Version 21
  • Importing options now restarts the save timers with the new settings
  • Updated Taiwanese and Polish translations

Version 20
  • The "Build/Buy Mode" save prompt will once again restart properly after you accept or cancel the first one that appears
  • Added "General \ Prompt In Build/Buy Mode" default: True

Version 19
  • Saver is now disabled while running in CAW "Edit in Game" mode
  • Changes made to stop the mod from firing while in inappropriate game states (CAS, Main Menu, etc)
  • After manually saving, the real-time timer will now properly restart
  • The double save prompt will no longer occur if you wait too long answering the first prompt
  • If you cancel the save prompt, the count will now be properly decremented

Version 18
  • Re-released for Patch 1.42

Version 17