This scoring takes the long-term relationship between two sims and compares it against a specified <Gate> value.
  • When the conditions provided are met, the <Hit> value is added to the tally.

This scoring requires the use of a DualSimListedScoring Method

This is based off of HitMiss Scoring

The following fields are available:


  • Defines the minimum value required to receive the <Hit> value, otherwise the <Miss> value is applied
  • Valid values are any whole number between -100 and 100

  • Note that if both <Hit> and <Miss> are defined as "0", this scoring will apply the absolute relationship value to the tally
    • So if the sims have a relationship of "74", then "74" is added to the tally


  • This is composed of the same set of scoring fields as the <Hit> and <Miss> field sets
  • When the two sims do not know each other at all, this value is applied to the tally