in your preferred text editor and search the contents for keywords

Updated as of Patch 1.63 Into The Future

Older Patch 1.50 Tuning

Other Tuning Options