Version 10
  • Fixed a problem with importing comma separated enum fields from tuning files
  • The menu path is now included in the name for the Object Menu interaction listing

Version 9
  • Cleaned up the "Age/Gender/Species" field listing, and removed all the boat entries
  • Updated the load log so the details are actually useful
  • <XML> Tuning is now loaded on startup rather than loadup, to allow changes to be available earlier in the process
  • Fixed an issue loading enum fields from the tuning package
  • Removed a debugging log that was appearing whenever you imported settings from a Library file

Version 8
  • The mod now clears out invalid XML tuning fields, rather than letting them pile up in the mod doing nothing
  • Fixed an error where "Social Interactions \ Allow Pregnant Sims" could not be altered
  • Lists of unhandled types now appear in the list, rather than being hidden from view
  • Tuning fields using Enum types are now handled in a generalized fashion by the mod

Version 7
  • Social Interactions with duplicate translations now have their "Key" appended to the menu name to make them distinct
  • ITUN interactions with duplicate translations now have their associated class name appended to make them distinct
  • Inventory interactions are now listed in the Object Menu

Version 6
  • Fixed a problem where the "Settings" menu would not appear if you did not have Seasons installed
  • The Seasonal default sets should now appear if you installed the mod prior to installing Seasons

Version 5
  • Removed a debugging notice left running in the mod

Version 4
  • Added the missing "By Object \ Advertised Outputs" option
  • Fixed a problem where changing one option for an ITUN or SocialData entry would cause the other options to be improperly displayed in the options window

Version 3
  • Added a number of settings that were missing from under the ITUN menu

Version 2
  • Added "By Tunable XML" section to the mod
    • It is now possible to change most EA [Tunable] fields, normally available via _XML tuning
    • Note that only field based tuning is handled by this mod, table based tuning is not generalized enough on the scripting side to be handled with ease
  • It is now possible to define <ITUN> tuning without entering all the fields
  • ITUN with simple translatable names are now translated in the "By Age/Species" and "By Object" menus
    • Note that the names of the objects themselves are not translatable
  • All ITUN listed when you click on the object itself are now fully translated
  • Added the follow ITUN options:
    • "Allow On Community Lots"
    • "Allow For Greeted Sims"
    • "Allow For Autonomous Non Greeted Sims"
    • "Allow For User-Directed Non Greeted Sims"
    • "Allow From Inventory"
    • "Allow Pregnant Sims"
    • "Advertised Outputs"
  • Added "Social Interactions" for altering standing social interactions
  • Added "Settings" for altering tuning based on the season
  • Moved "Fun Factor" from Relativity to this mod
  • Added "Interaction Autonomy" default: "No Change"
  • Moved the tuning menus under "Settings"
  • Added "Settings \ Add"
  • Added "Settings \ Remove"
  • Added "Hours" option, default: 0 to 24